Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly "rubbed heat", how real was this?

Tuyết NgọcAug 29, 2023 at 17:19

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In the midst of his two "clones" being entangled in a fierce controversy, Bai Lu suddenly made a new move that was said to torment the other party, causing the people to pay special attention.

The reason why the heroine Chang Yue Jinming responded even though the story didn't seem to involve her at all was because both Li Shen and Li Yitong were considered "copies" of Bai Lu in various ways.

Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly rubbed heat, how real was this? - Photo 1

However, she has never directly voiced her opinion despite being constantly "named" during the scandal. Instead, Bai Loc just gently updates the beautiful behind-the-scenes images with his professional working attitude to entertain fans.

Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly rubbed heat, how real was this? - Photo 2

It is known that these images were taken during the promotional recording for a brand made by Bach Loc who is holding the position of brand ambassador. This is said to be a tacit proof to fans of the two houses of the "clone" that she is very busy with upcoming projects so do not drag her into this never-ending war anymore.

Not long ago, when social media suddenly erupted a mixed debate related to the achievements of the two current emerging actresses of the Chinese screen, Li Shen and Li Yitong. Stemming from the fact that both 9x beauties used to be "violent" female leads, it led to the fan community of the two houses constantly comparing and arguing to protect their idols.

Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly rubbed heat, how real was this? - Photo 3

Talking about her "older sister" Bai Loc, in 2023, the actress with "Hurricane Feng" is rated as a "violent movie" with a Baidu index of 150 thousand, a wechat index of 54 thousand. Li Shen's side is not inferior when owning three films in the top 10 works with the highest CVB ratings in the 90 flower group. These works include: The Human Life of Chi Lo, That Dream Sea, Cam Tu Nuong.

Another point for fans to put on the comparison scale is that in the Douban score, both Li Shen and Li Yitong are underestimated. Li Nhat Dong is the set of "Ly Ca Hanh" with 4.9 points and "Selling Love Xuan Xuancheng" with 5.5 points. Meanwhile, Li Shen has only 5.4 Douban points.

Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly rubbed heat, how real was this? - Photo 4

In terms of his personal life, Li Yitong once encountered a fuss when he was accused of falsely stating his age, r.evealing his real year of birth was 1988, his real name in the papers was Li Tuyet. And Li Shen also faced many obstacles when compared to "bitter melon" because of his arduous and challenging career.

The other side of the two little flowers is that Li Yitong is more favored by brands when owning 12 spokespeople, while Li Shen has no representatives. Up to now, fans of Li Shen and Li Yitong are still continuing to debate hotly on forums and show no signs of cooling down.

Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly rubbed heat, how real was this? - Photo 5

In another development, perhaps because it was the original of the two beauties of the Li family, Bai Lu also encountered the same difficulties as them. Specifically, the series "Security Like a Dream" and "Di Ai Vi Doanh" are both likely to be difficult to air because of some unexpected incidents.

"Ninh An Like a Dream" is adapted from the novel Wisdom Ninh by author Xue Glass. The film revolves around the ups and downs of Jiang Tuyet Ninh (played by Bai Loc) and relationships with 3 men with different identities and positions in the court.

Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly rubbed heat, how real was this? - Photo 6

Previously, this project was scheduled to air on the evening of May 19, but suddenly announced the postponement, about 2 hours before the broadcast time. The initial cause was due to a technical error, which temporarily prevented the film from being released. However, many people believe that the work was postponed because Chau Tuan Vy was involved in a scandal of "mouthful" statements.

As for "Di Ai Wei" (another name: Teasing) is adapted from the novel of the same name, about the romance between economic reporter Zheng Shuyi and the wealthy general Shi Yan.

Because she is so passionate about her work, Shu Yi makes her boyfriend feel cold and he secretly has an affair with others behind her back. Being kicked by her boyfriend, Shu Yi was very angry, so she was determined to "saw" the rich l.ittle g.irl's uncle, Xue Yan.

However, Shu Yi was actually wrong. The Yan period was... The boss of the l.ittle g.irl's uncle had no close relationship with her. When he knew that he had made a mistake, Shu Yi, who was too embarrassed, hid from Xue Yan. At the same time, she also took on the task of interviewing the general manager.

Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly rubbed heat, how real was this? - Photo 7

The content of the movie "Of course" is attractively reviewed. In it, Bai Lu played the role of Shu Yi, Wang Hei played the role of Xue Yan. However, the film is getting into some noise because NSX embezzled public funds and ran away with m.oney. Currently, the screening of the film "Di Ai Vi Doanh" has been canceled. Audiences are also worried when the film's airability is not high.

Bai Luo responded harshly when his sister and Li Chen constantly rubbed heat, how real was this? - Photo 8

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