LE SSERAFIM became a Coachella disaster, Korean netizens were embarrassed

Mẫn NhiApr 15, 2024 at 07:30

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LE SSERAFIM officially "introduced" Coachella with a fierce visual, stirring up the crowd, but her live vocals made Korean netizens react harshly: "Too embarrassing, don't call this Kpop!"

On the afternoon of April 14 (Vietnam time), Kpop g.irl group LE SSERAFIM appeared at America's largest music festival, Coachella 2024.

At the event, the group performed 11 performances, including the new song H.ot & Fun . However, from the first performances such as Antifragile, Fearless, The Great Mermaid ... the members revealed weak, shaky and uneven vocals. In many parts, they are even completely out of tune, especially members Hong Eun Chae or Sakura. Therefore, according to Xports News , negative reactions to LE SSERAFIM are continuing on social networks.

LE SSERAFIM became a Coachella disaster, Korean netizens were embarrassed - Photo 1

During the opening set, LE SSERAFIM revealed many breathless, weak and cracked live segments. Leader Chaewon is the one who "carries" the vocal parts for the group. Main vocalist Yunjin's fluctuating performance has brought many mixed opinions.

In the middle, a series of performances such as Unforgiven, Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife, Perfect Night,... the group regained their composure and their live ability became more perfect. These stages were also positively evaluated during LE SSERAFIM's 50-minute set. At the end, starting with the Smart stage, LE SSERAFIM once again revealed its vocal weakness, its column trembling slightly when having to dance and sing at high intensity.

LE SSERAFIM became a Coachella disaster, Korean netizens were embarrassed - Photo 2

At the end of the stage, LE SSERAFIM became the hottest name on social media, but... all the comments were negative. It's all because of the huge skill gap of the 5 girls. Even though LE SSERAFIM was prepared with all the conditions to shine, it lacked the most important element to conquer the audience - its voice. Bravely live as a band and limit the use of backtrack, LE SSERAFIM completely reveals its weaknesses in live singing. During the 50 minutes, the members were constantly out of breath, singing out of tune, c.racking and trembling.

LE SSERAFIM became a Coachella disaster, Korean netizens were embarrassed - Photo 3

Confident in "bringing the bell to f.ight in foreign lands", the group continued to disappoint the audience because of their incomplete skills. On community pages, netizens reacted harshly to LE SSERAFIM's Coachella stage. Especially when the group is considered the successor to BLACKPINK to conquer Coachella. Compared to her seniors, LE SSERAFIM's performance skills are truly "unmatched". Even though he had good stage presence, his vocal weakness ruined everything.

LE SSERAFIM became a Coachella disaster, Korean netizens were embarrassed - Photo 4

LE SSERAFIM became a Coachella disaster, Korean netizens were embarrassed - Photo 5

LE SSERAFIM became a Coachella disaster, Korean netizens were embarrassed - Photo 6

Korean and international netizen reaction:

- I don't know where to hide my face. Really embarrassing.

- Standing still for an encore but I couldn't even breathe so I didn't expect anything, but who knows it would be even more terrible than I imagined. Singing is worse than normal people. As soon as I clicked on it, I had to stop immediately...

- Please don't call this Kpop.

- I don't understand where HYBE got the courage to let this group come here.

- They don't sing, they just scream...

- This is truly a disaster...The only people who seem to know how to sing are Huh Yunjin and Kim Chaewon but both of them don't sing and just scream or scream a lot.

- Because they can't sing at the right pitch, they just scream... Chaewon is the best

- Where did you get the confidence to go to Coachella...? The official video will be edited and posted anyway, so they probably won't mind too much

- I was hoping that Coachella would help them get rid of the image they had of performing poorly at encore live, which is a shame. If they did well at a place like Coachella, public opinion could have completely reversed...

- After reading the comments, I nervously clicked to watch. Actually, it wasn't a classy performance at all, but it wasn't a disaster, right? Listening to it online seems normal, but whoever watches it live will probably find it fun, right?

- Out of all the idols that have appeared at Coachella that I've seen so far, they seem to be the worst performers. Even though they were professional performers, they looked very nervous. Other idols don't tremble like that. Only Chaewon carries the team's back

- Suddenly I feel like Coachella is as ordinary as any other normal music stage, I don't understand why they invited this group.


LE SSERAFIM became a Coachella disaster, Korean netizens were embarrassed - Photo 7

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