Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer?

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Van Toan's name has been attracting all the attention of netizens in recent days. Because he occupied the spotlight with his wedding flower-catching performance at Quang Hai's wedding, the striker of the Vietnamese team also had his unfinished love affair rekindled. bad 6 years.

Recently, Van Toan's love story has been a topic discussed by netizens on forums. Because over the years, male players are still single even though their peers are married and even become parents. Faced with this situation, many enthusiastic viewers urged him to soon find a suitable person to settle down.

Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer? - Photo 1

Recently, when attending the wedding ceremony of the couple Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen, striker Van Toan accidentally took the bride and groom's spotlight. Among them, striker Van Toan's wedding flower photo frame received considerable attention from fans. On his personal page, the striker born in 1996 happily commented: "This flower belongs to Toan. Everyone stay away." In fact, he missed the main character's token as well as "disappointed" the main character's pairing.

Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer? - Photo 2

Before returning to the bachelor club, Van Toan had a long-term relationship for 6 years. When returning home after the victory over Changzhou, the identity of his lover was revealed with the name TN. On forums, the couple received many compliments for their beauty as a couple and their no-nonsense way of loving. Not only did he win the hearts of the audience, Van Toan's parents also expressed their satisfaction with the g.irl he chose. However, the door leading to the ceremony hall was not without a smile. The couple officially "went their separate ways" around the end of 2020 - early 2021.

Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer? - Photo 3

After an unfinished love affair, Van Toan wrote: "It is difficult for us to forget a habit that has been with us for a very long time, things that we feel are closely associated with everyday life. in the past period of time. For me, it's really impossible to forget because every time I think about it, I still laugh stupidly and can gently shed tears. I also try to force myself to forget and move on with the days. new month, but suddenly realized that it was impossible... So I stopped trying to put it aside and let time do its job. Anyway, I still feel really cheerful and happy. And that's a pity. I couldn't keep that habit until the end."

Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer? - Photo 4

At the present time, although Van Toan still does not have his other half, his life is still considered happy and prosperous with his family. The male striker was also paired with female singer Hoa Minzy, because they often have intimate interactions. Accordingly, looking back at the interactive footage at Quang Hai's wedding, a part of the audience tried to "push the boat" for him and Hoa Minzy, looking forward to the day the two would become a couple. It is known that their relationship has been maintained for more than 10 years. Many times the Bac Ninh singer publicly supported the career of the striker who plays for the Southern team.

Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer? - Photo 5

However, the owner has also repeatedly spoken out to correct and affirm that the two only see each other as close friends, and have no relationship or any relationship above friendship.

Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer? - Photo 6

Regarding the criteria for choosing a future bride, Van Toan's father revealed that it was extremely simple. Accordingly, a g.irl does not need to have a noble background, she just needs to be someone who is loved by a b.oy, gentle and obedient. "Van Toan is old now, but whenever he says to get married, his family will marry him," Mr. Nguyen Van Tao said humorously.

Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer? - Photo 7

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