Cuc Jing Yi "crushed" the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film

Phi ĐứcJan 09, 2024 at 16:53

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Cuc Jing Yi was praised for his fairy d.eath appearance in the new film with Tong Weilong. Netizens immediately compared the beauty of two actors who also played fairy princes, Bai Lu and Yangtze.

Not long ago, Cuc Jing Yi confirmed to join Thien Huong to cooperate with Tong Weilong. By the time the images of Cuc Jing Yi in the film were shared on social media, it had immediately become the subject of interest among netizens. So, Cuc Jing Yi received a lot of praise for knowing how to moderate makeup more than before.

Cuc Jing Yi crushed the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film - Photo 1

Most recently, an excellent fairy flower shape of Cuc Jing Yi in Tianxiang has been revealed, once again causing the people to explode.

Revealing behind the scenes of Thien Huong this time, Cuc Jing Yi wore an eye-catching turquoise outfit. The high bun hairstyle combined with a series of floral accessories helps to enhance the small, beautiful face of the little flower. This fairy-like shape of Cuc Jing Yi quickly won the hearts of the public and received countless praises.

Cuc Jing Yi crushed the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film - Photo 2

Cuc Jing Yi crushed the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film - Photo 3

Cuc Jing Y's new shape quickly became a topic of discussion on online forums. Someone compared the image of the g.irl in Tianxiang to Bai Lu and Yang Zi when they turned into fairy flowers. Overall, many opinions say that the heroine Thien Huong somewhat overwhelms both the opponent of heaven and the heroine Tram Crumb Huong Phai.

Cuc Jing Yi crushed the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film - Photo 4

Earlier in Changyue Jinming, Bai Lu played the extremely beautiful pink-dressed fairy flower character. However, the audience thought that both the old hairstyle and makeup made Bai Lu look older, without the youthfulness of a noble family lady. Not only that, but she was also compared to the beautiful woman played by Chen Duling. Viewers thought that Chen Du Ling was even more suitable for the role of fairy prince than the heroine Bai Loc.

Cuc Jing Yi crushed the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film - Photo 5

Thien Huong is an adaptation of the novel "Heavenly Incense Guide" (another name: "Heavenly Incense Guidance") by author Ten Four Lang. The film is directed by Cuc Giang Luong. This is a person who has contributed to the success of classic films such as "Hero of Musketry" version 2003, "Thien Dragon octogen" version of 2003, "Playing with water welding sword" and "Water huh" version of 2011.

The two main roles of the film were played by Cuc Jing Yi and Tong Weilong. In the film, the male figure of the "beauty of 4000 years has one" is praised sobbed. The audience really liked Cuc Jing Y in a simple outfit, simple shape, but still became more eye-catching and impressive than the pomegranate seed dew style ever. Besides, Tong Weilong's shape was also constantly praised. Compared to the historical dramas that the actor surnamed Song played before, he looks more mature and mature in modern times.

Cuc Jing Yi crushed the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film - Photo 6

Tong Uy Long and Cuc Jing Y collaborated for the first time in the film " Beautiful Birth Letter" (2020), but the film's screening effect was not good, making it difficult for the audience to be satisfied, one of the reasons came from the actors, especially Cuc Jing Y.

Cuc Jing Yi crushed the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film - Photo 7

Both the male and female leads of the film are considered to have bad acting, in addition to the inappropriate shape for Cuc Jingy's film context, making this character even more lost. In the movie, Xiao Hua Dan is too concerned about her "goddess" image, so even when pretending to be a b.oy, the actress still wears red lip make-up, blush, eyeliner, eyebrow painting ... making the audience's b.lood boil.

So, with a somewhat more casual look in the new film, the audience feels more satisfied than ever. The drama is receiving a lot of attention although it has not yet aired thanks to the names of the two main actors.

Cuc Jing Yi crushed the beauty of Bai Lu - Yangtze, turned into a fairy prince in the new film - Photo 8

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