Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house

Tuyết NgọcApr 09, 2024 at 07:43

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After 2 times of co-acting, Lin Jingjin was advised by netizens to pursue Zhao Liying. In the midst of being enthusiastically "pushing the boat", the guy and his long-time co-star in question went home together.

Zhao Liying and Lin Jingjin had an extremely successful reunion in "Data Fengxing". 7 years since "Chu Qiao Story" aired, the couple still makes people fall in love with their over-the-top chemistry. Their new film also set a string of feats and was certified as the violent work of 2024.

Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house - Photo 1

It can be said that it was "Data Phoenix" that contributed to the "resurrection" of Lin Jingxin's much-dusted acting career. Recently, some netizens have expressed their opinion, the 8X actor should pursue Zhao Liying because Xiao Hua is the one who prospered him. In response to this opinion, many netizens also agreed that the two are a beautiful couple in Cbiz.

It is not wrong to say that Zhao Liying and Lin Jingjin are not wrong. Because before that, the two were extremely explosive when participating in the historical project "Chu Qiao Story". However, after collaborating with the beauty surnamed Zhao, the actor participated in several other projects but could not succeed as expected.

Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house - Photo 2

It wasn't until the 2nd reunion with Zhao Liying in "Data Fengxing" that Lin Jingjin had a chance to warm up his name. From there, his lackluster multi-year career officially entered a new page.

After the success of "Data Phoenix", Zhao Liying and Lin Jingjin were even more "pushing the boat" by the audience. Not stopping there, viewers also hope the two can soon collaborate on the 3rd movie. Not long ago, the two 8x stars also talked about collaborating again, making the public extremely expectant.

Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house - Photo 3

Being enthusiastically matched, the beauty surnamed Zhao and the actor surnamed Lin are also constantly entangled in dating questions. For those who follow the couple, they will know, before, during and after "Data Phuong Hanh" aired, they were very coordinated in propagating and promoting the project.

The two are not afraid to interact intimately at livestreams, r.evealing many moments filled with "cheating" that make the audience stand still. Recently, a Chinese blogger even unexpectedly announced that they were about to go home together.

Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house - Photo 4

However, this is still considered a rumor, when the pair involved have not yet verified the information. In the midst of that, Lin Jingjin made a remarkable post on his personal page. Specifically, the actor posted photos of walking around in the park.

It seems that after a stressful recording time, Lin Jingjin treated himself to a walk and relaxation with his friends. The audience heaped praise on the actor's positive state as well as dashing appearance.

Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house - Photo 5

Besides, many people are also curious about the identity of the "deputy flash" taking photos for the actor surnamed Lam. Someone even joked that the guy was h.anging out with Zhao Liying. But this is just speculation of netizens. Currently, they are still a couple receiving great attention from the public.

Lin Jingxin, born in 1988, graduated from Shanghai Academy of Drama, majoring in Performance. Titles featuring him include: The Ministry of the Heart Sutra, Porch Yuan Sword, Martial God Zhao Zilong, Chu Qiao Story, Data Phoenix,...

Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house - Photo 6

His height of 1.86m, good appearance, friendly personality and good acting give Lam many opportunities to play the main role. On the rise, the litigation with his former management company, Tang Ren, has given the actor a reputation for betrayal. His career then also took a heavy hit.

From 2020 - 2022, actors surnamed Lam switched to acting in modern films but all encountered failures, such as: The first meeting, the last parting minute, the queen bargained, call me general manager...

Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house - Photo 7

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