Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis

Hoàng AnhJun 21, 2024 at 14:46

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Turning on the mood of fighting to the end, Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of more than 20 million after the noisy divorce with Xemesis, in the most recent live session. Hotgirl 2K2 has a fierce argument with fans who believe they have their own values so they don't rely on anyone.

Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis - Photo 1

On the livestream talking about the noise of her private life, Xoai Non did not hesitate to respond to unflattering words and baseless rumors. The h.ot g.irl from Thai Binh frankly shared: "As I came to Xemesis, I left the same way. I came without taking anything and when I leave I also take nothing. So don't talk about dividing. With Mr. Xemesis, I won't have anything. It sounds funny. I don't need it myself, so I never thought about it.

Xemesis and I broke up peacefully. To this day, we still sit and talk to each other, still text and facetime normally. We still talk to each other a lot."

Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis - Photo 2

Xoai Non added: "I'd rather be rumored to be fine, but here I have fame but no business. I will be my own tycoon. I will not ask anyone. From then until now I have been independent. Don't ask anyone for help. If you have 20 billion, let it be true."

Xoai Non and Xemesis parted ways civilly and without fuss. The two still call and talk to each other regularly like friends. Not only is she close with her ex-husband, Xoai Non maintains a good relationship with the entire Xemesis family.

"My mother-in-law and I still talk and confide in each other. From time to time she still calls me to ask if life is okay, how it is like moving to a new house. What bothers me the most is that you bring my story and Even though Hieu has not been verified, he has fabricated many stories, hurting many people.

Many of you say you are this or that, but you are not yourself. How do you know that your mother-in-law doesn't love you? How do you know your mother-in-law likes you? Are not! My mother-in-law is extremely gentle. My mother-in-law used to live abroad so she was very comfortable with her daughter-in-law and never blamed me for it.

Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis - Photo 3

Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis - Photo 4

You guys said a lot of insulting things to my mother-in-law, cut and collaged a lot of pictures, literally stuffing words into your mouth. I think that's too much for adults while it's about me and Mr. Hieu, but when people drag my mother-in-law into it, I'm not happy. Hieu and I are no longer husband and wife, but we are still friends in real life. She also told me that even if I call her mother, she will always be my mother."

She said that recently she was very upset because inaccurate information, affecting both sides' relatives, was spread on social networks. Now that she can share, she speaks up to clarify everything.

Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis - Photo 5

Xoai Non's real name is Pham Thuy Trang, born in 2002 in Ho Chi Minh City, and is a familiar name to young people today. She is famous as a Gen Z KOL (Online Influencer) and attracts attention thanks to her beautiful appearance. In particular, her Western face and impressive, stylish fashion style have built her reputation.

However, her education is always a black point that fans keep mentioning. Xoai Non is originally from Saigon. She was born and raised in this city. During her studies, Xoai Non attended Truong Chinh High School in District 12, but in grade 10, she decided to stop. She said that the learning environment did not suit her personal personality, and therefore, she asked her parents for permission to quit school and focus on her career.

Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis - Photo 6

Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis - Photo 7

Besides being a photo model, Xoai Non also participates in advertising. Even though she is young, she has become independent and achieved some success in this field. Although still young, Xoai Non has earned her own living and stood firmly on her career path. After divorcing her husband, "the richest streamer in Vietnam", hotgilr 2k2 actively livestreamed sales on social media platforms, creating her own personal income with the support of friends in the KOL and KOC world.

Xoai Non revealed the compensation amount of 20 billion and his current relationship with Xemesis - Photo 8

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