Du Phuong Hanh revealed many difficult problems, the audience blamed Trieu Le Dinh

Phượng VũApr 13, 2024 at 16:06

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Coming back after 2 years of transformation, Trieu Le Dinh had a "break" and achieved unexpected success in her career with "Du Phuong Hanh". Even though the rating is high, the work still reveals many difficult flaws.

"Dual Phuong Hanh" is the most famous movie in the first 3 months of 2024. Revolving around this project, the film crew continuously reveals many interesting details. Recently, in an interview with Sohu, director Dang Khoa said:

"When we started filming Du Phuong Hanh, we were very clear that we would make an intimate fairy tale film, different from films with traditional motifs. We often joke that this film is Realistic fairy tale comedy".

Du Phuong Hanh revealed many difficult problems, the audience blamed Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 1

The explanation for this is because traditional Xianxia movies often have a grand opening and ending plus somewhat contradictory and "reverse" details, but "Du Phuong Hanh" does not. It can be seen that the whole work is quite close to real life, no need for contradictions, no need for "tormentary" details to attract viewers.

In addition, director Dang Khoa also revealed that "Duc Phuong Hanh" is where Trieu Le Dinh "relaxed" after 2 years of transforming into films with realistic themes such as: Happiness Comes to Van Gia, The Wind Blows Half Summer.. .

Du Phuong Hanh revealed many difficult problems, the audience blamed Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 2

As both the producer and the female lead of this work, Trieu Le Dinh is not only confident in her acting but also gives many suggestions on camera angles, filming methods and the direction of editing the film's plot.

Typically, the scene of saving the character Hanh Chi (played by Lam Canh Tan) underwater or cutting out lines of dialogue were also carefully constructed by the beauty surnamed Trieu, giving the audience the best emotions.

Du Phuong Hanh revealed many difficult problems, the audience blamed Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 3

Although "Dau Phuong Hanh" was enthusiastically received by the public and had sky-high ratings, it still left out many "flaws" that made viewers uncomfortable. First, we must mention the character design of the female lead Tham Ly. In some close-up scenes, the imperfect makeup on Trieu Le Dinh's face made many people unhappy.

And yet, in another episode, when filming the scene of hugging Lam Canh Tan, crying until her eyes were swollen, the atmosphere was extremely touching, but the beauty surnamed Trieu suddenly raised her hand to pick up the hair that had fallen from the back of her shirt for the other person. This fleeting moment left people bewildered for a few seconds.

Du Phuong Hanh revealed many difficult problems, the audience blamed Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 4

Many viewers expressed their opinion that Trieu Le Dinh was filming, not backstage or rehearsing, and the "hair" had no effect on aesthetics, so it was not necessary to pick it out right away.

Furthermore, the "rating queen" was also judged to be unprofessional and untidy when she let out the detail of wearing sneakers in the scene of Hanh Van's exit from the house on earth.

Du Phuong Hanh revealed many difficult problems, the audience blamed Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 5

In addition to "picking up stones" from Trieu Le Dinh, in episode 1 of "Du Phuong Hanh" when the mortal g.irl who fell in love with Hanh Van sneaked to his house to cook for him, a man in a costume appeared behind him. modern. Even though the image of this character has been blurred, the audience can still easily recognize it.

However, besides the comments criticizing Trieu Le Dinh and the film crew of "Dying Phuong Hanh" for r.evealing many details that were not really done properly, there were others who also spoke up to defend the mistake in making the film. something unavoidable. Instead of focusing on "finding problems", the audience should enjoy the emotions that the movie brings.

Du Phuong Hanh revealed many difficult problems, the audience blamed Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 6

"Dying Phuong Hanh" officially aired on March 18 and was recognized by Khoc Van as a "violent" film in 2024, and also achieved an advertising record of over 3,500 seconds, ranking Top 1 among currently showing works. in China in terms of heat index.

Not only that, the work's Vlinkage index also exceeded more than 90 points for more than 12 consecutive days... After "Du Phuong Hanh" and before that "So Kieu Truyen", people expressed their desire for Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan will cooperate for the third time.

Du Phuong Hanh revealed many difficult problems, the audience blamed Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 7

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