Bai Lu met the "82nd tribulation" and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star

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According to the updated information, many people think that it seems that Ngu Shuhan is the reason why Bai Loc's drama "Ninh An Like a Dream" could not air as planned.

Recently, the historical project "Van Chi Vu" starring Ngu Shu Han and Truong Ling Hach suddenly "parachuted" on the air, causing fans to be surprised. From the first episodes, the drama has quickly received great attention from Chinese screen audiences.

Bai Lu met the 82nd tribulation and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star - Photo 1

Despite receiving mixed reviews, "Van Chi Vu" still earned a series of good achievements on the first day of its launch. This contributed to Yu Shuhan rekindling his name after the success of "Shang Lan Quyet" paired with Wang Hede.

Notably, "Yun Chi Yu" was premiered when "Ninh An Like a Dream" climbed to the top 1 h.ot search on Weibo with the keyword "ever aired". This is the debut co-starring film project of Bach Loc and Truong Ling Hao, which is highly anticipated by the audience after the success of "Chang Yue Jinming".

Remember in May, when the film was about to premiere, it was suddenly postponed because of a "technical error". So far, 4 months have passed, information about the airing schedule of "Ninh An Like Dream" has not been announced.

Bai Lu met the 82nd tribulation and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star - Photo 2

Unexpectedly, there was an opinion that it was Ngu Shuhan's "Van Chi Vu" that took over the screening schedule, so "Ninh An Like a Dream" could not air this 9th month. Because both of these projects are extremely focused by iQIYI, it will be difficult to air at the same time. Thus, it is likely that Bai Loc's film will have to push back the screening schedule even longer or even move it to next year.

Previously, there was speculation that "Ninh An Like Dream" could not be released on time because of the scandal of "male 3" Chau Tuan Vy. However, this time, the guy reopened Weibo to prove that he "escaped" so "Security Like a Dream" can completely air smoothly. This can be considered a good sign for viewers who have been waiting for this film project for a long time.

Bai Lu met the 82nd tribulation and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star - Photo 3

Returning to "Yun Chi Yu", this is a work marking the reunion of Ngu Shuhan and Zhang Ling Hao on the small screen as fans expect. For some time, the film seems to have no chance to air because of various incidents. However, up to now, "Van Chi Vu" has suddenly aired, making the audience surprised.

The favorable release of the film is good news for fans of the film after a series of days when the work continuously "crashed", from the scandal of actor Chu Zi Tuan to the accusation of "borrowing" Japanese style. It seems that these things will be a big obstacle for the film. But in the end, "Van Chi Vu" still aired at the right time, showing that the role of Chu Zi Tuan was not too important and the film crew also had a reasonable solution to help the project successfully debut.

Bai Lu met the 82nd tribulation and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star - Photo 4

"Yun Chi Yu" revolves around the story of Prince Gong Ziyu (Zhang Ling Hach) and a female spy who aspires to find freedom Van Vi Sam (Yun Shuhan).

Zi Yu came from a family background but lost both his father and elder brother overnight.

Therefore, he was f.orced to become the head of the clan amid the surrounding danger. On the other hand, Yun Wei Sam was taken away at a young age and trained to become a secret agent to ambush Gong Ziyu but accidentally fell in love with him.

Speaking specifically about Ngu Shuhan, she has previously made her mark in the hearts of the audience with her lovely and vivacious image thanks to the roles of Tai Man Man (The Next Station of Happiness), Fool Beauty (The Little Forest of the Two) and especially Xiao Lan Hoa (Shang Lan Quyet).

Bai Lu met the 82nd tribulation and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star - Photo 5

However, in "Yun Chi Yu", fans are treated to a completely different character from the characters she has played before. Van Vi Sam is a secret agent with a cold exterior, with an inner struggle with the desire for freedom but then stuck between duty and love. This leads to her having to deal with a lot of internal contradictions.

As for Zhang Ling Hach, he is a rising star through the series: The Great Maiden, Shang Lan Quyet, Me and My Boyhood... Recently, Zhang Ling Hao also received attention when he collaborated with Bai Loc in the historical drama "Ninh An Like a Dream".

Bai Lu met the 82nd tribulation and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star - Photo 6

Similar to Ngu Shuhan, the actor is also a big beneficiary of the buzz of "Shang Lan Quyet". But the difference is that the role of Truong Marching Army who only embraced unrequited love with the heroine in "Shang Lan Quyet" has now changed to a role that has love from both sides.

However, this love story will most likely take away many tears from the audience. Gong Ziyu loved Yun Wei Sam, but they stood on both sides of the battle line and he had to shoulder a heavy responsibility for the entire clan.

Bai Lu met the 82nd tribulation and was robbed of his co-star by Yu Shuhan, and also robbed his co-star - Photo 7

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