Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up

JLOMay 20, 2024 at 15:31

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Recently, the TikTok account " Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi" with more than 1.9 million followers was suddenly locked permanently. Immediately after that, the owner spoke up clearly stating the reason for everyone to learn from the experience.

Accordingly, Thu Nhi's incident surprised many netizens, especially when this TikTok channel has almost only one content, mainly daily vlogs revolving around her life such as cooking and losing weight. , plant trees, go home to visit my parents...

Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up - Photo 1

Soon after, Thu Nhi said her account was locked because a video was mistaken for a sensitive image. Accordingly, the famous female Tiktoker said that maybe a scene of her wearing a light pink sports bra and standing against the light caused Tiktok to misunderstand it as sensitive, so she banned her Tiktok account permanently.

Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up - Photo 2

As soon as she received the notice, Thu Nhi quickly sent a petition to Tiktok for review because there was a mistake. Currently, she has regained her channel and deleted the previous misleading video. However, on Thu Nhi's Facebook account, the original video still r.emains, making many people laugh at the incident she encountered.

Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up - Photo 3

She also shared that after this incident, she may temporarily not make videos in the near future.

Although Thu Nhi regained her account not long after this incident, this is also a lesson to note for many TikTokers and users of this platform.

This is not the first time Tiktoker has been "beaten" because of misunderstanding incidents like Thu Nhi. According to the platform's new regulations, Tiktok will increase penalties for content that shows signs of sensitivity. Even using other people's images without permission, if "reported", the channel owner will also receive a bitter end.

Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up - Photo 4

On April 17, Tiktok announced a new set of community standards. According to the updated content, the platform does not allow sensitive activities or services, shocking content, scary elements, etc. to appear on Tiktok. If violated, the user's account may be permanently locked.

Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi was born in 1997, known by the nickname "Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi". Currently, the 9x g.irl is a content creator on tiktok and youtube channels.

For this young g.irl's followers, when watching Thu Nhi Eat Clean channel, people often think that what Nhi shares is the life of a single g.irl. But when she revealed that she got married very early, many people were surprised. Accordingly, Thu Nhi Eat Clean got married at the age of 23 with a husband who always silently supported her.

Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up - Photo 5

Talking about the color of her marriage, Thu Nhi said: "My life when married is very simple, not as complicated as people think. My marriage is blue, the symbol of the sky. Because of being married, Nhi still has a comfortable and free life. She can still do what she likes and when she marries the right person, she has more joy, sharing, and connection, especially My job is to create content. When I can't come up with new ideas, my husband is my companion and shares to make my work better."

Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up - Photo 6

After publicizing the clip about being married, Thu Nhi Eat Clean was viewed and re-shared by many young people, but after that, she did not share too much about her married life with everyone. Talking about this, Thu Nhi said that she herself wants to keep it to herself and that in love, sometimes there are things that only two people know and together will be happier.

Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up - Photo 7

Sharing about her married life after becoming famous, Thu Nhi Eat Clean said: "I got married when I finished my university studies, and luckily I found the right person. And during that period, Nhi completely We were independent and economically independent even when we met or married him, so we were quite comfortable and not tied to each other. Therefore, our life after marriage has no difference other than the bed It's a little more cramped, we have an extra pair of chopsticks for meals and someone to wash the dishes with after meals. Since taking on more content creation work on social networks, Nhi has been a little busier We spend the evening eating together and often on Sundays we will put aside work to go out together. So, whether before or after becoming known to many people, Nhi's life still goes smoothly like before because I met someone who always understands me."

Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up - Photo 8

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