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La Van Hi was praised as a fairy descending to earth with her appearance in the new film

Mẫn Nhi14:40:54 31/03/2024
La Van Hi's appearance in the movie Water Dragon Soaking continuously received positive reactions from the audience. Although the movie has not officially aired yet, the male lead's beauty has soon captured the hearts of netizens.

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Zhao Lu Zi was far ahead of Bai Lu on the movie track, and Yu Shuhan also had to be "wary"

Phi Yến15:32:30 06/03/2024
The year 2023 ends with many extremely attractive adaptations such as: Chang Yue Jinming, Di Ai Vi Doanh, "Can't Hide" ... So which is the best-selling original work.

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Bach Loc and his young lover continue to receive good news, fans are "putting on their sandals" waiting for the happy announcement

Phượng Vũ17:31:51 28/02/2024
After more than 3 months of filming, Bach Loc and Ngao Thuy Bang's new movie continues to receive good news, making fans restless. Surely this couple's love affair received many blessings from the audience.

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Bach Loc transformed into a beautiful bride, overwhelming Cuc Tinh Y, and her two younger juniors also gave in

Snow10:24:26 26/02/2024
Bach Loc and Cuc Tinh Y are famous as Cbiz's fierce rivals. Not only are they placed on the table to compare their achievements and dressing sense, but their looks in the film are no exception.

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Bach Loc's appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh?

Phi Yến17:13:31 22/02/2024
After being compared to Trieu Lo Tu - Duong Tu, Bach Loc continues to be weighed by people along with two famous seniors Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh because they both have excellent costume designs.

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Bai Loc once again helped Luo Yunxi reach the international level, continuously receiving good news

Vân Anh19:34:27 03/02/2024
After the success of Changyue Jinming, Luo Yunxi continuously made admirable achievements not only domestically but also in the international market. A significant contribution to creating this festival of good news must mention his co-star Bach Loc.

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Cuc Jing Yi "crushed" the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film

Phi Đức16:53:51 09/01/2024
Cuc Jing Yi was praised for his fairy d.eath appearance in the new film with Tong Weilong. Netizens immediately compared the beauty of two actors who also played fairy princes, Bai Lu and Yangtze.

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Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve

Mẫn Nhi23:18:53 07/01/2024
Despite diligently receiving films, there are even many famous works. But all in all, Bai Loc's 2023 is considered a pathetic year with performances in acting that bored audiences.

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Truong Nguyet Tan Minh achieved great results, Bach Loc - La Van Hi had a good season again

Phi Yến13:36:15 30/12/2023
Before the new year, Bach Loc and La Van Hi received the happiest news when Truong Nguyet Tan Minh achieved a new achievement. This makes fans feel comforted after the failure of Di Ai Vi Doanh.

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Bach Loc's "beating" with Cuc Tinh Y had a negative reaction, and even exposed a sensitive photo of Truong Lang Hach.

Phượng Vũ09:38:56 13/12/2023
Notice that recently, Bach Loc has changed his makeup style, especially his eyebrows. Worth mentioning, many people think that the little flower g.irl is trying to imitate Cuc Tinh Y's eyebrow style.

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Truong Lang Hach paid a high price for denying his relationship with Bach Loc, Vuong Tinh Viet had another chance

Nguyễn Tuyết09:32:31 09/12/2023
Deciding to break up with Bach Loc, Truong Lang Hach suffered the first s.hock of his life. From the incident, it can be seen that the person who has a lot of love for the little flower g.irl is Vuong Tinh Viet, not the handsome man named Truong.

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Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point!

Nguyễn Tuyết16:55:55 02/12/2023
After being wiped off by Zhang Lingxing, Bai Lu suddenly enjoyed great benefits. However, Xiao Hua still let Luo Yunxi surpass mercilessly.

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Male god Dang Vi puffed on a cigarette and calmly picked his nose, causing fangirls to "tuck the poster away in the corner."

Phong Trần16:38:29 24/11/2023
Dang Vi - the handsome Truong Tuong caused disappointment with his image of smoking a cigarette and calmly picking his nose right on the set. While his name is getting brighter, the actor born in 1995 is destroying his image.

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Bach Loc could not "control" one thing in movies that made people angry

Thanh Thanh14:52:21 22/11/2023
In the recently aired project Di Ai Vi Doanh, the acting of female lead Bach Loc was a controversial topic. Accordingly, she could not control one thing on screen that made people angry.

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Bach Loc's harm to Ngu Thu Han was fiercely criticized by netizens, but she still blatantly welcomed the good news with her boyfriend

Hướng Dương06:50:47 09/11/2023
Ngu Thu Han and Bach Loc just had dinner together, but the little flower born in 1995 was ridiculed for her strange actions. Many people even said that she pretended to act when she was with her seniors.

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Bai Lu plotted to usurp the throne of Yangtze, becoming the elected female star to merge with Luo Yunxi

Bình Minh08:12:10 01/11/2023
Having lost his primetime slot, Bai Lu was officially put in a difficult position if he wanted to confront Yangtze with Yin Aiwei. Many people think that the chances of Xiao Hua 95 surpassing the senior are quite low.

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Bach Loc wore branded clothes and was criticized for being "alum", his pose was inferior to a h.ot g.irl online, fans shouted the name Trieu Lo Tu

Hướng Dương08:04:29 20/10/2023
Since the Fashion Week event in Europe, the 95th flower group has been constantly under scrutiny for its fashion style and new looks. Actress Bach Loc's recent photo set is no exception.

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La Van Hi officially broke up with Bach Loc and publicly dated the beauty who once secretly loved Thanh Nghi

Hoa Tuyết07:56:17 18/10/2023
Recently, a source said that La Van Hi and the beauty who once secretly loved Thanh Nghi are about to openly love each other. This g.irl is highly praised by netizens, her beauty surpasses even Bach Loc.

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AngelaBaby was defeated, Bach Loc was called out when he was the one who unexpectedly enjoyed "fragrant goodies"!

Nhật Hân11:13:23 15/10/2023
Although they are among the famous beauties of the country with billions of people, the careers of AngelaBaby and Bach Loc are in contrast to each other. While the seniors are paying a high price, Bach Loc is progressing very smoothly.

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Tieu Chien caused a stir among netizens when he was photographed hugging his girlfriend in a bar. What did insiders say?

Gia Hoàng10:27:31 12/10/2023
Recently, there was a stir on Chinese social networking forums when a series of intimate photos between Tieu Chien and the g.irl in question spread at breakneck speed. Netizens stood still before the actor's statement.

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As soon as Bai Lu appeared, Bai Lu immediately "evaporated", Zhao Luxiu was not equal

Snow07:43:47 03/10/2023
Silent for a while, Cuc Jing Yi suddenly reappeared, causing fans to be surprised. Many netizens also said that her beauty is somewhat more prominent than before, overwhelming both Bai Loc and Zhao Luxu.

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Bach Loc was blatantly "overtaken" by Truong Lang Hach and publicly dated to hide his past mistakes.

Hoa Tuyết14:42:17 29/09/2023
Hiding and hiding all this time, the day has finally come when Bach Loc and Truong Lang Hach publicly dated in Europe. Fans of both families are overjoyed because they are about to have a grand wedding.

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Bach Loc is determined not to follow Trieu Lo Tu's footsteps, celebrities and internet hotgirls are not on the same level

Snow07:30:33 29/09/2023
Learning from the drama of Trieu Lo Tu and Ngu Thu Han at Milan Fashion Week in recent days; Having just appeared in Europe, Bach Loc scored absolutely points by doing this.

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Trieu Lo Tu was sarcastically called an internet hotgirl without a star's temperament, but she is still better than Bach Loc at this point!

Snow10:00:27 25/09/2023
The topic of Trieu Lo Tu attending Milan fashion week is being discussed on forums in recent days. Because, people are very curious about what outfit the little flower g.irl will wear when she appears here.

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