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Tran Vy: Giving up the title of best billion because of her husband, divorced because of a sexless marriage, the new U50 regained the glory

Famous stars

15:50:39 14/09/2022
For Hong Kong movie enthusiasts, Tran Vy is not a new name at all. But it wasn't until 2018, when she turned 45 years old, that she really reached the top of glory, her name covered all fronts of the media thanks to her excellent role as Princess Thai Binh in Sham Palace. Like...

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aespa continuously made great achievements, kpop is about to have a second BlackPink?

Showbiz 24h

10:23:17 11/06/2022
While the whole world is facing Covid-19, aespa is still the group that has achieved success, despite the difficulties during the pandemic. In addition, many people think that SM's pet chicken has many similarities with BlackPink and is expected to become a famous global star...

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Kang Ji Hwan "Family is number 1" has to pay nearly 100 billion for a private life scandal

Showbiz 24h

07:09:49 28/05/2022
On May 26, Yonhap News reported that Kang Ji Hwan and his former management agency Jellyfish Entertainment had to pay 5.3 billion won (about 4.19 million USD) in compensation for the actor's sexual a.buse scandal. Before that, he was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison...

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Thai Tu Khon has a hard life, his career is hard because of the asset blockade of VND 230 billion

Showbiz 24h

12:37:55 15/04/2022
The $ 10 million fortune of famous Chinese male idol singer - Thai Tu Khon was frozen after he had a dispute that led to a lawsuit with his old management company. Sina newspaper reported that Cai Xukun had his personal assets and representative offices frozen with a total value...

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Beauty of the Flying Leaf took birth control pills before her d.eath, 4 friends revealed suspicious wounds

Showbiz 24h

16:31:34 01/03/2022
More details to r.eveal the testimony of 5 subjects in Tangmo's case of the Flying Leaf. Recently, the program Kuizap Show on channel ONE31 invited 3 close friends with actress Tangmo Pattaratida to share about her as well as questions surrounding the accident. When it comes to...

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