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Romeo Beckham gets his girlfriend to cook Vietnamese food, a Hanoi specialty ingredient that attracts attention

An Nhi16:16:35 22/01/2024
Sharing on her personal page, Mia Regan - Romeo Beckham's girlfriend suddenly revealed her cooking hobby. Notably, she showed off her talent in cooking selected dishes made from Vietnamese specialty ingredients for her boyfriend to enjoy.

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Pax Thien - Romeo Beckham: 2 warm boys in Hollywood, the quiet one, the noisy one, one thing is better than one another

Hoàng Phúc15:02:31 16/06/2023
As the warm son of a leading Hollywood star, the fact that Pax Thien - Romeo Beckham is put on the scale is inevitable. While Angelina Jolie's son is afraid to rely on his adoptive mother, the Beckhams choose the same development path as his father.

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David Beckham's two sons: Handsome, talented, but his career is forever flat because of love

Minh Lợi15:41:42 13/06/2023
David and Victoria Beckham are the names that have dominated the world of sports, entertainment and fashion in the past decades. Their children also receive a lot of attention. In it, the love story of two boys takes a lot of ink...

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Romeo Beckham turned his back on his father forever, choosing to be with his girlfriend, the eldest b.oy Brooklyn was "called" by his name

Sa14:12:15 11/06/2023
The second son of former player David Beckham gave up his football career in the US, returned to the UK to reunite with his girlfriend Mia Regan. It is known that Romeo and his girlfriend have struggled with a long distance relationship for the past time.

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Romeo Beckham torn pants, not afraid to o.ff on social media, headache because his girlfriend quarreled with his biological mother?

Minh Lợi11:49:12 17/04/2023
The members of the Beckham family are known for their classy dress sense, but that doesn't mean they're completely immune to the tragic situations that happen with their outfits. Recently, "brother Beckham" - Romeo Beckham has encountered a sensitive fashion incident...

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Victoria Beckham clearly hates the bridegroom, Romeo Beckham tries to make peace

Hoàng Phúc16:33:48 05/09/2022
Posting a picture of her son Brooklyn Beckham but ignoring Nicola Peltz, Victoria Beckham is said to be expressing dissatisfaction with her eldest daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, the second son of the Beckham family is said to be trying to mend the relationship between his mother...

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David Beckham met the future sui family, "second brother" Romeo followed in the footsteps of "eldest son" Brooklyn to get married?

Hoàng Phúc07:51:50 23/04/2022
At the age of 19, Romeo Beckham has been with his model girlfriend for nearly 3 years. Most recently, the girlfriend's family of "second son" also came to see David Beckham. It is known that right after the wedding of his eldest son Brooklyn Beckham, David Beckham has another...

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Brooklyn Beckham and children are expected to "rule" the world and here's why

An Nhi16:12:48 26/03/2022
Currently, the Beckham family is one of the most powerful families in the world. When Spice Girls pop star Victoria and soccer player David Beckham married in 1999, the Beckham brand was officially born. Since then, the Beckhams have achieved an incredible net worth of $1...

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What "trick" did David Beckham use to bring 4 children into showbiz?

Hoàng Phúc17:04:28 09/03/2022
Currently, the Beck - Vic family is one of the most powerful families in the world. The power couple follows in the footsteps of the Beckhams Since Brooklyn Beckham started dating actress Nicola Peltz in 2019, the young couple has made fans nostalgic about the relationship...

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David Beckham's 4 children are predicted to become "kings and princesses" of the world

Như Ý14:44:03 25/01/2022
As the children of a powerful, influential couple in the football and fashion industries, of course the 4 children of David and Victoria Beckham are all world-famous celebrities in many fields. However, pop culture expert Nick Ede predicts this is just the beginning of the...

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Brooklyn Beckham was scolded for "brainless", brother Romeo made a bold makeover that made his parents "blown his nose"

Như Ý09:25:06 19/01/2022
Recently, Brooklyn has updated his personal page with a photo of topless, dark pants and shoes with the word "Vegan", which means "Vegetarian" on the sole. Immediately the online community jumped into criticism because of the disagreement in the actions of the eldest Becks...

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David Beckham publicly said Victoria was a "scumbag", and the couple quarreled again or something?

Duyên Trần19:09:36 13/01/2022
Recently Victoria posted on her personal page a picture of David's handwritten note for her. On the paper it was written: "Enjoy your lunch, mean g.irl. It's better to come home. So much love. I know someone...". Many netizens were surprised that the former famous player used...

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Brooklyn Beckham changed jobs constantly because of incompetence, Romeo suddenly made David Beckham proud

Như Ý12:40:25 29/12/2021
Recently, according to information from The Sun, 19-year-old Romeo Beckham was paid £1.2 million (equivalent to VND 36.8 billion) to become the new global face of Puma. With this contract, he became the richest son of David Beckham. The Sun newspaper quoted a source as: "He is...

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Victoria Beckham revealed her real relationship with "second daughter-in-law", David stole the spotlight of his son

Như Ý09:24:56 11/12/2021
Recently, on her personal page, Victoria Beckham shared some photos of her second son's girlfriend Romeo as a new collection model. Accordingly, these are the designs for the year-end festival season from Mrs. Becks' fashion brand. In the photo, Mia Regan wears an outfit that...

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Harper Beckham makes David and Victoria "speak up", r.evealing a different appearance when going out with "sister-in-law"

Như Ý18:23:27 26/11/2021
Recently, Victoria posted on her personal page pictures and clips of her daughter Harper making and selling cakes to raise m.oney for the Filozoikos dog rescue organization. However, everything did not go smoothly because between her and her husband David, there was a "war of...

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Romeo Beckham was criticized for his "bed" photo, Brooklyn was suddenly called out

Duyên Trần14:10:17 16/10/2021
Romeo Beckham and model Mia Regan started dating in 2019, when the couple was just 16 years old. David Beckham's son often shows off romantic moments with his girlfriend on his personal page. After more than 2 years together, Romeo and Mia still keep their sweet and happy love...

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Romeo Beckham officially debuted on the pitch, the eldest Brooklyn was criticized for his incompetence

Hà Hà18:52:13 20/09/2021
David Beckham used to be a famous football player with a career that made a strong impression through big and small tournaments in the past. The happy family with 4 beautiful children and the famous wife Victoria Beckham also made him receive much love from the public. However...

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The youngest son of David Beckham - Cruz Beckham announced his girlfriend at the age of 16

Hậu Hậu13:53:02 30/08/2021
Inheriting the superior gene of the cult couple David Beckham - Victoria Beckham, 3 brothers Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz possess a handsome and stylish appearance. Because of that, right from the age of ten, three warm boys were noticed by many young girls. Following in the footsteps...

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David Beckham's family went on a cruise to Italy, the ex-player's super b.ody "crushed" 2 sons

Hà Hà13:47:11 23/07/2021
After the end of Euro 2020, David Beckham and his two sons "played big" when they simultaneously cut their heads short and dyed their hair bright colors. However, the 46-year-old former player is still able to overwhelm Romeo and Cruz thanks to his outstanding performance. In...

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Harper Beckham - David Beckham's youngest son celebrates his 10th birthday, beautiful beauty causes fever

Hà Hà18:00:21 11/07/2021
As the only daughter in the Beckham family, from a young age, the youngest Harper became famous and interested in the public. The older she gets, the more beautiful and feminine David Beckham's daughter is. Up to now, Harper has turned 10 years old, but in the eyes of her...

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David Beckham makes the world social network "c.razy" with the most handsome visual in the UK - Germany match

youtuber09:50:46 30/06/2021
One of the other impressive "contents" of this football match is the visual of David Beckham - the most handsome male football god on the planet. With just a few short seconds, David made the world MXH "c.razy" by his ecstatic handsome frames. The emotional match between England...

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