LE SSERAFIM sang like a "burp" before Coachella, netizens were bored

Phong TrầnApr 13, 2024 at 16:38

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LE SSERAFIM has recently been repeatedly criticized for its poor live singing ability. Faced with the news that the group will participate in the upcoming Coachella, many fans can't help but wonder whether the group will be able to complete well?

With only about 1 day left (Vietnam time), LE SSERAFIM will officially appear for the first time at the largest festival on the planet Coachella 2024. But right before appearing at this prestigious festival, Namu Wiki page - known as a Korean Wikipedia information page, has updated controversial content related to the HYBE g.irl group.

LE SSERAFIM sang like a burp before Coachella, netizens were bored - Photo 1

Specifically in the "Vocal & Rap" category, the Namu Wiki page provides information about LE SSERAFIM having members who have bad live vocals and have been criticized many times: "(Tough translation) Except for Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin, the other members' live skills are all very bad. Even though Sakura has over 10 years of experience including working in Japan, her singing and Korean pronunciation skills are all very bad believes that without reading the lyrics, it is impossible to understand her Korean pronunciation.

Hong Eunchae has received a lot of criticism for her singing style. There are opinions that she seems to be suppressing her belching and often avoids performing live on encore stages. Kazuha was also criticized many times for singing poorly."

This description on the Namu Wiki page has received many mixed comments from Korean netizens. There are many opinions that this is malice aimed at LE SSERAFIM. Some other comments agreed and admitted that the HYBE girls still have many limitations in their Korean vocals and pronunciation.

LE SSERAFIM sang like a burp before Coachella, netizens were bored - Photo 2

Namu Wiki is an open information site, basically like the Korean version of Wikipedia. Fans often visit the page to edit and update every detail about their idols from date of birth, family, education, hometown, outstanding activities... It helps everyone feel comfortable. Editing information on this page causes a lot of trouble because bad guys can arbitrarily leave defamatory and false information on it.

LE SSERAFIM sang like a burp before Coachella, netizens were bored - Photo 3

So it is very possible that the information about LE SSERAFIM has been edited to criticize the house group HYBE for performing poorly live right before Coachella 2024. This still raises the fact that LE's live singing ability is SSERAFIM is truly a terrible worry for Korean fans.

LE SSERAFIM sang like a burp before Coachella, netizens were bored - Photo 4

LE SSERAFIM is currently one of the typical names in weak live singing. With each comeback, LE SSERAFIM makes fans doubt the group's talent. Although the music product was well received by many people, when the group performed live singing right after receiving the trophy for "Easy" on the show M Countdown, LE SSERAFIM revealed their different vocals. Especially Sakura, she can't even sing her lines clearly. Meanwhile, other members were also unable to complete their parts in a "stable" way.

LE SSERAFIM sang like a burp before Coachella, netizens were bored - Photo 5

In the following stages, the group avoided singing live by playing the flute to reduce the time. It can be seen that, through many comebacks, LE SSERAFIM still hasn't improved in singing. In addition, many people also discovered that Yunjin - who is considered the group's "main vocal" - was also constantly out of breath when having a collab with USUK artist - Max.

LE SSERAFIM sang like a burp before Coachella, netizens were bored - Photo 6

After a series of disastrous encores, singing live became a painful problem for "house chicken" HYBE. Ironically for music groups from emerging entertainment empires, achievements that go against their skills make people bored. W.inning a music trophy is inherently fun, but since the encore became a "mirror" that revealed the idol's skill problems, holding the trophy in your hand has become even more stressful.

LE SSERAFIM sang like a burp before Coachella, netizens were bored - Photo 7

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