Romeo Beckham was criticized for his "bed" photo, Brooklyn was suddenly called out

Duyên TrầnOct 16, 2021 at 14:10

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Romeo Beckham and model Mia Regan started dating in 2019, when the couple was just 16 years old. David Beckham's son often shows off romantic moments with his girlfriend on his personal page.

After more than 2 years together, Romeo and Mia still keep their sweet and happy love.

Recently, the 18-year-old model posted 2 photos taken at 2 different times. In the two pictures, she is both lying on the bed, using a blanket to cover her b.ody while Romeo lies on her girlfriend's chest and has intimate contact. The first photo was taken recently, when the couple reunited after months apart. However, the second photo was controversial because many people suspected that the Beckham family had taken a sensitive photo 2 years ago, that is, when he was 16, 17 years old. Netizens could not help but be surprised by Romeo's bold, even provocative actions and anger about the way David Beckham and his wife raised their children.

Romeo Beckham was criticized for his "bed" photo, Brooklyn was suddenly called out - Photo 1

However, some viewers pointed out that these two photos were actually taken a few months apart because Mia Regan's face hasn't changed much. However, this couple's act of showing off a scene reminiscent of the 18th story still caused people to argue fiercely on social networks. This is not the first time Romeo has been criticized for posting photos of "lack of clothes" cuddling with his girlfriend, showing off his "wage" on social media.

And yet, under the comment section, the eldest Brooklyn Beckham was suddenly called out. "Both Brooklyn and Romeo are like this. Instead of building a career, they just hang around and post emotional photos with their girlfriends," one netizen expressed. The Beckham family is also often criticized for being too "addicted" to his fiancee Nicola Peltz, constantly "spaming" social media with sweet moments with Transformers beauties. However, on the other hand, there are also many people who think that it is normal for these two couples to love and express their feelings on their personal pages, this is personal freedom.

David Beckham and Victoria Adams have so far had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 g.irl. Following in the footsteps of the two brothers' early love careers, the youngest Cruz also announced his girlfriend at the age of 16. Specifically, not long ago, the Daily Mail reported that Cruz Beckham attended the Reading Festival on Richfield Avenue , Older brother. Notably, accompanying him was a young g.irl, the couple also held hands and had sweet gestures. The series of photos of Cruz and his girlfriend attracted the attention of many netizens because this is the first time the young singer has publicly announced her lover. The g.irl's identity has not been revealed yet. In the Beckham family, Cruz is the most talented and secretive guy. It is a fact that the youngest son is the only one of the three brothers that David Beckham and his wife can brag about... their academic achievements. Besides, Cruz also focuses on pursuing his passion for singing, less active on social media like his two brothers.

Romeo Beckham was criticized for his "bed" photo, Brooklyn was suddenly called out - Photo 2

If with 3 sons, Becks is free to learn about love, on the contrary, he will carefully protect his daughter Harper Seven. When Harper was only 2 years old, Becks was "frightened" imagining the day his lady reached the age of marriage and ... went on a date with a certain guy. No one else, the 3 brothers will be "soldiers" to protect the little princess of his family. Becks wittily declared: "Won't be in a relationship. She won't go out like Rapunzel." Rapunzel is a fairy princess, imprisoned since childhood by a witch in a tower so that no one can see her.

Saying that, Becks can't be stopped when Harper is currently the cutest g.irl in the foggy country. Every step of the g.irl is the focus of the paparazzi. If Becks is proud that boys are "girl killers", in contrast to Harper, he is worried that she will be a beautiful woman who will cut down millions of men's hearts in the future. Just look at Disney stars like Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus messing around in the showbiz world, but Becks is also "frightened", one thing is certain that he and Vic will be attached to their children to have a "normal life" like a couple. always desired.

Romeo Beckham was criticized for his "bed" photo, Brooklyn was suddenly called out - Photo 3

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