aespa continuously made great achievements, kpop is about to have a second BlackPink?

Hoàng PhúcJun 11, 2022 at 10:23

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While the whole world is facing Covid-19, aespa is still the group that has achieved success, despite the difficulties during the pandemic. In addition, many people think that SM's pet chicken has many similarities with BlackPink and is expected to become a famous global star.

Recently, aespa entered Forbes Asia's 30 Under 30 list. This is also the only K-pop group on the list. This a.ward praises Gen Z stars who have "survived" and developed their careers in the context of the whole world struggling with the pandemic. SCMP believes that aespa has had a significant influence over the past two years.

aespa continuously made great achievements, kpop is about to have a second BlackPink? - Photo 1

From here, the question: "Is aespa the second BlackPink group of Kpop?" posed by many. Originally, the two groups could not be compared with each other and both were formidable "powers". Therefore, SCMP believes that aespa should be considered as a group that is on the way to success, they certainly receive more than they are currently.

The same point

aespa and BlackPink both have four members who have outstanding looks, charisma and talent. Both groups receive great support from Korea's leading entertainment companies, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. So, when BlackPink debuted in 2016, aespa debuted in 2020, both were expected to be top Korean stars.

aespa continuously made great achievements, kpop is about to have a second BlackPink? - Photo 2

According to information provided by SM Entertainment, aespa's debut music video " Black Mamba" released in November 2020 has garnered 21 million views after only 24 hours and reached 100 million views after only 51 days. This number also becomes the target for aespa's next products. The group also expects the songs to later also enter the Billboard world digital song sales chart.

Blackpink's debut songs, Whistle and Boombayah, also broke records. Both songs topped the Billboard charts at No.1 and 2. Boombayah became the first music video to surpass a billion views on YouTube, according to Soompi.

Famous in many fields

In February 2021, aespa's management company announced that the group had been selected to become Givenchy's global brand ambassadors. According to Soompi, Givenchy's creative director Matthew Williams said each aespa member's strong personality and style fit the brand's criteria.

aespa continuously made great achievements, kpop is about to have a second BlackPink? - Photo 3

Similarly, all four BlackPink members were chosen to represent a high-end fashion brand. Lisa represents Celine, Rosé represents Saint Laurent, Jennie represents Chanel and Jisoo represents Dior.

In addition, members of both groups often advertise and are the faces of many expensive fashion and cosmetic brands around the world.

aespa continuously made great achievements, kpop is about to have a second BlackPink? - Photo 4

In 2019, BlackPink debuted the festival in the United States and became the first K-pop g.irl group to perform at Coachella. By 2022, aespa will also participate in this event. The group performed hits Savage, Next Level, Black Mamba, Life's Too Short - an unreleased track.

So next time, what will aespa continue to do? As expected, the group's second EP titled Girls will be released in July. In the near future, the four members of aespa will also receive more advertising contracts as the latest announcement on The Music Network.

Fans were no longer excited when Blackpink was absent for so long?

As one of the most popular Kpop groups today, Blackpink always creates records when releasing new music products.

However, after the group "suspended" to focus on developing the members' solo careers, it seems that Blackpink's achievements on music charts also began to level off. Even Blackpink's monthly brand value rankings have been surpassed many times by other g.irl groups, including Kpop's rookies.

In addition to the declining performance, Blackpink is making their fans start to get discouraged.

Despite being announced to return in July with an album, undetermined form, and scheduled tours in the second half of 2022 (July to December), fans are still very upset at the news. YG's way of working.

aespa continuously made great achievements, kpop is about to have a second BlackPink? - Photo 5

Earlier, on Reddit, many Blackpink fans shared that they are no longer interested in this comeback of Blackpink (if it happens).

Specifically, according to the explanation of the fans, the suspension of product launches for too long makes fans lose interest, therefore, if Blackpink comes back, they will not be as happy as before.

Others think that every time Blackpink releases a new product, they also buy and support the products, plow views for their idols, but now they have stopped thinking that.

However, many fans also expect that Blackpink's upcoming comeback will really explode to satisfy fans' expectations for 2 years. That is also Blackpink's way of thanking fans for accompanying them. Others advised fans to stay calm and not put pressure on their idols.

aespa continuously made great achievements, kpop is about to have a second BlackPink? - Photo 6

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