NingNing (aespa) - The unblown "Jennie clone" is about to die: Who thought the trump card would be saint thi Phi?

Hoàng PhúcFeb 16, 2022 at 14:09

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In recent days, NingNing (aespa) is the "brightest" name on Korean social networks, every topic about her constantly receives huge interactions.

For the first time after more than a year of debut, the Chinese female idol surpassed Karina and Winter to capture the attention of the audience, but unfortunately the reason behind made many people disappointed.

Looking back at NingNing's budding career, netizens can't help but sigh in regret because the person who once possessed a lot of potential to play the role of aespa's "trump card" is now gradually walking on the road to becoming a Kpop's new "holy market"

SM "dishes sand to find gold", discards everything just to keep NingNing

NingNing was born on October 23, 2002, is a genuine Gen Z idol. She had nearly 5 years of training at SM Entertainment before officially debuting with aespa as the maknae and main vocalist.

Since before debut, NingNing has been no stranger to Pink B.lood - the community of SM lovers, because the female idol was introduced by the company before through a trainee training project called SM. Rookies in 2016. She is also the only female trainee in this project to stay in SM and debut in a new g.irl group.

NingNing (aespa) - The unblown "Jennie clone" is about to die: Who thought the trump card would be saint thi Phi? - Photo 1

Before that, the famous female trainees of SM Rookies such as Seo Herin, Xu Yiyang (Tu Nghe Duong) all took turns leaving right before the debut of aespa. It can be seen that after the rigorous selection process, NingNing is the new piece that SM "weighed and measured" into aespa, proving that the trust the company gave her is not small.

First time gaining attention thanks to being called "Jennie clone"

After debuting, NingNing suddenly became the focus of discussion thanks to the visual that has many similarities with senior Jennie (BLACKPINK). Netizens think that the big and sharp cat eyes, chubby cheeks along with the chic "cool girl" aura are the characteristics that make the youngest member of the aespa group look so much like Jennie in a few moments.

When aespa just debuted, Korean media reported that the group was the "new version" of BLACKPINK with unmatched beauty and talent. Not only that, the number of members, performance costumes, and SM's girlgroup's pose have also been repeatedly "scrutinized" to imitate the style of their seniors, making the fandom of the two families not always peaceful.

NingNing (aespa) - The unblown "Jennie clone" is about to die: Who thought the trump card would be saint thi Phi? - Photo 2

While the fans of the two groups were disgruntled with each other, the fact that NingNing was said to be "a copy of Jennie" seemed to "add fuel to the fire", causing Knet to "accused" the female idol of "reckling fame" senior, trying to love creates an image similar to YG's IT g.irl.

"Victim" in SM's bias case

Although an extremely important piece for aespa, NingNing is not as well-invested by the company as Karina and Winter. Outfits on stage are often less prominent than teammates, so even for individual activities, SM also dedicates all "land" to 2 Korean members. In the GOT The Beat project, which has a full convergence of main vocalists, main dancers, main rappers of 4 generations of SM female idols, NingNing has to give a chance to Winter - who is just a lead vocalist, making netizens think "Mr. boss" entertainment industry bias is too obvious.

Not to mention, although NingNing debuted as the main vocalist of aespa, she rarely has the most vocal line in the group. Except for the debut song "Black Mamba", the female idol often regretfully cedes the part to Karina or Winter. Even in the hit Next Level, the high note performer is Winter even though NingNing is the main vocalist.

NingNing (aespa) - The unblown "Jennie clone" is about to die: Who thought the trump card would be saint thi Phi? - Photo 3

NingNing (aespa) - The unblown "Jennie clone" is about to die: Who thought the trump card would be saint thi Phi? - Photo 4

"Unfortunately" fell when the group just reached the top, the future in Korea is unknown

On February 5, when the whole world was boiling over the speed skating results of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China, NingNing posted a status line in Chinese on the platform. Bubble to congratulate the athletes' gold medals in their homeland. However, the story quickly "tears up" when a few fans leaked this message out, making Knet furious to ask to "fire" NingNing for openly cheering for the opponent's victory. .

Although NingNing is active in Korea as an idol, in general, the female idol is still Chinese. There's nothing wrong with her supporting the country's athletes. However, the confusing defeat of the Korean team at this year's Olympics made NingNing's status line "wrong time". Knet vented anger on the youngest member of the aespa group as an act of expressing anger for the home team. Originally, the image of Chinese-born idols was not good in the eyes of Koreans, and now it's even worse after the NingNing scandal.

The story has come to this, aespa's fans have no choice but to worry about the group's future. It is undeniable that aespa had a very successful year with 2 hits Next Level and Savage, sweeping many year-end awards, advancing to the top of the Gen 4 g.irl group. However, the group's coverage was not similar to the size of the fandom. aespa is the top trending girlgroup, but is the fanbase large and loyal enough to all support NingNing on the road ahead?

NingNing (aespa) - The unblown "Jennie clone" is about to die: Who thought the trump card would be saint thi Phi? - Photo 5

Once again, it must be emphasized that NingNing is not necessarily wrong, she just chose the wrong time to express her love to her hometown. The last "phot" is like a "cold water" pouring into the reputation of aespa, and NingNing is like a flower that has not yet bloomed and is about to die. Just hope that in the next comeback, the SM girlgroup will release a hit song that is enough to convince Kpop fans and make Knet forget all their anger.

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