LE SSERAFIM "big words" after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance

An NhiApr 19, 2024 at 16:30

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At Coachella 2024, LE SSERAFIM had a disastrous performance that was mentioned by both Kbiz and foreign music fans. However, the group suddenly received benefits that everyone did not expect.

Recently, LE SSERAFIM appeared for the first time at the largest music festival on the planet Coachella 2024. Although it was predicted that the live performance would encounter many shortcomings in terms of the vocal abilities of the HYBE girls, the What happens on the live stage leaves fans disappointed.

Right from the opening performance with Antifragile, LE SSERAFIM was "breathing and singing". Even though there were a few fairly stable stages like Unforgiven, Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's wife (English ver.) or the introduction of the new song 1-800-Hot & Fun that caused a stir, overall it was still a set full of flaws. .

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 1

At the end of the stage, LE SSERAFIM became the hottest name on social media with all... negative comments. It's all because of the huge skill gap of the 5 girls. Even though LE SSERAFIM was prepared with all the conditions to shine, it lacked the most important element to conquer the audience - its voice.

Bravely live as a band and limit the use of backtrack, LE SSERAFIM completely reveals its weaknesses in live singing. During the 50 minutes, the members were constantly out of breath, singing out of tune, c.racking and trembling. The performance made Korean netizens feel embarrassed and affirmed that they should not call this Kpop.

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 2

After a supposedly bad performance at Coachella, LE SSERAFIM's social network account received surprising interactions. Specifically, the group's Instagram account has increased by more than 40 thousand followers. Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM's social network X (Twitter) also reached more than 1.7 million followers.

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 3

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 4

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 5

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 6

Notably, LE SSERAFIM's growth in influence is also seen on the TikTok account when it reached more than 10 million followers on April 12 - an increase of at least 34 thousand followers.

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 7

These statistics show that the group's growth is directly related to their performance at Coachella. Thanks to the controversy across the internet from domestic to international, LE SSERAFIM's reputation as well as the group's social network "gained heavily" when receiving attention.

However, the growth that comes from controversy will be difficult to endure if the HYBE girls do not improve their singing skills. LE SSERAFIM will have one more show at Coachella on April 20 (Vietnam time). Perhaps this is also an opportunity for the 5 girls to prove their strength and win back the love of the domestic audience.

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 8

Witnessing LE SSERAFIM's disastrous live performance, many people criticized HYBE for not being able to s.how o.ff their strength and being too complacent in letting LE SSERAFIM's weak singing perform on a stage as large as Coachella.

HYBE is confident with its musical strengths, ability to create trends and lead the Hallyu wave. Corporations may dominate both the media and the masses, but the skills gap is an undeniable fact. No matter how much is invested in "whitewashing", the impression in the audience's eyes still exists and is reminded by a greater power - called "mouth beer". LE SSERAFIM will forever be associated with the title "idol who cannot sing".

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 9

Compared to artists trained by SM, JYP or YG, "homegrown chickens" trained by HYBE are always found by people to have skill weaknesses. Looking at the current development strategy, HYBE's music groups have too many conditions to develop. Strong financial potential, musical strategy, and trend-leading image all help HYBE artists easily "dominate" Kpop.

But, the corporation seems to be quite superficial with skills training. The common weakness of groups trained by HYBE (formerly Big Hit) is their live singing skills. After a series of controversies, experts and audiences believe that HYBE needs to focus on perfecting the skills of "domestic chickens" and be more serious in training trainees.

LE SSERAFIM big words after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance - Photo 10

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