Phat La joked about Xoai Non's divorce, mentioning the hotgirl's name in the picture with Xemesis

Thiên DiJun 19, 2024 at 09:09

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Phat La's unlucky actions related to the marriage of Xoai Non and Xemesis made many people angry. Although the post was quickly removed by the actor, fans still continued to criticize him.

Recently, the story of streamer Xemesis and hotgirl Xoai Non announcing their divorce after 4 years of wedding received people's attention. As soon as Xoai Non posted the article on his personal page, Diep Lam Anh reminded him: "Try to be strong in the next journey!". Before that, the two were quite close and Diep Lam Anh also gave gold at Xoai Non's wedding. Perhaps the female singer has sympathy for her juniors, so she sent words of comfort.

Phat La joked about Xoai Nons divorce, mentioning the hotgirls name in the picture with Xemesis - Photo 1

Not only Diep Lam Anh but actress Truong Quynh Anh was also one of the earliest people to leave comments to comfort Xoai Non. The actress expressed her desire to hug Xoai Non to encourage her amid this marital incident. In addition, actor Luu De Ly also shared with Xoai Non: "The end is not the end. Then someone else will come to make up for you and go with you to the ends of the earth. Give me a hug." , stay strong, beautiful g.irl."

Phat La joked about Xoai Nons divorce, mentioning the hotgirls name in the picture with Xemesis - Photo 2

While many artists spoke up to comfort and encourage people involved in a broken marriage, Phat La had a post that made netizens comment that it was confusing and unattractive.

Accordingly, on his personal Facebook page, the actor suddenly posted a photo frame full of intimacy with Xemesis. In particular, Phat La also directly tagged Xoai Non's name in the post with the most attention-grabbing status line: "A time has passed. Pham Trang captured beautiful memories."

Phat La joked about Xoai Nons divorce, mentioning the hotgirls name in the picture with Xemesis - Photo 3

Immediately after posting, Phat La's post received a series of mixed opinions from the online community: "I know we are close, but posting a status with this picture is rude", "Do you think this is cool or what?" . However, there are also opinions defending that Phat La regrets when friends break up as well as recalls the beautiful memories that everyone had together, hoping that in the future they will still be good friends.

Phat La joked about Xoai Nons divorce, mentioning the hotgirls name in the picture with Xemesis - Photo 4

After causing controversy, Phat La deleted this post, but many netizens flooded his personal page to leave critical comments. Currently, the actor has not spoken out about his actions, which are considered carefree and ungainly.

Recently, Phat La and Xemesis had the opportunity to work together and become close friends when they both participated in a reality show. In addition, the actor born in 1993 and Xoai Non have been friends for many years.

Phat La joked about Xoai Nons divorce, mentioning the hotgirls name in the picture with Xemesis - Photo 5

Phat La joked about Xoai Nons divorce, mentioning the hotgirls name in the picture with Xemesis - Photo 6

This is not the first time Phat La has shared something that has stirred up netizens about his words and statements. Not long ago, Phat La received criticism from the audience after flirting with Trang Phap because the actor's words were unattractive and had a sensitive meaning. That time, Phat La apologized to Trang Phap as well as the audience for his joke:

"During the livestream, the program challenged Phat La and Misthy to each flirt with Ms. Trang Phap 10 sentences.

Because the challenge was unexpected and intense, both of them had to use their phones to refer to the Internet while doing the challenge. Phat La hastily and carelessly chose to use inappropriate content. Phat La would like to learn from experience and be more careful in the next livestreams."

Phat La joked about Xoai Nons divorce, mentioning the hotgirls name in the picture with Xemesis - Photo 7

Phat La (real name La Vinh Phat, born in 1993) is widely known for being the runner-up of the show "Laughing Arena". Phat La is also known as Truong Giang's "favorite student", who is supported and guided when doing artistic activities.

The actor has participated in many television series, the most notable of which is Family is No. 1. In addition, he also appeared in many entertainment programs such as Stars Join the Army, Destiny Inn, Thank God You here it is...

Phat La joked about Xoai Nons divorce, mentioning the hotgirls name in the picture with Xemesis - Photo 8

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