Trieu Le Dinh was "betrayed" by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect?

Bảo NamApr 12, 2024 at 10:21

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Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan are an on-screen couple receiving great public attention. The extremely successful reunion in Du Phuong Hanh seemed to revive the explosion of So Kieu Truyen 7 years ago.

A series of great achievements by Du Phuong Hanh helped Lam Canh Tan become the most mentioned name during this period. While his name was h.ot, he suddenly revealed his dating story. The paparazzi even released the clip as evidence.

Trieu Le Dinh was betrayed by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect? - Photo 1

Recently, a blogger suddenly shared a picture believed to be of Lam Canh Tam with his girlfriend Su Nhue Y. Accompanying it was an article implying that the couple was dating while promoting the evil movie Phuong Hanh.

"Saw Lam Canh Tan and his girlfriend Su Nhue Y going out together. Always warming up his feelings for his girlfriend but it doesn't affect his work with Trieu Le Dinh (collaboration to promote "Dual Phoenix Hanh") , Lam Canh Tan really balances work and life," this person wrote.

Trieu Le Dinh was betrayed by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect? - Photo 2

The post immediately attracted the attention of the online community on Weibo with thousands of comments.

Some viewers expressed dissatisfaction, saying that the actor was unprofessional when he dated his girlfriend while promoting the movie Du Phuong Hanh.

Trieu Le Dinh was betrayed by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect? - Photo 3

This action may affect the reputation of the film crew and co-star Trieu Le Dinh, especially when the "middle-aged" love couple Tham Ly - Hanh Chi (Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan) is being viewed by the audience. focus and actively "push the boat".

Also related to Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan, recently, a blogger specializing in news about celebrities Luu Dai Chuy revealed the couple's true relationship. Accordingly, this person said that the Du Phuong Hanh couple is not currently together. As soon as this news was released, it quickly climbed to the top 1 h.ot search on Weibo and became a topic of discussion across online forums.

Trieu Le Dinh was betrayed by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect? - Photo 4

In fact, besides the fan couple, everyone understands that it is impossible for Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan to date each other at this time. Since divorcing Phung Thieu Phong, the 85-year-old flower g.irl has focused on developing her acting career. Not only satisfied with the television segment, Trieu Le Dinh also harbors ambitions to venture into cinema.

In another development, while Trieu Le Dinh was involved in a scandal involving her co-star, Duong Mich suddenly appeared to "save the day".

Trieu Le Dinh was betrayed by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect? - Photo 5

Accordingly, information about the recently released movie project Tuong Vien Long has attracted public attention, overshadowing the noise of Lam Canh Tan.

Specifically, besides the male and female leads Truong Tu Di and Loi Giai Am, people also pay attention to the supporting cast in the film. Among them, Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh are the two most controversial names. Being both traffic peaks and fierce rivals in Cbiz, it is extremely rare for two 85-year-old flower girls to agree to play supporting roles in a movie project.

Trieu Le Dinh was betrayed by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect? - Photo 6

According to information recently released by director Tran Kha Tan, Tuong Vien Long has made it to the shortlist of the Cannes film festival. Although it is in a non-competition category, this is also a testament to the appeal of this film project. Besides, a film source revealed that Zhang Ziyi will bring Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh to attend the Cannes Film Festival. Currently, people are looking forward to official information from the film crew Tuong Vien Long.

Trieu Le Dinh was betrayed by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect? - Photo 7

According to previously released information, both Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh play supporting roles for Zhang Ziyi. This is a rare opportunity for the public to see two 85-year-old flower girls directly confront each other in both beauty and acting in a film project. Before that, Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh also acted in a movie together, but because they weren't famous at that time, not many people paid attention.

Trieu Le Dinh was betrayed by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect? - Photo 8

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