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Victoria was engaged, almost became an electrician's wife before marrying David Beckham

Châu Anh16:20:08 06/07/2024
David and Victoria Beckham are a powerful couple in the entertainment world. The two just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on July 4. However, few people know that Victoria has been in love with an electrician for 6 years and was even engaged.

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Beckham was boycotted just because he went fishing, thanks to the reaction of the fans?

Lan Chi09:15:54 03/07/2024
Because he wants to satisfy his fishing p.leasure, David Beckham is not afraid to play the role of an angler. salmon fishing on the Laerdal River in southwestern Norway. However, local people are frustrated because this senseless act is prohibited

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David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts

Đức Trí18:53:34 11/06/2024
David Beckham and Victoria are a couple who are very famous to audiences around the world. They are about to celebrate their 25th year of living together, but until now, the two still do not understand why they have been able to stay strong until now.

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Harper was loved by his father David, daughter Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt asked each other to leave their father's last name

Kim Lâm16:36:40 03/06/2024
Recently, the fact that Hollywood star girls alternately rejected their father's surname caused public opinion to stir. In the midst of this, David Beckham's father-son affection suddenly became a bright spot to be compared to.

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David Beckham publicly announced his affair, wife Victoria cried in pain

Gia Nhi10:07:14 19/05/2024
Former football player David Beckham recently made a big splash when he revealed all the rumors of his affair and cheating on his wife Victoria to the public. He admitted his past mistakes and faced them frankly, making the audience both shocked and sympathetic.

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Victoria Beckham's birthday: Spice Girls reunite, the owner came to the party on crutches

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:02:49 22/04/2024
Victoria Beckham recently held her 50th birthday party in London and invited many famous people to attend. On this occasion, many happy and memorable moments were shared by the owner and guests, attracting attention on social networks.

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David Beckham chooses a wife very difficult, what does Victoria have that makes her favored?

Đức Trí13:27:34 23/03/2024
According to People, David Beckham just shared about his love story and marriage journey with Victoria in the latest episode of the show This Life of Mine with James Corden. During the conversation, the former football player recalled the moment he fell in love with Victoria even more. 20...

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Pax Thien made her mother nervous, afraid to follow in the footsteps of the Beckham family?

Minh Lợi18:01:39 02/03/2024
Pax Thien is one of Angelina Jolie's children who loves and has high expectations. After graduating from high school, the b.oy reportedly pursued work in creating mixed media visual arts and digital media.

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Victoria Beckham strange attitude as grandmother, s.hock statement about eldest daughter-in-law

JLO15:34:51 18/02/2024
In an interview in Vogue on Feb. 16, the former Spice G.irl was stunned after being asked by The Run Through host Chloe Malle about her son Brooklyn Beckham and wife Nicola Peltz's relationship.

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Romeo Beckham gets his girlfriend to cook Vietnamese food, a Hanoi specialty ingredient that attracts attention

An Nhi16:16:35 22/01/2024
Sharing on her personal page, Mia Regan - Romeo Beckham's girlfriend suddenly revealed her cooking hobby. Notably, she showed off her talent in cooking selected dishes made from Vietnamese specialty ingredients for her boyfriend to enjoy.

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David Beckham "beats" his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody "moderation" makes fans gush

Thiên Di15:27:08 19/01/2024
David Beckham's elegant appearance and healthy physique are always what people talk about about this famous male player. Recently, the image of him doing push-ups shirtless made everyone admire his cool appearance even though he is over 50 years old.

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Pax Thien has been compared to David Beckham, whose lifestyle is equally rich

Thảo Mai14:35:19 08/01/2024
Pax Thien was adopted by Angelina Jolie in Vietnam in 2007. From an orphan b.oy, the Vietnamese-born adopted son of the actress has completely changed to become an A-list star in Hollywood.

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David Beckham's wife was exposed for lying, tricking viewers into 1 detail

Pinky13:45:53 08/01/2024
Victoria Beckham recently caused a stir online when she was suddenly exposed by the online community for lying, tricking the audience when posting skincare clips. Many people think it is a small thing but still cannot hide their disappointment from this.

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David Beckham made waves of 600,000 people with his exposing of his wife Victoria

T.P13:33:53 03/01/2024
Former player David Beckham is making waves online, hundreds of thousands of people have to laugh in unison at the situation when he exposed his wife Victoria, saying she is fake poor, fake misery, false to the public.

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Messi set a new record when receiving his 8th Golden Ball, 3 sons joined his father's anti-fan group

Snow13:43:25 31/10/2023
Not unexpected from experts, Messi was actually named for the Golden Ball title in 2023. The Argentine superstar shared a very long statement after setting an unprecedented record.

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David Beckham did not leave Victoria alone, revealing his intimate actions with Messi's wife, making her "face black"

Huỳnh Phúc15:47:08 25/10/2023
Recently, Victoria and Antonela Rocuzzo - Messi's wife were present together at a match said to be hosted by David Beckham. Accordingly, Antonela acted excessively, making the Beckham family unhappy.

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David Beckham was accused of a.dultery by the "little three" and cheated on Victoria no less than once, his promiscuity is hard to break

Nguyễn Kim15:17:06 24/10/2023
In a recent interview, Rebecca Loos, the female assistant who is said to be the third person involved in the love affair between David and Victoria Beckham, revealed a series of shocking truths related to the famous footballer's love history.

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The female assistant "revealed" David Beckham's true face in the affair, commented on the "main wife" attracting attention

An Nhi15:10:34 23/10/2023
After a period of silence, the female assistant in the affair scandal with David Beckham officially spoke up. Her public sharing made the public angry at the truth.

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Tom Cruise and David Beckham broke up with each other for shocking reasons, their once close relationship fell apart

Tuyết Ngọc17:37:00 19/10/2023
American media has just reported that joining the Scientology sect has caused Tom Cruise to disown his family, friends, and close people; including David and Victoria Beckham.

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Victoria Beckham doesn't need to use "big guns" to still have the power to "crush" BLACKPINK, setting a formidable record!

Huỳnh Phúc16:50:31 13/10/2023
Victoria Beckham once again attracts huge attention as a character who is capable of surpassing the current global g.irl group BLACKPINK to create an unprecedented record that is difficult for anyone to match.

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The assistant who had an affair with David Beckham spoke up, asking his ex-lover to act more manly and apologize to his wife

Thảo Mai17:43:54 11/10/2023
The assistant who is said to have had a shady relationship with famous player David Beckham has had the first official reaction after constantly being called out on social networks after the documentary series about the Beckham family was released. they.

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A look back at David and Victoria Beckham's 24 billion wedding: Made in castles, wedding dresses across the Atlantic

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:33:36 09/10/2023
After more than 2 decades, David and Victoria Beckham's wedding is still one of the legends of extravagance and splendor among Hollywood stars. Up to now, the public still can't help but rub whenever it comes to this super wedding.

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David Beckham's daughter-in-law 'stunned' by making 'sensitive' gesture to congratulate father-in-law

Bảo Tiên15:13:04 07/10/2023
David Beckham's daughter-in-law is now in the spotlight for acting inappropriately with her father-in-law. Besides, the male player's son did not escape either.

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Female aide having an affair with David Beckham: How does the diplomat's daughter, regretting what she did?

Thảo Mai14:53:02 07/10/2023
Airing on October 4, the four-episode documentary Beckham is currently receiving great attention from the media and the global public. One of the notable points is that David Beckham and his wife first shared about the former player's infidelity scandal in 2003.

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