How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"?

Lạc HoaMar 27, 2023 at 15:09

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After a while on the air, the Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 contest is creating a lot of buzz and attracting public opinion. In addition to the professional factor, the controversy surrounding the candidate is also discussed by many people. Recently, the fact that a contestant used to mock and slander Miss Huong Giang in the past, is also shocking in beauty forums.

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 1

Specifically, many years ago, beautiful Nguyen Dan Tien - a member of coach Bui Quynh Hoa's team was discovered to have used an account named Anh Quynh Nguyen to speak negatively about Huong Giang, along with many challenging words. for the FC of Miss Transgender International 2018.

Dan Tien's harsh comments to the national director of the Miss Transgender Vietnam contest shocked many viewers because of heavy words such as: "Fake people", "Miss has masculine features". best in Vietnam".

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 2

Immediately, fans of Huong Giang and the online community visited the personal page of the beautiful Dan Tien to "look" at the beauty of this personality.

Accordingly, Nguyen Dan Tien was born in 1999 (24 years old), native of Bac Giang. She has a modest height of only about 1m68, but Dan Tien's b.ody proportions must be called "standard without adjustment" with three measurements of 89-57-93, respectively, with porcelain white skin and elegant beauty. tu. In addition, the beauty also claims to be a strong and optimistic person, so she does not care about the detractors around.

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 3

Dan Tien has lived with his grandmother since childhood. When she openly belonged to the LGBT community, she defended and explained to everyone around her. In 2018, she signed a consent form for Dan Tien to undergo gender reassignment surgery, and went to Thailand to encourage and take care of her.

Dan Tien once shared, she is very grateful to her grandmother because she encouraged her to pursue the real person she always dreamed of. "She was the one who raised, cared for, gave me great faith in life. She and I walked through the door of d.eath so that I could be reborn. As soon as someone mentioned her, I easily cried because of pity," she said. the.

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 4

Before coming to the contest, Dan Tien has already achieved many impressive achievements, sweeping many large and small catwalks and being trusted by many designers. Most recently, Dan Tien appeared in the show of designer Do Long in December 2022. It is known that Dan Tien also attended Miss Khanh Van's catwalk class to try to hone her performance on stage. At the same time, also exercise in the gym and some sports to help keep fit.

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 5

In the early casting days of the Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 contest, this beauty became one of the "memorable" faces with delicate beauty, perfect beauty in every corner.

Not only that, most netizens have to recognize team contestant Bui Quynh Hoa as one of the most successful transgender beauties in Vietnam. Because Dan Tien's current "interface" does not have any signs of the old gender.

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 6

At the contest, Dan Tien was among the top "soldiers" with the best qualities to become the successor of Tran Dai to the world in the coming June. However, because the "drama" did not deserve to happen, the beauty was turned away by many fans.

Currently, Dan Tien has apologized to the audience and Huong Giang for his impulsive personality in the past. As for Miss International Transgender 2018, she remained silent amidst the noise.

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 7

In addition, in the past 6 episodes of the "Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023" contest, Dan Tien has always been rated as one of the contestants with stable performance, attracting attention with the media and community. domestic beauty fans. But Dan Tien himself is controversial, with his statements in the response to the jury at the conduct round.

Specifically, judge Huong Giang asked the question: "What do you think if people say Miss International Queen Vietnam is a village pond contest?", Dan Tien did not hesitate to answer immediately: "Then I think their thoughts are pond". Dan Tien's straightforward answer made some judges unable to hide their surprised eyes.

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 8

Immediately, team member Bui Quynh Hoa was stoned for his less subtle answer on television. Many people believe that, for the position of a beauty contestant, Dan Tien should not show excessive ego in the behavior. This adversely affected her image before the finale took place.

Some comments also wondered why Dan Tien did not give his point of view to convince the audience that the contest he was conquering was not a "village pond", instead choosing to attack them?

How much "back" does Dan Tien have to criticize Huong Giang as "belonging to an inferior class"? - Photo 9

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