The 'BTS little sister' generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live

Phi ĐứcApr 22, 2024 at 07:49

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HYBE is growing stronger by continuously launching many BTS "descendant" music groups. However, instead of following their seniors to create miracles, the younger sisters made netizens boo them with their terrible live singing ability.

Kpop is experiencing incredible growth over the years, far surpassing many other areas in the Korean entertainment industry. Kpop's rapid rate of change is not only reflected in trends and styles, but also in the challenges it brings.

The BTS little sister generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live - Photo 1

As the Kpop industry sees a wave of new idols debuting, one particular issue is increasingly becoming the focus of public discussion: the quality of live performances.

Recently attracting attention is LE SSERAFIM, a g.irl group of HYBE Group, a Kpop representative performing at the major music festival in the US - Coachella 2024.

After stirring up Coachella with a performance of 11 songs in about 40 minutes on the Sahara stage on April 14, LE SSERAFIM was "praised" as the Coachella 2024 disaster - the shame of Kpop fans.

The BTS little sister generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live - Photo 2

The five girls were highly appreciated for their costumes, beauty, charisma and ability to rock the stage. However, what the audience talks about is their bad singing.

The two members with the best singing ability in the group, Huh Yunjin and Chaewon, showed disappointing faces. Meanwhile, the youngest member, Eunchae, was criticized for being tone-deaf. The two Japanese members, Sakura and Kazuha, were out of breath and sang louder than the overdubbing music.

LE SSERAFIM revealed her vocal shortcomings, constantly fluctuating and out of breath. The group's strength is that the choreography is not really good, the members interact quite awkwardly when they need to stir up the crowd. Many people believe that because they focused too much on singing well, the five girls quickly lost strength and were overwhelmed on stage.

The BTS little sister generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live - Photo 3

Both Korean and international audiences have strongly criticized the singing skills of the group from HYBE. Unpleasant words were directed at the voices of the five girls: "They sing like they're belching", "Singing like they're p.unching the listener in the ear", "Do they call this a singer", "Even the one who's supposed to sing It's not even real. They're torturing the audience's ears", "The audience there sings better than this group", "Stop calling yourself Kpop. I'm ashamed of this group".. .

Although they are "cool" in making music and building concepts, it is undeniable that all three generations of HYBE g.irl groups have common problems with live singing skills. From LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans to now ILLIT, people have mixed reactions when the girls o.ff their vocals. If LE SSERAFIM was "booed" the most because their vocals did not improve and their encore was a disaster, then NewJeans was criticized for lip-syncing at the awards ceremony. ILLIT also has the same problem.

The BTS little sister generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live - Photo 4

The first time they sang an encore, ILLIT caused people to have a "war of words". Some people think that the group did quite well with a song that doesn't have as many climaxes as Magnetic , but some people have pointed out ILLIT's obvious "vocal flaw" after singing it live once. The 3 Korean members, Minju, Yunah and Wonhee, sing quite well, with clear lines and correct pitch for the assigned lines.

The BTS little sister generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live - Photo 5

2 new Japanese members are controversial. Among them, Moka - the current fan-attracting factor thanks to her viral fancam, received the most negative reviews. Even though she only took on a few simple lines, Moka's performance did not convince many people. The female rookie was commented that her voice was so shaky that she couldn't sing.

The BTS little sister generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live - Photo 6

Moka is also compared to her senior Sakura (LE SSERAFIM). People believe that the weakness of Japanese idols is their vocals, a typical example comes from the Japanese line of two HYBE groups - LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT.

The BTS little sister generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live - Photo 7

ILLIT's encore is creating heated debate on social networks. People think that HYBE should focus more on training idols' skill sets. The emerging group is promoting its strengths in creating music, dance and concept trends. The fact that "house chicken" HYBE is continuously criticized for his performance skills will greatly affect the group's reputation and the artist's long-term career.

The BTS little sister generation is criticized for being incompetent and incapable of singing live - Photo 8

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