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Victoria Beckham strange attitude as grandmother, s.hock statement about eldest daughter-in-law

JLO15:34:51 18/02/2024
In an interview in Vogue on Feb. 16, the former Spice G.irl was stunned after being asked by The Run Through host Chloe Malle about her son Brooklyn Beckham and wife Nicola Peltz's relationship.

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Madonna was sued because she continuously committed this violation after more than 40 years of singing

Minh Ngọc15:42:59 20/01/2024
Madonna has been singing since the 1980s, but after more than 40 years holding the mic, she is still constantly being sued for allegedly lacking professionalism. The reason recorded in the minutes was because she performed 2 hours late at her concert.

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David Beckham "beats" his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody "moderation" makes fans gush

Thiên Di15:27:08 19/01/2024
David Beckham's elegant appearance and healthy physique are always what people talk about about this famous male player. Recently, the image of him doing push-ups shirtless made everyone admire his cool appearance even though he is over 50 years old.

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David Beckham's daughter-in-law 'stunned' by making 'sensitive' gesture to congratulate father-in-law

Bảo Tiên15:13:04 07/10/2023
David Beckham's daughter-in-law is now in the spotlight for acting inappropriately with her father-in-law. Besides, the male player's son did not escape either.

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The Beckhams and his wife were "hometown" when security guards made it difficult and "banned" from the nightclub for this reason

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:41:52 02/10/2023
Despite repeatedly persuading security officers to let them into the nightclub, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz were kept out of the crowd. Before leaving, the Beckhams expressed their exasperation for the staff.

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Brooklyn Beckham was born "crossing" the finish line but was labeled "incompetent", without a job still living in luxury

Uyển Đình16:45:49 29/08/2023
Brooklyn Beckham is the son of world-famous stars. Since childhood, I have sucked on a golden spoon, enjoying many rare favors. However, he has not been able to stabilize his career, changing his field of work continuously.

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Harper Beckham shows off her cooking skills to "eat" her brother Brooklyn, Victoria is proud to show her face

Thảo Mai10:29:14 26/06/2023
Recently, the fashion designer, 49, took to her Instagram to share a sweet video of husband David and daughter Harper cooking. This makes fans extremely impressed and surprised by her skills.

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Beckham's eldest son was criticized for being "empty brain" through just one action, clinging to his famous father

M.A13:58:07 17/06/2023
Many people believe that, without the name of David Beckham's son, Brooklyn cannot do anything. Indeed, being born into a powerful family has been Brooklyn's success, no matter how untalented he is!

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David Beckham's two sons: Handsome, talented, but his career is forever flat because of love

Minh Lợi15:41:42 13/06/2023
David and Victoria Beckham are the names that have dominated the world of sports, entertainment and fashion in the past decades. Their children also receive a lot of attention. In it, the love story of two boys takes a lot of ink...

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Billionaire David Beckham's daughter-in-law wears "revealing" piercings, Brooklyn does not dare to leave half a step?

Pipi14:10:20 11/06/2023
Down the street with an outfit that could not be more daring, the billionaire Beckham's daughter-in-law - actress Nicola Peltz became the focus of discussion. Contrary to his wife, Brooklyn Beckham was complimented elegantly and held his wife's hand without leaving half a step.

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David Beckham hugs his 12-year-old daughter offensively, netizens "itchy eyes" demanding to correct the famous father

M.A14:27:17 08/06/2023
David Beckham was once again stoned by the online community for his inappropriate way of expressing affection for his youngest daughter Harper Seven. Many people think that the g.irl is 12 years old and gradually mature, so David Beckham needs more attention.

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Victoria Beckham has a "fetish" with her eldest daughter-in-law, the billionaire daughter immediately does a job to please her mother-in-law?

Gia16:38:51 31/05/2023
Victoria Beckham used to have a dream relationship with the tycoon daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz. However, all of the above happened before Nicola officially married Brooklyn Beckham. And after the wedding of the century, the image suddenly changed rapidly.

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Brooklyn Beckham and his billionaire wife "clash" with their ex-lovers at the supermarket and respond to the "freebies" story?

Chi Chu14:47:11 04/05/2023
Brooklyn Beckham and billionaire wife Nicola Peltz became the focus of attention when Brooklyn's ex-girlfriend shared about the story of the couple's clash at a supermarket. The eldest Beckham family also had a response to his wife's stalking. The eldest Beckham (24) and his...

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Victoria Beckham tried to "heal" with the tycoon daughter-in-law, how did the wedding dress conflict?

Xuân Xuân14:47:19 18/04/2023
After noisy conflicts because of the wedding dress, Victoria Beckham and the tycoon daughter-in-law Nicola are currently trying to heal. The two often appear together in front of the media and most recently attended a birthday party. Recently, Victoria Beckham proved that her...

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Romeo Beckham torn pants, not afraid to o.ff on social media, headache because his girlfriend quarreled with his biological mother?

Minh Lợi11:49:12 17/04/2023
The members of the Beckham family are known for their classy dress sense, but that doesn't mean they're completely immune to the tragic situations that happen with their outfits. Recently, "brother Beckham" - Romeo Beckham has encountered a sensitive fashion incident...

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Selena Gomez was "stressed" by Victoria, daring to "squeeze" between her eldest son David Beckham and his billionaire wife

Kiko11:10:44 12/04/2023
The eldest son of the Beckham family - Brooklyn Beckham recently celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary. However, it is worth mentioning that the party with Victoria and not Selena Gomez at the party made the audience breathe a sigh of relief. Recently, Brooklyn Beckham...

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Selena did a shocking thing when she was entangled in a dark love triangle with Brooklyn Beckham, her image faded

Xuka08:19:52 04/04/2023
In a recent fan-recorded video, Selena Gomez sings her heart out to Taylor Swift's C.ruel Summer. She stood in the VIP area at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and cheered on Taylor like a c.razy fan. The 30-year-old star had her hair in a bun, wearing a cardigan almost like the...

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David Beckham "face salt" because of his eldest son: Brooklyn continues to cause fierce controversy because of one thing

Bình Yên12:04:43 02/04/2023
Recently, the eldest Beckham family member was exposed by netizens when posting photos of cooking, because there was a cork in the meat pot, Brooklyn also carried a puppy in front of his stomach while cooking. Many netizens have commented on the unprofessional details of...

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Selena Gomez "embarrassed" between the eldest David Beckham and the billionaire's wife, r.evealing evidence of a "dark relationship"?

Pipi14:46:43 01/04/2023
The story of Selena Gomez constantly "squeezing" alongside the couple Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz made many people embarrassed. Many fans are currently vehemently protesting and pointing to many evidences of the Hollywood star's dark relationship. In her latest interview...

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Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep

Mưa10:33:33 18/03/2023
In the latest interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Nicola Peltz - the billionaire Beckham's daughter-in-law shared about her close friendship with Selena Gomez. The actress also revealed that her husband - Brooklyn Beckham is also "in love" with the Disney star next to her...

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Brooklyn Beckham broke up with his mother, flattered his wife: Victoria regrets being married to a noble family?

KiKo14:35:06 10/03/2023
Since getting married, Brooklyn Beckham from the filial son of the family has now changed 180 degrees. On March 8, the Beckham family posted 5 photos of Nicola Peltz and said "can't live without his wife" and did not mention his mother at all. Recently, Brooklyn Beckham shared a...

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Brooklyn Beckham and his billionaire wife "e.xpose" the ugly truth behind the lavish fairy-tale wedding

N.P15:07:13 20/02/2023
Information about the litigation behind the most lavish Hollywood wedding of Beckham's son and billionaire wife is currently surprising the public. Behind the glitz that the public sees is the turmoil behind the scenes. In the eyes of many people, the wedding of Brooklyn and...

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The eldest David Beckham is increasingly obsessed with his wife, shocked by Nicola Peltz's bed picture

Tin10:41:41 18/02/2023
In a clip posted on social media recently, Beckham's head-in-law - actress Nicola Peltz answered the most interesting questions she received from her fan community. The 28-year-old actress has officially entered into marriage with "eldest son" Brooklyn Beckham (23 years old)...

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Victoria Beckham was "retaliated" by the tycoon daughter-in-law, Bella and Gigi were also dragged into the drama?

KiKo13:04:35 12/02/2023
It seems that there has been a better relationship after the close days together, but the new drama Victoria Beckham and the tycoon's daughter-in-law are increasingly tense and show no sign of reconciliation. The "Civil War" began to break out when Nicola Peltz became a new...

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