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Minh Tu burst into tears and apologized to Lan Khue for saying "Miss 10+1", mending the friendship

Minh Ngọc09:22:56 21/03/2024
Minh Tu - Lan Khue appeared together for the first time after many conflicts and disagreements for 8 years. Most recently, Minh Tu officially apologized directly to his friend who was very close that year, resolving all misunderstandings between the two.

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Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry

Phúc Sen17:04:31 28/02/2024
Female model and actress Thanh Tram, who was eliminated early in The Face Vietnam, is receiving a lot of interest and attention from Vietnamese audiences, when she suddenly appeared in the movie project Lady Heiress 2 , released in March 2024.

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Vu Thu Phuong: used to be a famous supermodel, now plays an "evil role" in the model village

Phi Đức20:03:00 07/01/2024
Vu Thu Phuong won many high awards in the modeling field before following her husband to quit the game. In recent years, she has continuously caused controversy when she has a strict and difficult attitude and behavior with juniors in the profession.

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Bau Krysie: The Face runner-up was 'turned away' by fans because of 'continuous scandals' of cheating on her lover

Mẫn Nhi18:44:04 30/11/2023
Bau Krysie emerged as a hotgirl, then she became known as the first female lead role in Jack's MV. In 2023, when he joined The Face, Bau especially received more attention and became more popular with young people.

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Bau Krysie does not deny the "cuckolding" story, Gavin continues to show extremely convincing evidence!

Khánh Huyền18:24:46 30/11/2023
The noisy story about a third person interfering in the relationship of Bau Krysie and her tomboy lover Gavin is gradually becoming clear because all three people involved have spoken out. Bau Krysie posted an apology, but there was no mention of a third person in it.

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Gavin - Bau Krysie's lover is compared to Y Nhi's boyfriend, causing sadness because they did the same action

Đình Như17:00:23 30/11/2023
In the last night of The Face Vietnam Final, to support Bau Krysie's spirit, Gavin was also present. The guy hugged flowers to give to his lover and quickly attracted attention from netizens.

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Bau Krysie was accused of cheating on her boyfriend, the third person, a close friend of 8 years, also admitted

Phi Đức06:58:44 30/11/2023
On his personal Instagram page, Gavin - Bau Krysie's tomboy boyfriend - shared his story. The content is straightforward and to the point about a 4-year relationship ending because of a third person.

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Phi Phuong Anh, after 2 years of 'holding the mic', proves her ability by singing live and the ending

Phong Trần16:02:53 23/11/2023
After a period of diligent vocal practice, Phi Phuong Anh is expected by the audience to o.ff her live singing skills at the press conference to launch her new song. However, the female singer was quite confused and encountered many difficulties in this vocal challenge.

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Brian Tran: The male celebrity had a chin surgery, was once entangled in rumors of being in love with Bao Anh, and is famous for his uncle-nephew love story

Pinky17:12:10 20/11/2023
Model and actor Brian Tran can be said to be a face that is no longer too strange for those interested in showbiz. Famous for his handsome face, cool charisma and moreover, his dull voice because he is an overseas Vietnamese.

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Cam Dan: Once entangled noisily with ex-husband Le Quyen, 'saint of tears' at The Face VN, everyone 'itchy eyes'

T.P17:32:12 06/11/2023
The beauty Cam Dan emerged after the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest, stopping at the top 15, this beauty born in 2002 has taken a direct step into showbiz. However, her career was full of noise, harshly criticized.

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Vu Thu Phuong was stunned to see her beauty pageant student and Cao Thien Trang win the ticket to the top of Miss Cosmo VN

T.P18:04:40 28/10/2023
Student of judge Vu Thu Phuong at The Face Vietnam 2023 - Runner-up Bui Xuan Hanh suddenly appeared at the casting of Miss Cosmo Vietnam. Together with Cao Thien Trang, they made an impression and won a ticket straight to the top 59 of the competition.

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Huong Giang "faced" producer The Face Vietnam at Thanh Hang's wedding, filled with the smell of drama in a photo frame

An Nhi10:32:46 24/10/2023
Thanh Hang's wedding is one of the events that gathers huge stars of Vbiz. Notably, the appearance of Ms. Trang Le - Producer of The Face Vietnam and the photo frame taken with Miss Huong Giang and Pharmacist Tien are being widely shared by netizens.

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Mr. Shu made a 'green' comment about the title of Miss, being named to go to the contest immediately made the fans pale

T.P13:36:52 06/10/2023
Supermodel and Actress Anh Thu has just had a candid sharing about the title of miss in the current era. When the name of the Miss Ladies contest was called, everyone who listened could only be silent.

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Tu Anh wanted to beat Minh Toai because he was so ignorant, his face turned pale when mentioning Mentor Anh Thu

Yang Mi21:00:05 24/09/2023
As guests on a recent game show, Tu Anh, Minh Toai and supermodel Anh Thu's protégés stirred up trouble, making MC Dai Nghia tired. In addition, the boys and girls had nerve-wracking fights against each other.

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Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu r.eveal suspicion of rift with a series of strange details, disbanding the 'we have each other' couple

Đức Trí14:45:47 16/09/2023
Miss Ky Duyen and Supermodel Minh Trieu made people excited and worried with rumors that the two had a broken relationship, disbanded, and had conflicts with each other. Netizens simultaneously shouted the name, hoping for a response from the owner.

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H.ot g.irl Buffalo Krysie "peeled" herself photos from her prepubescent days on social media, suddenly asking people: "Who is this?"

Huỳnh Phúc07:07:52 31/08/2023
Krysie is known as a h.ot social media g.irl with her edgy looks and steady fashion sense. Since TFVN, Bau's reputation has been more and more interested. Recently, her self-peeling of her beauty caused fans to fall on their backs.

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Hotgirl Linh Truong revealed her everyday appearance after tour rumors, shocking supercar riding clip

Keng09:31:42 26/08/2023
For the photo model community in particular and netizens in general, Linh Truong is not a strange name. She often appears in a luxurious, shimmering image that is not inferior to the great billions of China.

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He terminated The Face, claiming he was no longer involved, questioning internal turmoil

Phúc Sen14:58:11 22/08/2023
Supermodel Anh Thu has just caused a stir, when she suddenly posted a strange status, claiming that from now on she is no longer related to 5 members of her team at The Face Vietnam 2023. Fans were shocked, suspecting there had been friction.

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Ky Duyen is still "bitter" to act "torment" The Face Vietnam after the finale results?

Bảo Tiên18:08:10 19/08/2023
After the noise and attention-grabbing statement about the final result in The Face Vietnam, Ky Duyen's actions are said to be tormenting the producers of the show.

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Xuan Hanh responded to a clip of his family upset over the results of The Face, which has details related to the coach!

Bảo Tiên13:02:08 17/08/2023
Xuan Hanh (coach Vu Thu Phuong's team) has shared about the clip of relatives not serving The Face results that went viral on social media. Besides, she affirmed 1 thing regarding her teacher.

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Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu's stylist team was "stolen" worth 200 million in the finale

Bảo Tiên12:33:53 17/08/2023
After the clip was posted by the female stylist on social networks, the above incident is being widely spread on social networking forums, the g.irl was encouraged by Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu and shared with the program crew to ask for a search.

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Vu Thu Phuong 'sarcastic' extremely deeply after being 'facetious' by Anh Shu, Tu Anh expressed her feelings for her seniors

Yaya10:55:40 17/08/2023
Recently, supermodel Vu Thu Phuong had her heartfelt experiences after the finale of The Face Vietnam 2023 ended, the champion went to the Anh Thu senior team attracting attention.

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Mr. Shu harshly responded to Ming Zhao-Qi Duyen, affirming that Tu Anh only had Vu Thu Fang's team as a rival

Thanh Phúc10:24:34 17/08/2023
A series of noisy denunciations, war of words between mentors, controversy about Tu Anh's champion title at The Face Vietnam 2023 has not come to an end. When Brother Shu recently made affirmations, such as patting Qi Duan and Ming Zhao in the face.

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Minh Trieu - Ky Duyen pressed the behavior of The Face organizers, disagreeing with how to choose the champion

Đức Trí14:47:28 16/08/2023
The mentor couple Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu has just caused a stir online, when they suddenly posted a direct nest to the organizers of The Face Vietnam 2023 - especially Ms. Trang Le. When there have been statements that are criticized as ungraceful, hurtful to others.

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