Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in "Brother Say Hi"

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Rapper Captain is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to those who love the Rap genre. He is attracting public attention when he recently announced that he will appear in the cast of 30 brothers in the reality music show Anh Trai Say Hi.

Captain's real name is Hoang Duc Duy, born in 2003 in Hoa Binh. Having a passion for singing since childhood, Duc Duy grew up through a number of competitions such as The Voice Kids in 2015, King of Rap in 2020.

In the summer of 2023, Captain competed in Rap Viet , becoming one of the members of team B Ray. He once moved the audience when performing the performance Rolling Down with the participation of his mother. After the competition, he worked as a rapper and singer.

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 1

Captain is not only an excellent rapper but also possesses solid knowledge of music. By studying at Thang Long University, Faculty of Applied Music, he has accumulated the necessary knowledge to create quality and creative music products. The ability to combine music and rap elements helped Captain create a breakthrough and difference in the Vietnamese Rap competition season 3.

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 2

Recently, Captain also caused a stir when he officially announced that he would appear in the cast of 30 brothers in the reality music show Anh Trai Say Hi. Coming to the program, the Vocal Music valedictorian did not want to limit himself to the concept of a singer or rapper, but just wanted to make music with all his passion, youth and unlimited creativity. True to the spirit of a Gen Z: young, cool and not afraid to f.ight, Captain aims to be the image of a versatile Brother who constantly takes on challenges to continuously innovate and create new trends.

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 3

By fate with rap, the male rapper once shared that he thought rap chose him, not that he chose rap. Specifically, Captain confided: "The reason I say rap music chose me is because in 9th grade, Hoa Binh organized a freestyle battle tournament. And at that time, I also watched a few freestyle battle videos on YouTube. At that time, I didn't have anything to do, so I signed up. After playing with many hip hop brothers, I felt like rap was 'sticky' to me."

"At Rap Viet, I was accepted by the audience beyond my expectations, so after the contest, I decided to move to the South. I think starting a new journey is also the time when youth are challenged to grow up.

Before that, I was a student who thought life was rosy, just going to school, going out, and drinking coffee with friends in my free time. But now everything is very different," Captain said.

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 4

The singer said his family and relatives fully supported his decision to establish himself in Ho Chi Minh City. However, starting a new life alone in the South also made him face some surprises.

Captain revealed that he is not a person with too much economic conditions. " In Ho Chi Minh City, I had no relatives so I had to rent a house. Initially, I looked for an apartment with expensive rent compared to what I could afford. I had to leave the 6-month contract, accept I lost my deposit. For someone new to Ho Chi Minh City like me, that incident made me very sad, I regretted the m.oney because I didn't have a good income," Captain confided.

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 5

Gen Z rapper added that since the King of Rap contest in 2020, he started accepting singing shows, cultivating his passion for art. However, in the past 3 years, there were periods when Captain fell into depression, had low self-esteem, and was confused about the path he had chosen.

"There was a time when I was very discouraged, just closing in my room to write music, not wanting to interact with anyone. I wondered if singing would m.ake m.oney and thought about giving up everything to do it. office staff.

I'm afraid my income won't be enough to pay for my journey of striving for passion. I'm afraid my account balance won't be able to take care of my parents and grandparents when they get sick," Captain said.

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 6

Above all, the spiritual encouragement from his mother is a great source of motivation for Captain to overcome difficulties. He affirmed that he is "continuing his mother's singing dream". The rapper shared: "My mother is a Literature teacher, currently working as an administrator at a high school in Hoa Binh. Previously, she had a passion for music but did not pursue a career. From a young age, she inspired me. Guide me to nurture my dream. For me, my mother is very psychological and has a modern mindset. She said that it is not necessary to go to a big university, as long as I have passion and enthusiasm for what I do select".

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 7

"My teammates in the group and coach B Ray are the ones who have supported and encouraged me a lot. Mr. B Ray supports me in both life and work. The two brothers used to confide from night to morning. . There were times when a customer booked Mr. B Ray's show and he took me to sing with him. I didn't get paid but he still transferred the m.oney," he said.

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 8

Responding to a question about the current situation of many rappers causing controversy by singing offensive lyrics, Captain said he is aware of the limits when releasing products and performing. For rappers, it is important to know how to balance and reconcile the elements of freedom in music and boundaries that cannot be crossed. Rap and hip hop are inherently liberal genres, but in Vietnam they need to be consistent with customs and traditions.

"My mother is a school principal, so I'm well aware that whatever I do cannot affect my family. Of course, if I were to rap in the underground world, I would still have more rebellious performances. My mother once said that I was "writing poetry is uncivilized". But performing for a mass audience or at big shows still needs to follow standards," Captain said.

Captain: Rapper whose mother is a principal, making a big appearance in Brother Say Hi - Photo 9

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