Van Toan met a serious opponent and flirted with Hoa Minzy very smoothly

Vân AnhApr 11, 2024 at 21:33

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Hoa Minzy has a close relationship with many Vietnamese players. Recently she was pushed in the boat with her close friend Van Toan, but now fans have discovered a small interaction with another player that could cause Van Toan to be left out.

Recently, Hoa Minzy attracted attention when she posted a photo showing off her beautiful and radiant beauty. True to "a g.irl with only one c.hild, her eyes are worn out", the lovely moment of the Bac Ninh-born singer received "heart storms" from friends and fans. Hoa Minzy also took advantage of the opportunity to flirt very sweetly: "This is my beauty."

Notably, in the comments section, player Mach Ngoc Ha suddenly "captured" how to "flex" Hoa Minzy's extremely trendy bag. The striker from Thanh Hoa wrote: "Is it necessary to hold a bag like that?" Being lightly reminded, Hoa Minzy could only laugh, while Mach Ngoc Ha continued to tease her senior: "Show up anytime, anywhere. Haha"

Van Toan met a serious opponent and flirted with Hoa Minzy very smoothly - Photo 1

Hoa Minzy has a close relationship with many Vietnamese players, among them Van Toan, Quang Hai, Doan Van Hau, Ha Duc Chinh... Every time a music project is released, or simply When making moves on social networks, the female singer receives attention and support from the male idols of the field.

Van Toan met a serious opponent and flirted with Hoa Minzy very smoothly - Photo 2

Recently, Hoa Minzy attracted attention when she and Van Toan "messed up" Quang Hai's wedding. The female singer invited Van Toan to sing a duet of the hit song Turn On Love as a gift to the bride, groom and guests. Although he did not remember the instructions to use the phone, Van Toan was still very enthusiastic and interacted thoroughly with Hoa Minzy.

It is also because of these interactive moments that netizens enthusiastically "push the boat" for Hoa Minzy and Van Toan.

Van Toan met a serious opponent and flirted with Hoa Minzy very smoothly - Photo 3

Van Toan and Hoa Minzy have been close friends for many years. The two met each other when Hoa Minzy dated Cong Phuong - Van Toan's roommate and close friend at HAGL Club.

After breaking up with Cong Phuong, Hoa Minzy still kept in touch and was close with Van Toan. The female singer often came to cheer on Van Toan in competitions. At one point, she even brought her son to visit Van Toan at the hotel where the Vietnamese team was stationed. When Van Toan competed in Korea, Hoa Minzy also flew to Seoul to celebrate his birthday and give gifts to his best friend. As for Van Toan, he always supports Hoa Minzy's music products and goes out with her and her son.

Van Toan met a serious opponent and flirted with Hoa Minzy very smoothly - Photo 4

Because they often interact and have a close relationship, netizens have recently suspected that the couple is dating. Regarding this issue, the striker born in 1996 once spoke up: "In the past year, I have interacted with Hoa a lot. There is a lot of information on social networks claiming that I am dating, even marrying Hoa. When reading I can only laugh at those things. For young people, when they see that information, they can distinguish whether it is real or fake.

However, when my aunts, uncles, and relatives in the countryside read that information, they thought it was true so they asked me again. I also feel very headache about this issue. Hoa and I have known each other for more than 10 years. There's no need to say too much about how you two treat each other and how much you care. I think Hoa is still on a very good path of development. I also always support him. To me, Hoa is a happy, enthusiastic person who is devoted to his friends."

Hoa Minzy also took a tough action when a netizen pushed a boat with a player from Hai Duong: "No one is pairing or pushing the boat, otherwise the clip will be deleted. While having fun, suddenly falling in love." The female singer reminded fans not to pair her and Van Toan together, and at the same time, she and this player also made it clear that they were just friends.

Van Toan met a serious opponent and flirted with Hoa Minzy very smoothly - Photo 5

After breaking up with her young master's boyfriend, Hoa Minzy worked hard to run shows, participate in programs, entertainment events and even sell online businesses. The female singer once shared: "Currently, my life has many things that require m.oney to spend. Therefore, I want to develop another field besides singing. I want to have many sources of liquid m.oney for each The m.oney earned will be used for different purposes" .

Van Toan met a serious opponent and flirted with Hoa Minzy very smoothly - Photo 6

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