LE SSERAFIM revealed evidence of overdubbing at Coachella, netizens were so fed up

Phi ĐứcApr 21, 2024 at 15:59

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LE SSERAFIM returns to Coachella after a controversial first week: Live vocals have improved dramatically, but is it all thanks to "over-singing"? The group's performance attitude also made netizens even more "annoying".

At 12:50 pm April 21 (Vietnam time), LE SSERAFIM returned to the stage of Coachella 2024 for the second week. After an introduction filled with criticism for their live skills, LE SSERAFIM still returned to the stage of the biggest music festival in the world. with an extremely confident and excited demeanor. The group brought a setlist like week 1 with a series of familiar hits such as Antifragile, Fearless, Perfect Night, Unforgiven, Easy, Smart,... and the unreleased song 1-800 H.OT & FUN.

LE SSERAFIM revealed evidence of overdubbing at Coachella, netizens were so fed up - Photo 1

Compared to the first stage, in week 2 of Coachella, LE SSERAFIM's live performance improved unexpectedly. The combination of live band and choreography has been enhanced thanks to the ability to live clearer and more coherently than before. Starting with Antifragile, LE SSERAFIM was no longer trembling, out of breath and nervous like the week 1 stage. It can be seen that Huh Yunjin and Kim Chaewon's voices have become loud and clear, improving their weak points and cracks.

Despite improving performance quality, LE SSERAFIM still received many harsh reviews from netizens. Many people believe that the group used the trick of "singing over" to diffuse the situation.

LE SSERAFIM revealed evidence of overdubbing at Coachella, netizens were so fed up - Photo 2

"Over-singing" is no longer strange at major music festival stages, and is used by many Kpop groups to ensure quality when having to sing and dance vigorously at the same time. But in LE SSERAFIM, people think that the 5 girls let the backtrack overwhelm their real voices. Even though the backtrack is loud, it still cannot cover up all the shortcomings of live singing.

Some Korean newspapers immediately wrote articles praising LE SSERAFIM. Osen wrote "LE SSERAFIM heats up America's Coachella, successfully "revenges" with a comprehensive Live singing stage!" .

LE SSERAFIM revealed evidence of overdubbing at Coachella, netizens were so fed up - Photo 3

Sports Khan: "LE SSERAFIM's skill controversy resolved, stage stable... Perfect defense in the second week of Coachella" .

LE SSERAFIM revealed evidence of overdubbing at Coachella, netizens were so fed up - Photo 4

Besides, there are still media channels that "don't let go" of the group's flaws. Hankook Ilbo reporter Hong Hae Min wrote: "The group attracted a lot of attention when attending Coachella for the shortest time among K-pop singers, but they caused controversy with their remarkable live skills. disappointed on the first stage last week.

When returning to Coachella this week, the group's expressions and performances were one level more comfortable. But there are mixed opinions about AR (a method of playing pre-recorded recordings as a live performance) louder than last week. The members showed confident and live movements between songs, however, in some parts AR was cut and the audience could not hear the members' live vocals.

However, despite the controversy over AR, the atmosphere at the scene was still very h.ot. LE SSERAFIM ended the 45-minute performance with a bright comment: 'It feels like a dream has come true. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon'."

LE SSERAFIM revealed evidence of overdubbing at Coachella, netizens were so fed up - Photo 5

Furthermore, on . This makes fans extremely embarrassed, there are no longer any excuses for the group's dealings.

In addition, Kazuha and Eunchae - the two members considered to have the worst live singing skills in the group, even intentionally left out their lines to confirm that the group actually sings live. However, "paper cannot wrap fire", netizens soon discovered and became even more upset with the group's stage:

"Watching this stage is very frustrating. When I sing, there is a backtrack, if I stop singing, I lose the backtrack, when I sing again, the backtrack comes back on. It's like a smart AI backtrack. I'd rather just keep the live AR turned on really loud, dance to the point. Do it. So it's even more hated."

"I dropped the line but my mouth still sings, Ursula probably took away her voice in that part"

"This time, the dancing was more superficial and lacked energy than week 1. The talent was limited and there was no respect for karma. If the backtrack is big, then the performance and dancing spirit must be amazing, oh my god."

"You can clearly hear which is the backtrack and which is the real voice, and it's very different, maybe the whole practice group skipped any lines to slay"

"The lip sync is also wrong, I can hear the backtrack clearly so it's not intentional to prove it"

"Like a central circus"

"If you sing this badly, no one will doubt your lip-syncing without having to prove it"

LE SSERAFIM revealed evidence of overdubbing at Coachella, netizens were so fed up - Photo 6

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