Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper

Phi ĐứcApr 26, 2024 at 07:33

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Tommy Teo used to be a rapper who owned many extremely h.ot rap songs, and also caused a fever with his own personality on the show Rap Viet. Most recently, fans discovered that he is working as a gatekeeper to make ends meet.

Tommy Teo (real name Vu Minh Quang, born December 12, 2000 in Ho Chi Minh City), is a young Vietnamese male rapper. Having two stage names: Tommy Teo and Young Milo, he has made a splash with a number of million-view hits including: Buong Hang, Trai Can, Vario,... full of Mumble Rap.

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 1

Tommy Teo became famous when participating in free style matches of Talented Friends in 2019. His match with Kick attracted 3 million views on the Youtube platform. His humorous rap made the judges and the audience unable to stop laughing.

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 2

In 2021, rapper Tommy Teo made a splash with the hit song "bad coffin". More specifically, this rapper registered for the casting of Rap Viet season 2 with his famous rap song "bad coffin" but he was eliminated in the casting round for forgetting the words.

Tommy Teo is one of the first Vietnamese artists to pursue the mumble rap genre. This genre focuses on melody rather than lyrics, and there are even lyrics that are rap so fast that it is difficult to hear clearly. This has created a breakthrough and attracted a large number of listeners. The song "Hello, this is Mr. Quang Teo" from the song "Bad Coffin" became an icon and attracted millions of views on YouTube and TikTok in 2021.

Also in this year, it happened that Manager Peter Tran interfered excessively in Teo's management, including stealing m.oney and hacking Teo's personal Facebook account for personal use. Teo shared that the initial agreement was 7/3, meaning Teo received 7 parts and the Manager received 3 parts, but then Teo only received 5/5.

In addition, Manager Peter Tran used his personal Facebook account to post bad information about Teo's lover (even though it was a private love issue and not related to Teo's work). At the same time, the Manager also posted music from Teo and other Clans, affecting the personal plans of both parties.

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 3

Tommy Teo is also famous for his collaborations with many other rappers such as Sol7, MCK, Wxrdie, and willistic, while also having conflicts and controversies. In 2022, he accused rapper Wxrdie of not paying as promised after receiving the music.

However, Wxrdie countered and shared messages to prove its clear calculation during the cooperation process. Despite the conflicts, Tommy Teo continues to be active in the rap field and leaves a positive impression on the audience.

However, recently, Quang Teo "disappeared" from the music scene and appeared in a very alarming state. There is information from some fans that he has experienced mental instability and was taken advantage of for personal gain.

Until recently, a video appeared on social networks that was shared by everyone. In the video, the moment famous male rapper Tommy Teo was captured in a security uniform in front of a school gate. Many students also brought food and drinks to give to him and received thanks from the security guard.

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 4

Seeing this image of the male rapper, many netizens couldn't help but feel sorry for the once musical talent. Due to life events, Tommy Teo currently does not make music but works many jobs to m.ake m.oney to make ends meet. From being a bright star in the Vietnamese rap industry, Tommy Teo could not escape the situation of "his rice shirt clinging to the ground".

According to the latest update, the above male artist has been fired. Some people revealed that when this male artist worked, there were too many fans coming to take photos and videos, affecting his work.

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 5

Most recently, Tommy Teo just posted a status looking for a job. The rapper said he is currently looking for a job, a full-time job is even better. I prioritize searching in the Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan areas. The line "Who knows how to introduce" made the audience tear up.

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 6

Some fans recorded the image of the sad-faced male artist walking around looking for work in the city. Not only that, they also paired his image with the music he composed.

Many people expressed sympathy for the male rapper and criticized the c.razy fans who came to his former security guard's place to take pictures, causing him to be fired.

However, the million-view male artist just gently replied: "It's okay, if it's not one thing then another, I don't blame you guys. Thank you for always loving and supporting Teo."

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 7

Below Tommy Teo's comment, fans tried to send him words of encouragement. Many fans also suggested that he come to their house to work or find a new job for Tommy Teo.

Fans introduced him to many jobs such as security, phone repair, music making... Not only that, fans also tagged recruiters in the post to ask them to hire Tommy Teo.

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 8

Fans hope that the million-view rapper can soon find a good job to make ends meet, thereby becoming stronger in conquering the artistic path once again. Although the name Tommy Teo may be quite strange to many people, one thing is certain: anyone who uses social networks has at least once heard this guy's music, which is very unique, creative and influential. own color.

Tommy Teo: million-view rapper who caused Rap Viet storm, quit his job as a gatekeeper - Photo 9

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