The youngest son of David Beckham - Cruz Beckham announced his girlfriend at the age of 16

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Inheriting the superior gene of the cult couple David Beckham - Victoria Beckham, 3 brothers Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz possess a handsome and stylish appearance. Because of that, right from the age of ten, three warm boys were noticed by many young girls. Following in the footsteps of the two brothers' early love careers, the youngest Cruz also recently announced his girlfriend even at the age of 16.

The youngest son of David Beckham - Cruz Beckham announced his girlfriend at the age of 16 - Photo 1

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that Cruz Beckham attended the Reading Festival in Richfield Avenue, England. Notably, accompanying him was a young g.irl, the couple also held hands and had sweet gestures. The series of photos of Cruz and his girlfriend attracted the attention of many netizens because this is the first time the young singer has publicly announced her lover. The g.irl's identity has not been revealed yet. In the Beckham family, Cruz is the most talented and secretive guy. It is a fact that the youngest son is the only one of the three brothers that David Beckham and his wife can brag about... their academic achievements. Besides, Cruz also focuses on pursuing his passion for singing, less active on social media like his two brothers.

Although he is the youngest son in the family, Cruz's artistic thinking and creativity in fashion are not inferior to his brothers and may even shine more in the future. Only 16 years old, but Cruz has become the crush of many people and captivated them with his top-notch aura in his photos. Possessing a beautiful face of his mother, Cruz's fashion style is more and more like his father David - a polite and elegant man. The youngest of the three brothers but the most mature-looking boy!

Meanwhile, Romeo has been dating model Mia Regan for 2 years. Before that, appearing in the stands to watch the Wimbledon tennis match, David Beckham's son - Romeo Beckham and girlfriend Mia Regan - became the center of attention. media attraction. In most of the moments in the paparazzi lens, Romeo and his lover show their joy together.

The youngest son of David Beckham - Cruz Beckham announced his girlfriend at the age of 16 - Photo 2

On his personal page, Romeo Beckham once shared a series of photos of shopping with model Mia Regan. When David Beckham's son chooses simple outfits with elegant colors, his girlfriend prefers striking and unconventional outfits. Romeo Beckham - Mia Regan started dating from 2019. At first, David's son was shy, rarely sharing private photos. After that, Romeo and the other half often posted sweet moments of both on social networks. Romeo did not hesitate to bring his girlfriend to crowded events. He and Mia Regan once appeared in Victoria Beckham's fashion show at London Fashion Week.

Looking at a series of emotional photos of Romeo Beckham and his girlfriend, the media linked Romeo to Brooklyn and worried that Romeo would follow in the footsteps of his brother. Many people believe that because he is so young, his career is wide open, so if Romeo only focuses on love, it will affect his professional modeling career. However, others say Romeo's loyalty to Mia is what sets him apart from Brooklyn. Romeo has never been criticized for being promiscuous. For the past 2 years, he has maintained his affection for Mia Regan and has not "changed his girlfriend constantly" like his brother. Before that, at the age of 19 like the current Romeo, Brooklyn had experienced more than 5 love affairs. Brooklyn used to "change lovers like changing clothes" before meeting his tycoon girlfriend Nicola Peltz.

Before that, Brooklyn's brother publicly announced his relationship with Nicola Peltz - daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz on social networks. According to European and American newspapers, the two have been dating since late 2019, a few months after Brooklyn broke up with ex-girlfriend Hana Cross. The Nicola family owns the Wendys fast food chain and has stakes in many large corporations. Her father's net worth is estimated at $1.67 billion, according to 2018 Forbes figures. The beauty has green eyes and blonde hair. Brooklyn has an impressive relationship when dating many beautiful people.

Before coming to Nicola, he had a short relationship with British model - Phoebe Torrance. She was praised by many magazines for her face and style like Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn's mother. Brooklyn dated Hana Cross for a year. She is a rare love that has been publicized by the eldest Becks, brought home to meet her family and participated in many events such as London Fashion Week 2018, Cannes Film Festival 2019.

Before that, Brooklyn Beckham dated American dancer Lexy Panterra. The two met while living in Los Angeles, California. Brooklyn Beckham was also rumored to be dating Playboy model Lexi Wood. According to Eonline, the two were spotted intimately in a tattoo shop near West Hollywood. This time, Brooklyn is still in love with actress Chloe Grace Moretz after many breakups - reunions. Rita Ora was born in 1990, nine years older than Brooklyn, a British singer of Kosovo - Albania. The two secretly dated for about a year. According to Express UK, Rita said the love affair was forbidden by Brooklyn's parents because of the age gap.

The youngest son of David Beckham - Cruz Beckham announced his girlfriend at the age of 16 - Photo 3

Before Rita, Brooklyn was rumored to have an affair with singer and model Madison Beer. According to the DailyStar, the two broke up because Madison did not want to be in a long-distance relationship. Brooklyn and French actor Sonia Ben Ammar were also rumored to be dating after the paparazzi spotted the two h.anging out in Hollywood. The eldest brother of the Becks family also repeatedly posted photos with Sonia Ben Ammar on his personal page but did not confirm the love relationship. Actress Chloe Grace Moretz is Brooklyn Beckham's longest love affair, many times breaking up and reuniting.

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