Van Toan called Hoa Minzy by a special name, fulfilling a promise for many years

An NhiFeb 11, 2024 at 08:15

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Over the years, the friendship between Van Toan and Hoa Minzy has always been noticed by everyone. Both often interact on social media as well as support each other's activities despite not being in the same field.

Van Toan is completing the last training sessions of the old year to prepare to return to rest and celebrate Tet with his family. However, the striker born in 1996 still did not forget to use his personal Facebook page with 1.4 million followers to help his close friend Hoa Minzy promote music products right after launch.

Van Toan called Hoa Minzy by a special name, fulfilling a promise for many years - Photo 1

"Congratulations to the debtor on releasing a new song at the beginning of the year", Van Toan shared the link to Hoa Minzy's newly released song "Picky fish choose soup". In fact, this is not the first time Van Toan has PR songs for Hoa Minzy. In the past, Van Toan often showed his full support for his close friend by doing the same. "Playing Facebook is probably just sharing songs for this grandmother," the 27-year-old striker once exclaimed.

Under Van Toan's post, Hoa Minzy immediately left a funny comment that caught netizens' attention: "Hahahahahaha faster than I expected. Good, but I owe it my whole life kaka."

Van Toan called Hoa Minzy by a special name, fulfilling a promise for many years - Photo 2

Music and football fans across the country almost know the close friendship between Hoa Minzy and Van Toan. The two got to know each other when Hoa Minzy dated Cong Phuong – Van Toan's roommate and best friend at HAGL club.

After breaking up with Cong Phuong, Hoa Minzy still kept in touch and was close to Van Toan. The singer often came to cheer Van Toan to compete, or take her son to visit Van Toan at the hotel where Vietnam was stationed. The two still often interact back and forth on social networks, Van Toan also often shares posts of support for friends when she launches new music products, even close to b.aby Bo, Hoa Minzy's son.

Van Toan called Hoa Minzy by a special name, fulfilling a promise for many years - Photo 3

Both always support and encourage each other even though they are not active in the same field. They also give gifts to each other on important occasions. These moments were beautifully commented by many, positively "pushing the boat".

In the face of many speculations, Van Toan once denied, saying that "the two are just comedies, not beautiful couples". When posting a video wishing Van Toan a happy birthday, Hoa Minzy also corrected: "No one pairs or pushes any boat. It's fun and naturally loves."

Van Toan called Hoa Minzy by a special name, fulfilling a promise for many years - Photo 4

Hoa Minzy and Cong Phuong once encountered great turbulence when they were exposed to dating. In particular, Hoa Minzy received a lot of criticism for affecting Cong Phuong's performance. In mid-November 2016, Hoa Minzy admitted that she and Cong Phuong had broken up.

After 4 years of "going their separate ways", Cong Phuong married his wife Yuan Minh with a huge family that many people admired because of their noiseless love story and they both had their own achievements in life.

Hoa Minzy used to date young master Minghai, and the two have a son. However, after a few years together, Hoa Minzy recently confirmed that she had broken up with Minh Hai.

Van Toan called Hoa Minzy by a special name, fulfilling a promise for many years - Photo 5

After breaking up with her boyfriend, singer Hoa Minzy became a single mother. She was known to be a very good caretaker. Her ex-boyfriend still works and lives in Australia, so although the two insist that they still maintain a good relationship so that b.aby Bo can always grow up in the full love of the family, Hoa Minzy is almost both a father and a mother. "Mom and Dad don't love each other anymore, but they will always be the family that takes care of Bo, not letting Bo lack affection," Hoa Minzy once confided.

Van Toan called Hoa Minzy by a special name, fulfilling a promise for many years - Photo 6

As a single mother who skillfully takes care of her children, Hoa Minzy is also very popular with the audience. At the age of 5, Hoa Minzy's son is considered intelligent and affectionate. When asked about their current relationship, Bo coherently replied, "We don't love each other anymore, but it's okay, we love Bo very much." This answer touched many people because of the b.oy's understanding and obedience.

Van Toan called Hoa Minzy by a special name, fulfilling a promise for many years - Photo 7


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