Hoa Minzy was "begged" not to attend Van Toan's wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong

Thiên DiApr 10, 2024 at 15:27

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Hoa Minzy is the most mentioned name in the series of weddings of famous football players recently. Many people realized that Cong Phuong was absent from the weddings where the singer was present. Therefore, one person "begged" Hoa Minzy to attract attention.

Recently, the female singer landed the big day of football player Quang Hai and his wife Chu Thanh Huyen at both locations, his hometown Dong Anh and a 5-star hotel in Hanoi. The singer from Bac Ninh shows off her beautiful beauty and sweet voice. As always, Hoa Minzy was the "captain" to stir up the atmosphere, the bride even personally thanked this guest for being so enthusiastic.

Hoa Minzy was begged not to attend Van Toans wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong - Photo 1

In addition to Quang Hai's wedding, Hoa Minzy also attended two weddings of Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My in her hometown of Thai Binh and a 5-star hotel in Hanoi, the wedding of Ha Duc Chinh - Mai Ha Trang, and the wedding of Nguyen Thanh. Chung - Ngo To Uyen, Ho Tan Tai - Hieu Pham... Hoa Minzy's closeness with the famous group of players is indisputable. However, a notable point is the absence of player Cong Phuong on these occasions.

Hoa Minzy was begged not to attend Van Toans wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong - Photo 2

Recently, a fan said that because of Hoa Minzy, Cong Phuong automatically did not attend the wedding of his close teammates. This person "begged" Hoa Minzy not to appear at striker Nguyen Van Toan's wedding in the future. Because Toan and Phuong are close friends in the football industry. In response to this, the singer from Bac Ninh did not hesitate to say: "If Toan invites, then go. No need to know. It's weird to be close friends. Unless Toan doesn't invite."

Hoa Minzy was begged not to attend Van Toans wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong - Photo 3

A close brother of Van Toan joked under Hoa Minzy's post: "Or after Toan's wedding, I'll be the bride. So I don't have the reputation of going to weddings with other people." Hoa Minzy responded humorously: "Another click to sell shoes. Aren't you rich enough?"

Hoa Minzy was begged not to attend Van Toans wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong - Photo 4

It can be seen that, despite criticism about her frequent appearances at weddings, Hoa Minzy clearly does not pay attention to negative opinions and does not let it affect their close relationship. Friend. The important thing is that Hoa Minzy understands and respects the relationship between Van Toan and Cong Phuong, and she has no intention of interfering in Van Toan's wedding in the future if she receives an invitation.

Van Toan and Cong Phuong are close friends who grew up together with football, as close as brothers. Van Toan was also the best man for the previous wedding of Cong Phuong and Vien Minh. As for Hoa Minzy, Van Toan has also been close to the female singer born in 1995 for more than ten years. And recently, both have been competing with netizens to "push the boat".

Hoa Minzy was begged not to attend Van Toans wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong - Photo 5

Regarding this issue, the striker born in 1996 once spoke up: "In the past year, I have interacted with Hoa a lot. There is a lot of information on social networks claiming that I am dating, even marrying Hoa. When reading I can only laugh at those things. For young people, when they see that information, they can distinguish whether it is real or fake.

However, when my aunts, uncles, and relatives in the countryside read that information, they thought it was true so they asked me again. I also feel very headache about this issue. Hoa and I have known each other for more than 10 years. There's no need to say too much about how you two treat each other and how much you care. I think Hoa is still on a very good path of development. I also always support him. To me, Hoa is a happy, enthusiastic person who is devoted to his friends."

Hoa Minzy was begged not to attend Van Toans wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong - Photo 6

Hoa Minzy also took a tough action when a netizen pushed a boat with a player from Hai Duong: "No one is pairing or pushing the boat, otherwise the clip will be deleted. It's so fun to suddenly fall in love." The female singer reminded fans not to pair her and Van Toan together, and at the same time, she and this player also made it clear that they were just friends.

Hoa Minzy was begged not to attend Van Toans wedding, and responded harshly to Cong Phuong - Photo 7

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