NewJeans is miserable because of "mother" Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by "SM's favorite girl"

Nguyễn KimMay 27, 2024 at 10:22

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Right in the middle of a time when HYBE was facing a storm due to the civil war with Min Hee Jin, Aespa's release of epic music also made Kpop more exciting than ever. Many people predict that Aespa will quickly regain its position as top 1 generation 4 in the near future.

Recently, aespa officially released MV Supernova , marking his return to the music industry after half a year since Drama. Supernova is one of two theme songs in the first full album Armageddon of 4 SM "fighting chickens".

NewJeans is miserable because of mother Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by SMs favorite g.irl - Photo 1

Immediately after airing, Supernova immediately became a topic of interest to many Kpop fans. aespa returned to the original concept, opening a new worldview in the parallel universe that the group opened since their debut. At the same time, the mix is catchy and maintains the "signature" of not pursuing market music, so after being broadcast, the product immediately attracted a lot of attention on social networks.

After a series of promotional stages, aespa has achieved overwhelming results. Recently, aespa officially brought Perfect All-Kill to Supernova, setting great expectations for the next theme MV and full album to be released on May 27.

NewJeans is miserable because of mother Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by SMs favorite g.irl - Photo 2

With its "dominant" domestic achievements, aespa also created a dance fever and created a new trend with the melody "su-su-su-su-supernova" . The 4 SM girls are currently dominating Asia. International indicators are also extremely positive for the upcoming global direction. aespa successfully raised awareness and attracted more fans with this standard comeback.

NewJeans is miserable because of mother Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by SMs favorite g.irl - Photo 3

Besides the digital music field, aespa is preparing to receive a "revenue storm" thanks to SM taking the right step by investing "all in" for aespa to promote the virtual world concept. Creativity is enhanced with CDP Ver. for the album Armageddon.

NewJeans is miserable because of mother Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by SMs favorite g.irl - Photo 4

Not only releasing regular albums, photobooks and CDs, CDP Ver. Integrated disc player, eye-catching look and "cool" Aespa brand with trendy, modern futuristic design. This innovation immediately made not only fans but also many curious music followers "rush" to order the album to own the special edition.

With rapid growth in both digital music achievements, promising album sales and an increasingly rising reputation, many people predict that aespa will quickly regain its position as top 1 generation 4 in the near future. Once a potential name for the "throne" position with the mega-hit Next Level, but since NewJeans debuted and broke a series of domestic and international records, aespa has somewhat fallen behind.

NewJeans has been a new and unique wind. 5 young, talented and beautiful girls under the hands of Min Hee Jin are officially leading the trend. NewJeans was launched in a "no-touch" way, hitting the mark with a series of MVs, giving the first impression with music and images. And NewJeans won big right from their debut music product. The group's later songs also had great success.

NewJeans is miserable because of mother Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by SMs favorite g.irl - Photo 5

However, the 4th generation Kpop girlgroup race had a drastic change when HYBE Group had an internal dispute with NewJeans "mother" Min Hee Jin. On May 24, NewJeans returned with the double single How Sweet. Although they still maintain a stable domestic digital music performance, it can be seen that NewJeans' appeal and spread have slowed down compared to previous explosive comebacks. In the US - the most anticipated market, NewJeans' new song also disappeared from the charts, far different from previous products.

NewJeans is miserable because of mother Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by SMs favorite g.irl - Photo 6

At the present time, the dispute over management rights between the two companies is still continuing fiercely, attracting the attention of the public and the media. According to the Korean Press Organization, the controversy was featured in more than 1,270 articles in just the last few days of April. However, the public seems to be tired of the conflict dragging on without resolution. decided. Instead, what makes the public worried is what will happen to NewJeans if Min Hee Jin is fired.

NewJeans is miserable because of mother Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by SMs favorite g.irl - Photo 7

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