The Nemo page lamented that someone "played badly", a familiar trick, but netizens were skeptical and staged

Hoàng PhúcFeb 13, 2022 at 08:35

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Nemo page continues to attract attention on social networks with a post lamenting trouble.

On the afternoon of February 12, h.ot g.irl Trang Nemo has a new post on her personal Facebook page that attracts attention. She posted a clip recording other people playing bad, pretending to order food to the store.

In the clip, the male shipper delivered the goods, Trang Nemo rushed out to inquire and explain: "This phone number is not mine, someone else ordered it but let me pick it up for you. You just call to confirm first, the This is ordered to bomb goods."

The Nemo page lamented that someone "played badly", a familiar trick, but netizens were skeptical and staged - Photo 1

Specifically, the bad play this time Trang Nemo is 170,000 VND. After that, she always paid 200,000 VND and did not forget to remind the male shipper to report the incident to the shipping application.

And yet, she added about the incident: "If I don't receive the food, what should the shipper do? No less than 5 times, from a few hundred to a few million. But what if I'm not at the store today, why don't I go to the store? member dare to accept. Guilty for whom?".

It is known that this is not the first time she has been faked to order items on delivery apps. Many times the shipper came to deliver personal items, food and drinks without Trang Nemo knowing the origin, once the amount was more than 1 million VND.

After the Nemo page lamented, the online community also divided into mixed opinions. Most of them expressed disagreement with the behavior of the "anonymous" object. Others are somewhat skeptical about the authenticity of the incident.

In the last days of 2021, the drama is considered noisy, the hottest is probably the incident between Trang Nemo - Tran My and the character "sister in white" named Khanh (who was beaten). Since then, Trang Nemo has been constantly entangled in many market failures and adverse events for her and her family.

The Nemo page lamented that someone "played badly", a familiar trick, but netizens were skeptical and staged - Photo 2

Before that, this "hotgirl market" went online to talk about the recent scandals.

On her personal page, Trang Nemo said, right from the 27th Tet, the store in Ho Chi Minh City has been repeatedly "hidden" with shrimp paste. After New Year's Eve, this action continued to happen. Then, on the first day of the new year, on the 1st day of the New Year, Trang Nemo's clothing shop was once again splashed with shrimp paste at 4am.

Not to mention, both Trang and her family were watched on the way home and then splashed with water and threatened while eating and drinking on the 2nd day of the New Year. After the incident, Page Nemo reported to the authorities.

However, what worries Trang Nemo the most is this: "Do the people behind this action think that what people do not only affects the family, Trang's psyche, but also affects the neighbors, the units functional positions, police, employees and workers, ... because they also need to have a reunion with their family...

In order not to have to listen to the report calls from Trang, to let the children and neighbors film the area they live in, ... not to panic because the house equipped with anything also affects the surrounding environment of the neighborhood. This makes me feel guilty, for the innocent people involved by Trang."

Next, Trang Nemo added: "Everyone, Trang thinks that letting others down is her biggest loss. More than anyone else, after making mistakes, Trang clearly feels the economic and spiritual damage. God will certainly not escape. Trang is apologizing to herself, with what Trang did before to everyone."

The Nemo page lamented that someone "played badly", a familiar trick, but netizens were skeptical and staged - Photo 3

As reported, before that, there was a conflict between Trang Nemo and Tran My on the livestream related to accusing each other of using the image of "a temple" in online sales.

After that, the two had a meeting on the afternoon of January 16 at Trang Nemo's fashion store (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) to clarify the conflict.

When going to see Trang Nemo, Tran My accompanied Khanh. Here, between Ms. Khanh and Trang Nemo, there was a back-and-forth, Trang Nemo stepped forward to remove Khanh's mask to see her face clearly, and right after that, a melee broke out. The incident was widely shared on social networks, making the insiders become quite famous figures.

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