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Not once publicly, Tian An had a question of "going the other way" with Phat Luo

Phi Yến12:01:50 18/02/2024
Truong Giang and Nha Phuong have just had a livestream chat with fans not long ago. Participating in the livestream with the famous artist pair was also Phat La.

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Changjiang opened up Song Luan's dating story, the identity of the "other half" was unexpected

Kim Lâm13:45:40 03/02/2024
In Vbiz, Truong Giang is considered a Vietnamese Dispatch because of many times revealing the secret love of artists. That's why any couple that caught Changjiang's radar made netizens dot.

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Nam Em's fiancé was said to be doing bad feng shui, the female singer spoke up sharply

Minh Lợi14:40:28 30/12/2023
On her personal page, beauty Nam Em recently shared a photo of her boyfriend's house. This move of the beauty is in response to those who believe that her boyfriend does pagan work.

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Love before the wedding: Female lead Minh Trang 'falls in love' with Quoc Anh, the ironic reason makes the audience speechless

Phúc Sen17:11:23 20/12/2023
The movie Love Before the Wedding has caused a stir in public opinion over the past time, especially the actor couple Minh Trang - Quoc Anh. With the level of love in the film, being so absorbed in her role made female lead Minh Trang admit that she was in love with Quoc Anh.

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Song Luan caused controversy when he "passionately kissed his best friend's lover", the owner spoke up to clarify

Gia Nhi16:23:16 09/12/2023
Song Luan is a controversial male star when he appeared in the TV series Love Before the Wedding and was criticized for asking to sleep with his best friend and lover. The owner also admitted that this was an unreasonable detail, contrary to good customs and traditions.

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Truong Giang had a surprising reaction when a male star asked for permission to "love" Nha Phuong?

Tiểu Trúc09:37:33 18/11/2023
Recently, a famous Vbiz male star proactively asked Truong Giang for permission to have a relationship with Nha Phuong. The male comedian's reaction to this male star's request for permission was surprising.

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Changjiang revealed the "taboo" related to not being an MC in Puka wedding - Gin Tuan Kiet

Huỳnh Phúc10:26:47 02/11/2023
During Puka's new Family Ceremony - Gin Tuan Kiet, actor Truong Giang first revealed why he accepted the invitation to lead the marriage but firmly refused to become the main MC for the day of the wedding.

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Gin Tuan Kiet - Puka: Diamond ceremony, "mist" 2 billion, Zhang Jiang mastered the marriage

JLO14:02:28 01/11/2023
This morning, 1/11, Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet held their wedding ceremony (also known as the wedding ceremony) at their home. The party took place in the cool air in the presence of relatives, close friends and colleagues.

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Song Luan publicly announced that she has a b.usty eldest daughter with a pretty Western appearance and the shocking identity of her mother

Kim Lâm17:39:10 19/09/2023
Song Luan is one of the favorite handsome singers and actors of Vietnamese showbiz. Recently, he attracted attention when he publicly announced that he had a daughter at his birthday party. This information is receiving special attention from fans.

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Pisces Luan lost the title of "beautiful boy" because of the image of dizzying weight gain, the reason given was surprising!

Gia Linh16:30:00 08/09/2023
The recent image posted by the actor made netizens fall on their backs with a strange appearance, somewhat more developed than usual. Soon, the reason given by the owner himself attracted attention.

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Zhencheng suddenly confronted 1 Vbiz male beauty head-on, related to the super product "Grandma Nu's House"

Bình Yên10:56:30 05/09/2023
Currently, Zhencheng is the name facing Song Luan head-to-head at the major film awards. It is known that they both competed for their roles in Grandma's House.

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Truong Quynh Anh - Song Luan reveals dating evidence, Zhencheng confirms - "no denial"

Hàn Di11:36:24 21/08/2023
Zhencheng is known as a multi-talented, animated and friendly male artist. Besides their cult careers, he and his wife are also admired for having many beautiful friendships in the showbiz world.

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Nguyen Minh Trang: "Billion billion fairy" Vietnamese version, giving up popularity for fear of "soliciting" m.oney?

Kiko16:37:25 14/04/2023
Beautiful as a muse, good acting, Nguyen Minh Trang is favored by the public with the name "billion billion fairy" "Vietnam Luu Dic Phi". True to her name, the actress chose to stay away from the market on her artistic path. Nguyen Minh Trang, born in 1995, is an actor who has...

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Tran Thanh frankly criticized Song Luan for 'Nu's house', Uyen An made a move to attract special attention

Tin11:22:16 04/02/2023
In an interview about "Mrs. Nu's House", when asked about the difficulties during filming, both Uyen An and Song Luan said, "There is no easy scene because we are working with director Tran Thanh, a very difficult director. So every scene is a difficult scene." Uyen An also...

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Song Luan - Tran Thanh's sister's rumored boyfriend has a b.ody of thousands of people

Le Tuan08:30:40 03/02/2023
Despite being a singer, Song Luan is gradually making deep impressions in the hearts of the audience as an actor. Playing the role of John in the film House of Nuns, Song Luan showed great progress in his acting skills. His handsome appearance also makes many people admire...

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Uyen An revealed the reason for not making her boyfriend public, all because of Tran Thanh?

Minh Lợi10:48:02 28/01/2023
The private life also helps Uyen An to focus more on future work. Tran Thanh's sister is promised to become the dominant face of the screen for many years to come. Uyen An is a promising young actress of the Vietnamese screen. Although she has just entered her new career for...

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Song Luan and Tran Thanh's sister revealed love photos, questioning "real fake love movies"

Le Tuan22:01:22 27/01/2023
In the new set of photos, Song Luan and Uyen An - Tran Thanh's younger sister caused a fever when they constantly showed romantic feelings. With an explosive "chemical reaction", the two were enthusiastically pushed by the fans, hoping for them to be a couple in the movie and in...

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Bach Cong Khanh openly fought for Nam Em with Song Luan?

Tin13:36:07 05/01/2023
Nam Em is one of the beauties who have received the attention of the audience and the media in the past few years. Although she has more or less achieved success on the artistic path, the beauty from Tien Giang is quite difficult in her love story. Not long ago, the noise about...

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Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged

KENG07:18:41 04/01/2023
After the emotional uproar, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh both found new co-stars. While the beauty received compliments for the new combinations, the male singer was not popular with the audience. As a prominent beauty in beauty contests, recently Nam Em has impressed the audience...

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Nam Em publicly "new person" after being bullied by Bach Cong Khanh, love to dress up together

N.P13:22:28 02/01/2023
Used to be a good duet with Bach Cong Khanh, but after the noise, perhaps Nam Em has found a new co-star. The "new person" of the female singer caused a fever when she was extremely handsome, the two even wore couple outfits on stage. On the evening of December 31, Nam Em had a...

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Unrivaled Thuan Nguyen, with Ngo Thanh Van in the chaos of Can Tho

Thuý Minh18:59:26 31/12/2022
As the most anticipated action movie in 2022, "Thanh Wolf" has officially been released in theaters on Christmas 2022. Recently, Ngo Thanh Van's Thanh Wolf film crew has received enthusiastic support from the audience. fake in Can Tho. After the success of the blockbuster Hai...

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Ngo Thanh Van "played" how much investment to shoot action scenes in "Thanh Wolf"

Thuý Minh17:30:45 29/12/2022
As an important factor in attracting the audience to "Thanh Wolf - Wild Daisy in the Night", the action and martial arts are fully invested by director - producer Ngo Thanh Van. In particular, the eye-catching confrontation scene of two generations of women brought many...

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Hien Ho burst into tears on the noisy backstage "reliance brothers", Erik borrowed Son Tung's emotional message

Minh Hà07:11:10 12/09/2022
After 6 months of hiding, Hien Ho had a private concert in Ho Chi Minh City. Her return after a period of entanglement in the "reliance brothers" caused her to face mixed opinions. As expected, Hien Ho will come back after the noisy "brothers to rely on". And on the evening of...

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DJ Matoom follows the best lineup of Who Is That Person, gets a "return" from a male god, dating questions?

Hoàng Phúc13:52:46 02/09/2022
Appearing as a special advisor in the program "Who Is That Person 2022", Matoom - a DJ from Thailand has made "people love" stand still since the show aired. Not only bringing to the show a great visual, but also creating positive energy and interesting expressions every time...

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