Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa)

Phi ĐứcApr 11, 2024 at 13:53

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Recently, Versace posted new promotional images and videos of global ambassador Trieu Lo Tu on social networking platforms, for the Versace Icons campaign. Notably, when this image was compared to Ningning (aespa), Trieu Lo Tu suffered a "painful loss".

Global ambassador Trieu Lo Tu seductively poses in the brand's iconic body-hugging leather dress, the Versace Medusa '95 Corset.

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 1

However, the famous "little flower"'s charisma is still criticized for being stiff, stiff and not suitable for the fashion house's vibe. Besides, wearing clothes that squeeze her bust also makes her image less elegant. The straight hairstyle and dark eyeliner also unintentionally made Trieu Lo Tu's face look older and less slim.

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 2

In some camera angles, it also shows that the dress was not adjusted to fit Trieu Lo Tu's b.ody, creating a loose, unattractive feeling, even though this is a design that easily flatters the wearer's figure.

Trieu Lo Tu's bold eye makeup was also criticized. In some images, it makes her different. But through the video, netizens commented that Trieu Lo Tu's sweet and cute features do not suit this style.

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 3

Some comments from netizens:

- Trieu Lo Tu doesn't suit Versace at all, she's just a pure and cute type, she looks stressed.

- Trieu Lo Tu looks funny.

- Trieu Lo Tu is so tense, why is he so obsessed with wearing clothes that squeeze his bust, he really looks less classy.

In addition, Trieu Lo Tu is also compared to female idol Ningning (member of Kpop group aespa). Both of them are global ambassadors for Versace, and Ningning once wore the same design at an event in Korea.

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 4

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 5

The audience believes that Trieu Lo Tu is far inferior to Ningning in terms of style, physique and charisma.

This is not the first time Trieu Lo Tu has encountered the aespa goddess. Remember that at the Weibo festival many months ago, the red carpet looks of female stars became the subject of analysis by international fashionistas.

In particular, the layout of the star born in 1998 - Trieu Lo Tu especially attracts a large audience when compared to 10x female idol Ningning.

Before the event, Trieu Lo Tu's office received countless compliments when teasing a unique look for the actress. In the series of posted photos, the female star attracts attention when wearing an outfit dotted with black ink covering a classic white fabric background from the Haute Couture Versace line.

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 6

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 7

However, when walking on the red carpet, the overall appearance of the Accidental Can't Hide star has changed significantly. The first loss of uniformity is the pair of classic gloves woven and embroidered on the same outfit fabric. Many netizens frankly expressed their disappointment with the loose, side-parted hairstyle instead of the previous bouncy curl.

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 8

Also in the image of Versace's muse, the youngest member of the idol group aespa - Ningning scored 10 points in the eyes of music lovers when appearing on the red carpet of the 76th Cannes Film Festival. Appearing at the event, the 10x singer dressed herself. Black tone design with white floral motifs in the Versace Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 9

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 10

Ningning (born 2002) is the first female Kpop idol to be honored as Versace's Global Brand Ambassador.

Trieu Lo Tu (born in 1998) is currently a popular flower g.irl on the Chinese screen. She was declared the Italian brand's second Asian Global Ambassador by Versace in November 2023.

However, since then, Trieu Lo Tu has increasingly shown that her style is not suitable for the brand she is an ambassador for. Cnet commented that actress Trieu still has not escaped the image of "pink hammock" (internet hotgirl ), does not exude a luxurious aura even though she is "plated" with branded goods.

Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa) - Photo 11

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