Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals

Thanh PhúcJun 19, 2024 at 17:31

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Huynh Tu Anh was born in 2002, comes from Binh Duong, currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, Huynh Tu Anh is a freelance model, participating in catwalk shows and fashion photography for many brands.

She is the champion of The Face Vietnam 2023 contest - coach Anh Thu's team. The female model has a perfect figure, an angular face and a high fashion charisma. Tu Anh's victory helped her advance in the Vietnamese fashion industry, even reaching out to the international market.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 1

At The Face Vietnam 2023, Tu Anh joined the team of coach Anh Thu. During the casting round, she impressed when sharing the inspirational story of her spectacular weight loss journey to fulfill her modeling passion. However, compared to contestants with a large fan base such as Vio Ho, Bau Krysie, Minh Toai... Tu Anh is a relatively obscure name.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 2

In the first part of the journey at The Face Vietnam 2023, the 21-year-old model revealed her weakness of lacking flexibility in expression. Tu Anh said that she actually just started modeling when casting for The Face Vietnam, so she never trained her acting to meet the commercial requirements of brands.

However, Tu Anh gradually improved through each round and especially broke through in the final stages. Gradually, she learned to diversify in each challenge, thereby conquering many brands and receiving valuable contracts.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 3

The Face Vietnam 2023 casting time is also the time when Tu Anh started her modeling career. With an impressive height and high fashion face, even though she is a rookie, she is still "chosen for her" by designers to s.how o.ff their collections on domestic catwalks.

Up to now, Tu Anh has participated in performances and lookbook photos for Vietnamese fashion houses such as Le Thanh Hoa, Do Manh Cuong, Ha Linh Thu, Lam Gia Khang,... Stirring up large and small catwalks, especially especially Vietnam International Fashion Week. With only a few years of experience, but infinite potential, she is considered one of the notable young stars of the Vietnamese fashion industry.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 4

At the final of The Face Vietnam 2023, Tu Anh had a fiery performance, completely escaping his previous lackluster image. Tu Anh and Xuan Hanh are considered outstandingly excellent, one nine out of ten, no one is inferior to each other. However, because one of the program's prizes is the opportunity to walk on the international fashion stage, Tu Anh is rated better.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 5

On the night of the final competition, Tu Anh was praised and recognized for her transformation by Ms. Trang Le - the program's producer:

"Tu Anh is a contestant with many outstanding points, which is the ideal height for a model on the runway and the catwalk challenge is not difficult for you. I like the way you handle your clothes. From the moment you step out, you hold up your two flaps so that your outfit can't make it difficult for you. This is how you attract people.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 6

Sharing with the media right after being crowned, Tu Anh said she was very surprised to learn that she won the championship prize. She even thought she heard it wrong when the MC announced her name. When he saw his own image on the screen, Tu Anh burst into tears.

"Actually, during the exam, I wasn't as excited as I was during practice, because my b.lood sugar dropped and I was dizzy. After the exam, I went backstage and cried a lot, because I saw the coach's face after I finished the exam. Anh Thu is a bit sad, so I also feel sad," Tu Anh said.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 7

Tu Anh has the charisma of a high fashion model. You have a very beautiful smile but I rarely see you smile. Perhaps on the final night, you know that if you don't smile, you will lose a lot of points, so from now on I see you smiling a lot. Today you shined with a beautiful smile and extremely charismatic catwalk steps."

Regarding the idea that supermodel Anh Thu won thanks to the reputation of supermodel Anh Thu, Tu Anh expressed: "My team has 2 members in the final. Whether I win or Minh Toai wins, everyone will say the same thing. I will see The champion title is an opportunity on my career path and I'll try my best."

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 8

As for Anh Thu, she revealed that before the final, she did not let her team's contestants come into contact with negative comments on social networks, to avoid being affected psychologically. The 8X model said that in the final night, all four contestants had good and bad performances. So she wasn't sure who would become the champion and was very nervous before the results came out.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 9

The supermodel added: "I think because there are people who have high hopes for Tu Anh, after reading the article and comments on social networks evaluating Tu Anh, they think the results have come, so there are shares that cause confusion. misread".

W.inning The Face Vietnam 2023, Tu Anh has won the opportunity to attend 6 of the world's largest fashion weeks including New York, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul Fashion Week. This is considered a good opportunity for Tu Anh to interact with the world runway and realize his dream of bringing Asian faces to the international runway.

Tu Anh: Controversial champion of The Face, 1m78 tall, bombed 6 fashion capitals - Photo 10

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