Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales

Hoàng PhúcApr 20, 2024 at 19:10

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She used to be very confident in herself when she declared that if she played Hoan Chau Cach Cach, she would be more famous than Trieu Vy, but now, actress Trinh Gia Du's career has gone backwards, shocking everyone!

Trinh Gia Du is famous thanks to Princess Hoai Ngoc

Princess Hoai Ngoc is a television series produced in 2000, not long after Hoan Chau was released and created a fever in Asia. The film also has the same setting and story as Hoan Chau Cach Cach, with the focus on a beautiful princess with a stubborn and mischievous personality who does not comply with the rules in the palace.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 1

With a witty and romantic storytelling style, Princess Hoai Ngoc also quickly became famous and loved by the audience and was compared to Hoan Chau Cach Cach. In particular, the two main actresses of the two films, Trieu Vy and Trinh Gia Du, were immediately placed on the "weighing table" for comparison.

Trinh Gia Du was born in 1971 in Hong Kong. After her parents divorced, she moved to live with her grandparents and at the age of 11, her mother took her to America to live. In 1987, at the age of 16, Trinh Gia Du decided to go to Taiwan to work for a restaurant and find an opportunity to start a career.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 2

With a beautiful, delicate face and a small, well-proportioned figure, Trinh Gia Du quickly received invitations to join the entertainment industry, but she refused. At the age of 17, Trinh Gia Du returned to America to live.

Born into a family with an artistic tradition with a mother who is a screenwriter, Trinh Gia Du has no interest in acting. However, her family always encouraged the beautiful actress to enter the entertainment industry.

In 1995, she decided to return to Taiwan to venture into the entertainment industry with her first film titled Liu Lang Wutai. Her outstanding appearance helped Gia Du quickly gain the attention of the audience and the attention of directors. She quickly gained a foothold in the entertainment industry.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 3

Shocking comment when attacking Trieu Vy

Compared to Trieu Vy, Trinh Gia Du entered the entertainment industry earlier and became famous earlier. At the time, Trinh Gia Du gained a foothold in the entertainment industry, "little swallow" was just a college student who had just graduated. This made Trinh Gia Du once express his disdain for Trieu Vy when their two characters Tieu Yen Tu and Princess Hoai Ngoc were compared.

Even in an interview, Trinh Gia Du also affirmed that Trieu Vy's acting skills are not up to par. "The reason Trieu Vy can be so successful is because Quynh Dao's script is so excellent. If I played the character Tieu Yen Tu, I would be even more warmly received by the audience," Trinh Gia Du once said. mouth declared.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 4

This somewhat straightforward answer from Trinh Gia Du caused her to be hated by the audience, who commented on her as "extravagant" and arrogant. Trinh Gia Du's popularity did not last too long after the success of Princess Hoai Ngoc.

This role also became such a large shadow in Trinh Gia Du's career that her later roles became blurred. The beauty's career gradually declined.

Meanwhile, Trieu Vy became a star after the unexpected success of Hoan Chau Cach Cach. Even compared to her two colleagues in the movie, Lam Tam Nhu and Pham Bang Bang, the reputation and position of "little swallow" improved significantly after the movie.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 5

Nearly 30 years after the success of Hoan Chau Cach, Trieu Vy is now an A-list star with great influence in the entertainment industry even though the number of films she participated in is not many. In addition, "little swallow" also tried her hand at directing and was highly appreciated by experts.

Career stagnation, love life is difficult

At a time when her career showed signs of slowing down, Trinh Gia Du's mother fell ill, forcing her to temporarily put aside her work and return to the US to take care of her mother. After a while, the beauty returned to work but was no longer welcomed like before because of the appearance of new, younger stars.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 6

There are also opinions that Trinh Gia Du's personality causes her to not have many friends and receive support at work. At a time when his career was going downhill, Trinh Gia Du also faced an emotional s.hock.

Trinh Gia Du's boyfriend is actor Ton Dieu Uy, her co-star in Princess Hoai Ngoc. The couple fell in love while working together in the movie. But in 2001, after more than a year of dating, Ton Dieu Uy suddenly announced their separation, causing Trinh Gia Du to fall into depression.

It took Trinh Gia Du 5 years to return to normal and overcome the pain of heartbreak. However, this s.hock makes her no longer believe in love. That's why, currently, at the age of 50, she is not married.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 7

The actress once recalled her past love story when appearing on a show in 2012. After many years, Trinh Gia Du affirmed that she still respected her ex-lover but did not understand why in the past, Ton Dieu Uy decided to intend to break up with her. However, she still blesses her ex.

In 2009, Trinh Gia Du suddenly announced his retirement, citing burned legs. The beauty explained that she could not wear pants due to treatment for discolored legs. She disappeared from the entertainment industry for a long time.

Recently, the actress attracted the attention of netizens when she livestreamed selling goods in the image of Princess Hoai Ngoc. This video received more than 1 million interactions, but she was ridiculed by netizens for "begging from the past" when trying to recreate the image of Princess Hoai Ngoc even though she was over 50 years old, while the products for sale were only is a sun hat worth 19 yuan (70 thousand VND). Her beauty is marked by time, no longer youthful and fresh like before.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 8

Trinh Gia Du's marital status at age 52 is also a mystery. On April 1 last year, she shared a photo wearing a wedding dress and said: "I'm getting married!". Many people think this is just a joke on April Fool's Day. In addition, a few years ago, Trinh Gia Du published a book about his past relationship. Although she did not specify her name, netizens speculated that the man who hurt her was Ton Dieu Uy.

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales - Photo 9

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