Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute

Gia NhiDec 07, 2023 at 06:03

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Singer Hoa Minzy caused a stir when she suddenly spoke out about her relationship with football player Van Toan. The attitude of correcting the online community for constantly being "pushed the boat" into a couple, emphasizing only close friends.

As a pair of long-time close friends, Hoa Minzy recently traveled to Korea to meet Van Toan. Also here, the singer held a 27th birthday party for the male player. On TikTok, Hoa Minzy has just shared a clip of the process of meeting her best friend in the 'land of kimchi'. Accordingly, the two met at the restaurant, Hoa Minzy also gave the gift of a jacket to the male player. In the clip, there are also appearances of Erik and Duc Phuc - two close brothers of the singer in the 'Hibiscus' family.

Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute - Photo 1

Perhaps because they have not seen each other for a long time, both Hoa Minzy and Van Toan are comfortable chatting, so fans of the singer quickly 'pushed the boat' for the couple because of the cuteness. Immediately, Hoa Minzy made a move to respond, she said: "No one pairs up pushing any boat, don't delete the clip. Happy but suddenly in love." As can be seen, she said that she is having fun and has no intention of falling in love.

Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute - Photo 2

Previously, Van Toan and Hoa Minzy themselves also said that they felt 'goosebumps' when thinking about falling in love. Hoa Minzy and Van Toan have been friends for more than 10 years. However, due to their conflicting working hours, both Van Toan and Hoa Minzy have few opportunities to meet each other. Therefore, it is impossible for best friends to become lovers for both of them.

Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute - Photo 3

Hoa Minzy and Van Toan.

After breaking up with her young master boyfriend, singer Hoa Minzy became a single mother. She was known to be a very good caretaker. Her ex-boyfriend still works and lives in Australia, so although the two insist that they still maintain a good relationship so that b.aby Bo can always grow up in the full love of the family, Hoa Minzy is almost both a father and a mother. "Mom and Dad don't love each other anymore but will always be the family that takes care of Bo, not letting Bo lack affection." Hoa Minzy once confided.

Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute - Photo 4

As a single mother who skillfully takes care of her children, Hoa Minzy is also very popular with the audience. At the age of 3, Hoa Minzy's son is considered intelligent and affectionate.

When asked about their current relationship, Bo coherently replied, "We don't love each other anymore, but it's okay, we love Bo very much." This answer touched many people because of the b.oy's understanding and obedience.

Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute - Photo 5

On Hoa Minzy's side, she also sent a message to her son: "I am guilty of not giving you a complete family, but I always strive every day for you to have the best life, try to be by your side. Always be a happy b.oy because not only your family but also many bloodless grandparents, aunts and uncles also love you. Hope People don't say things like 'my sin' or 'my suffering' for my b.aby."

Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute - Photo 6

After the breakup, Hoa Minzy worked hard to run shows, participate in shows, entertainment events and even sell online. The singer once shared : "Currently, my life has many things that need m.oney to spend. So, I wanted to develop another field besides singing. I want to have multiple sources of working m.oney so that each m.oney earned will be used for different purposes."

Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute - Photo 7

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