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Van Toan implicitly admitted that he has a lover but cannot marry due to f.orced reasons

Quỳnh Quỳnh13:29:28 14/05/2024
Striker Nguyen Van Toan is a name that is no longer strange to young people. In addition to his football talent, Van Toan is also known as a cool business president. However, his love life is what people talk about him the most.

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Van Toan sets a time to become a couple, reveals the "other half", Mr. Park says "foolish"

Kim Lâm15:43:18 26/04/2024
Van Toan's love story always receives special attention from fans. Recently, the football player aroused curiosity when he suddenly talked about becoming a couple and also revealed about waiting for the g.irl in the red dress.

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Van Toan was told by his best friend that he had a girlfriend, but didn't want to get married for one reason?

Thảo Mai07:10:51 16/04/2024
Recently, director of Nam Dinh Green Steel Club Nguyen Quoc Phong accidentally revealed Van Toan's love story. Accordingly, the player from Hai Duong is said to have a lover but has not yet married.

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Van Toan was dumped by his 6-year old love, Hoa Minzy is just a latecomer?

Đức Trí16:06:16 12/04/2024
Van Toan's name has been attracting all the attention of netizens in recent days. Because he occupied the spotlight with his wedding flower-catching performance at Quang Hai's wedding, the striker of the Vietnamese team also had his unfinished love affair rekindled. bad 6 years.

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Van Toan: The highest income in football and rumored to love Hoa Minzy

Hoàng Phúc18:43:46 08/04/2024
For many years, player Nguyen Van Toan has been a familiar face to football fans in particular and netizens in general. In addition to his career in number shorts, the player is also admired by many people in other aspects of his life.

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Hoa Minzy was pushed in the boat with her best friend by Quang Hai and appeared shy

Phương Thảo18:41:29 30/03/2024
Present at the wedding of her close brother Quang Hai, Hoa Minzy had a great time and participated in the entertainment lineup for the wedding. With interesting interactions with a male player, Quang Hai made a move to push her boat with this guy.

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Hoa Minzy went all out and still "scored points" subtly at Quang Hai's wedding

Mẫn Nhi14:09:44 29/03/2024
On March 28, football player Quang Hai held a wedding with his beautiful girlfriend Chu Thanh Huyen in the presence of a very large group of guests, including close teammates and female singers. Hoa Minzy.

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Van Toan 'flexed' the villa on New Year's Day, there is all but 1 thing that is still missing

Thanh Phúc11:44:34 02/01/2024
Midfielder Van Toan has just caused the online community to stir with a post flexing the billion-dollar mansion on the first day of 2024. Summing up the past year, the more humorous the male player revealed something that is still missing despite trying, but failing.

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"Chairman" Van Toan owns the second largest fortune in football, has everything but lacks one thing

Mẫn Nhi14:40:30 09/12/2023
Van Toan is one of the players currently with the top income, not only from football but also from the fashion brand business. However, until now he is still alone after so much success.

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Hoa Minzy corrected the fans when being paired with Van Toan, saying 1 thing that made the people mute

Gia Nhi06:03:35 07/12/2023
Singer Hoa Minzy caused a stir when she suddenly spoke out about her relationship with football player Van Toan. The attitude of the online community for constantly being pushed into a couple, emphasizing only close friends.

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Van Toan confided that his parents were "indifferent" when his son built a billion-dollar house, talking about his sister as a "national brother".

An Nhi13:50:44 16/11/2023
Some time ago, Van Toan attracted attention when he built a billion-dollar villa for his parents in his hometown, making everyone admire. Recently, the male player shared about his parents' unexpected reaction to having a spacious house to live in.

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The g.irl broke up with her boyfriend because she asked for 8 million to go to BLACKPINK, fans argued about the name of player Van Toan

Kiko10:35:28 27/06/2023
The information about BLACKPINK about Vietnam is causing a big fever along with a series of bad stories. Recently, social media was controversial before the g.irl broke up with her boyfriend because she asked for 8 million to go to the BLACKPINK concert.

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Van Toan's sister caused a fever with her increasingly beautiful appearance, the players competed to be a brother-in-law

Gia16:01:26 15/06/2023
Nguyen Thi Nu - the younger sister of player Van Toan, makes netizens h.ot because of her beautiful beauty. The 26-year-old g.irl is considered to be more and more colorful, possessing a b.ody that is no different from a h.ot g.irl. Many teammates asked to be the brother-in-law of this Hai Duong striker.

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Son Tung was spammed by the ex-girlfriend of player Van Toan, still calling in the middle of the night

Hoàng Phúc07:01:00 18/12/2021
The audience wondered if this action of ex-girlfriend Van Toan was accidental or intentional? Although not in the top of the most popular Vietnamese WAGs like Quynh Anh or Vien Minh, Nhung Bum (real name Nguyen Trang Nhung) - ex-girlfriend Van Toan also received a lot of love on...

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