Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender

Gia NhiMay 30, 2024 at 09:08

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Transgender beauty Tran Quan is no longer a stranger to beauty fans. She once made an impression with her past of overcoming difficulties, her efforts to live with her true gender, and fulfilling her beauty queen dream when competing in Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023.

Tran Quan (born in 2003, from An Giang) is one of the famous "transgender beauties". She is known for participating in the "Miss International Queen 2023" contest (Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023), reaching the top 10 and w.inning the "Best Face" a.ward (Contestant with the most beautiful face). "An Giang transgender beauty" impresses with her height of 1m78, delicate face, and harmonious features. Her feminine and gentle beauty creates a special attraction for her.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 1

At the contest, Huong Giang commented that Quan was very pretty, his face was like a doll and his b.ody was also very beautiful. However, Miss Hau did not agree with the fact that 3 months had passed since the casting round but Quan still had not changed a bit, walked the catwalk weakly, did not dare to look straight and seemed to have no preparation.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 2

Responding to the judges' comments, Quan said he practiced and wore high heels 8 hours a day, but the scene was not on the show floor but in the car factory. Currently, Quan is a worker at an automobile factory. After being on the list of 68 contestants, Quan did not go to catwalk school because his economic conditions did not allow it. So Quan wore high heels in the factory to get used to the shoes and to let his colleagues comment and give suggestions.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 3

Like other transgender people, Tran Quan had a difficult past. Quan knew he was different since he was 3 years old when he liked to play with dolls and wear dresses. Even though her father and relatives strongly objected, her mother still pampered her, buying her dresses, dolls, girly toys... Quan's father once thought that it was because her mother spoiled her that she "showed off". so. As for Quan, he always thought that he was part of the reason why his parents divorced.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 4

"I have an older brother. Looking at the difference between me and my older brother, my mother vaguely realized something. Later, my mother was very open in accepting my differences, willing to let me wear them. dresses, playing with dolls... My father is different, he has a hard time accepting that he was born a b.oy but wants to be a g.irl. I understand that because any father or mother would do the same "Seeing my change in both soul and appearance, my father gradually accepted it," Tran Quan confided.

His parents "went separate ways", Tran Quan lived with his grandmother. She grew up amidst the contempt of everyone around her, and was extremely unhappy when she was discriminated against and looked at with contempt. However, one thing Quan has never doubted about herself is that she likes being a g.irl.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 5

At the age of 16, she started growing her hair long and wearing feminine clothes. Unable to go to school, Quan struggled from an early age with many jobs: working in cafes, cleaning toilets, cleaning stairs... Watching transgender girls shine on stages, catwalks and competitions, Tran Quan's desire to change gender and become a complete g.irl is even more burning.

Quan is willing to do all the manual work and save every penny to realize his dream of transgender. Later, she applied to work as a worker at an automobile factory. Here, she met good colleagues, they did not discriminate, but on the contrary helped her a lot. Quan is even more motivated to find his true gender.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 6

At the age of 18, with the m.oney she had accumulated over the years, she was ready to have gender reassignment surgery. During the painful journey of "tearing her skin and tearing her flesh", she was alone. Quan said, the difficulties in the past have trained Tran Quan to be strong, optimistic, and always moving forward, so her transgender journey also went more smoothly.

"When I left, I almost hid it from everyone, just saying I was going to get breast surgery. When I went on the operating table, no one knew, so I didn't have any relatives by my side to take care of me during the procedure." Gender reassignment surgery. But it was my dream, so I accepted it. Until now, many people asked me whether it was painful or not. Because my dream has come true, why? Can you complain about it?", Quan confided.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 7

Tran Quan admitted that there was a time when she wondered about her decision to change gender. She longed to be a perfect g.irl, but because she had no one to share with her, for a few moments, she felt very worried. But when she had the courage to realize her dream, she was extremely happy. Looking back at past difficulties, Quan finds himself completely worthy.

"My mother accepted my true self from a very early age, but when she found out I was transgender, she often blamed herself for why she couldn't give me a female form from the beginning, so I wouldn't have to endure so much pain. I I love my mother and father, so I have to make more efforts to show them that their daughter is happy with her current life," Quan shared.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 8

Among many misfortunes, the An Giang transgender g.irl still found a blessing for herself. She is blessed with a slim, soft figure, elegant face, and just needs to wear women's clothes and have long hair to be beautiful. That's something not all transgender girls are lucky enough to have.

After only a month of surgery, Quan returned to work. At this time, she was arranged by the company to do women's work. Quan knows that her true gender has been accepted by everyone.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 9

What makes Tran Quan happiest is his father's recognition. Her father once strongly objected to his son "showing off" but one day he still had to give her a compliment: " Quan is a b.oy but when he becomes a g.irl he is so beautiful."

Until now, Quan's father has a completely different view of her. He accepts, loves, and is proud of his l.ittle g.irl. The day Tran Quan shined on the stage of the "Miss international queen 2023" contest, her father was also present to cheer and encourage. In his father's tight grip, Tran Quan burst into tears.

Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender - Photo 10

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