Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire

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Once the dream of hundreds of millions of girls, Lin Jingjin fell into a career decline for many years. It wasn't until recently that he returned to his prime.

Airing in mid-March, so far "Data Phoenix" starring Zhao Liying and Lin Jingjin has achieved certain achievements. It is the great achievements of the film, which have helped the actor surnamed Lam become the second hottest name during this time.

Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire - Photo 1

Lin Jingxin, born in 1988, graduated from Shanghai Academy of Drama in 2007, used to be the leading star of historical dramas after the works: The Ministry of the Heart Sutra, Chu Qiao Story, Journey to the West Love Story 2, Tablemate, Martial God Zhao Zilong, Wu Luoqi, ...

In 2011, the role of the Ten Four Songs in "The Ministry of the Heart" helped the actor become immensely popular. His height of 1.86m, good appearance, friendly personality and good acting give him many opportunities to play the main role.

Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire - Photo 2

In 2012, Lam continued his success with the film "Porch Yuan Sword". Each of his roles brings a new feeling to viewers, especially the role of Vu Van Nguyet in the work "Chu Kieu Story" featuring Zhao Liying in 2017. After airing, the drama created a great buzz, becoming the most well-received Chinese-language historical work globally of the Youtube platform.

Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire - Photo 3

On the rise, the litigation with his former management company, Tang Ren, gave Lin Jingjin a reputation for betrayal. His career then also took a heavy hit.

From 2020 - 2022, actors surnamed Lam switched to acting in modern films but all encountered failures, such as: The first meeting, the last parting minute, the queen bargained, call me general manager...

Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire - Photo 4

It seemed that Lin Jingjin would have to end his career here, but he made a spectacular change after "Data Fengxing" reunited with Zhao Liying on air. Although the work has been called a middle-aged love film, the actor still shows his own charisma.

Remember in "Chu Kieu Story", the tragic fate at the end of the film of Vu Van Nguyet's character left many regrets for the audience. Therefore, many film fans hope that "Data Phoenix" can continue the unfinished love story of the past on screen.

Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire - Photo 5

The 36-year-old actor has a cold expression when defending the three worlds, but is very gentle and even a little naughty next to his Shen Li. He was a very lonely god, with no one to keep him company due to the heavy responsibility of sentient beings.

Life is so boring that sometimes I have to travel to the world to relieve my sadness. And life takes a turn when the caveman god meets the Shang King of the Spirit Realm who is returned to its original form in a market... Diverse performances such as kindness, humor, determination... are all fully described by Lin Jingxin.

Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire - Photo 6

Many viewers were even more pleased to watch the sweet interaction of the two lead actors backstage. Normally, the actor surnamed Lin always keeps his distance from his female co-star, but when he is with Zhao Liying, he is quite comfortable teasing, as well as taking good care of her.

During the film's broadcast, Lam also promoted his friendly personality, enthusiastic interaction on social networks to promote the film. He even regularly livestreams cooking to s.how o.ff his cooking skills before showtime, as a way to remind viewers to keep watching the movie. The comments of the audience and co-stars on Weibo were also read and responded to humorously by the actor.

Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire - Photo 7

This has erased the audience's dissatisfaction with "Data Phoenix" as well as Lin Jingjin personally such as his developed appearance, frozen expression in emotional scenes...

Reuniting unbelievably smoothly, the two actors made the promise of "shaking hands" for the 3rd time in a film with a different theme. At Lam's suggestion, he and his longtime co-star wanted to participate in a Nationalist-era script and had many tense confrontation scenes.

Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire - Photo 8

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