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"Piggyback you run" took the globe by storm, took 3 years to produce, where did the reason come from?

Phúc Sen16:56:05 08/05/2024
The Korean drama "Piggyback" is being extremely well received by moviegoers, making waves around the globe. It took 3 years to produce, many people are curious why the film is as successful as it is now.

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Queen of Tears: Male women who used to live in basements like parasites, earning 1 million a year

Hoàng Phúc17:30:05 04/05/2024
After the success of "The Glory" and most recently "Queen of Tears," actor Park Sung Hoon has become the most sought-after name on Korean screens.

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The Queen of Tears crossed Landing on You, the male supporting character was scolded on the street for one reason

Keng17:10:52 29/04/2024
Queen of Tears - a series that caused a global sensation just ended on the evening of April 28. In the final episode, the events are resolved one after another, and the main couple has a happy ending.

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Carry him and run away: Seon Jae "smashed flower pots and stole flowers" and became the main house

Chitshere14:09:12 24/04/2024
Episode 6 Carry Me On The Run continues to bring the audience dramatic developments and unexpected details, pushing the film to an emotional c.limax. In particular, Seon Jae knew how to s.mash pots and steal flowers, making the love triangle more dramatic.

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Queen of Tears: Kim Ji Won is unemployed, has nothing to live in, and no one calls her to act in a movie

Bảo Nam16:43:00 23/04/2024
There wasn't much expectation because the movie's motif was quite old, but the movie Queen Of Tears is currently a h.ot movie in Korean screens and many other Asian countries.

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Queen of Tears: Kim Ji Won made a mistake, the movie had a happy ending, the female lead was pregnant?

Bảo Nam15:42:00 16/04/2024
Queen of Tears is a film that is receiving a lot of attention from the audience, becoming the work with the second highest viewership rating of Korean station tvN, only after Crash Landing on You.

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Queen Of Tears "kicked away" Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history

Diệu Anh11:08:16 15/04/2024
Episode 12 of Queen of Tears recorded the highest rating ever, reaching 20.9%, officially becoming the drama with the highest rating in tvN history.

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Queen of Tears threatens to usurp the throne Landing where he, Kim Ji Won slides Baeksang?

Đình Như16:44:24 09/04/2024
Queen of Tears continues to break viewership records. The film is causing a fever not only in Asian countries, but also European-American audiences and media pay great attention.

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Han So Hee hasn't let go of Ryu Jun Yeol, breaks up still playing mistress in new drama?

Snow16:33:45 02/04/2024
After a quick love affair, what if Han So Hee and her former love Ryu Jun Yeol were f.orced to work together in the new drama as a loving couple?

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Quarrel to the Tomb: Hidden details of raising one's hand to say hello when possessed, the tiger biting off the tiger's waist

Keng16:15:21 28/03/2024
Exhuma (English name: Exhuma) is a Korean movie that is bombarding cinema complexes in Vietnam. In the movie, the scene where the eldest son of the Park family raises his hand to say hello after being possessed carries a deep meaning that not everyone knows.

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Unearthing the ghostly grave: Crossing Mai, setting a record was still criticized by Chinese audiences

Keng16:56:57 18/03/2024
Exhuma (International title: Exhuma) is a supernatural horror film that stirred up the Korean box office when it debuted in its home country in February. The project opened with more than 16.8 million USD, holding the record of The most popular movie in Korea in 2024.

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Pyramid Game: Unbelievable but unbelievable, what makes the movie go viral?

Khánh Huyền22:04:42 16/03/2024
Pyramid Game is a movie title that no one initially thought would attract audience interest. However, even though the film is full of young faces, it still conquers the love of viewers.

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Park Min Young denies running a "ghost" company with her scandalous boyfriend

Nhật Duy15:21:09 22/02/2024
Not long after having had great success with the movie Marry My Husband, Park Min Young was immediately caught up in a private scandal. The famous actress's scandal still revolves around the relationship between her and her scandalous tycoon boyfriend.

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The pair of Korean stars "fight" each other little by little, until eventually they end up together

Phi Đức10:57:11 30/01/2024
Park Shin Hye's new film in collaboration with Park Hyung Sik got off to a good start, receiving many compliments from the audience. It is predicted that this will be the most anticipated super healing product in early 2024.

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Marry My Husband: Ratings increased despite Park Min Young's noise, BTS was taken advantage of

JLO17:43:51 23/01/2024
Marry My Husband is on track to surpass the 10% mark. Episode 7 of tvN's You'll Marry My Husband, broadcast on January 22, surpassed its own record with 9.4% nationwide and 10.4% in the capital area.

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Welcome To Samdal-ri: a healing masterpiece that needs to be known by more people

Vân Anh11:00:19 20/01/2024
Immediately after its release, Welcome to Samdalri ranked first on the Netflix platform in countries with distribution rights. The movie's ratings are also increasing more and more strongly with each broadcast episode.

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Shin Seung Ho: from Irene's bodyguard to the male lead who falls in love with his old idol

Phương Thảo23:25:46 13/01/2024
Shin Seung Ho was born in South Korea on November 11, 1995. He is a South Korean actor and model known for his leading role in the 2019 drama Moment of Eighteen, in which he played the role of Ma Hwi Young.

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Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023

Đức Trí17:24:58 03/01/2024
2023 is seen as the year dramas in Korea dominate the feminist genre. Further affirming the never-ending feminist appeal of feminism to filmmakers.

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Oh Ye Ju: 17 years old, personally recruited by Bi Rain to join the company, famous for her role as Prince Tan

Phi Đức16:21:26 20/12/2023
Oh Ye Ju is expected to become a potential actress on Korean screens in the future. Although she is new to the profession, she has been highly appreciated after her role as Princess of the harem Under the Shadow of Central Palace.

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Squid Game - The Squid Game 2 hasn't aired yet, but something has changed, the Challenge version has been removed, the winner wants m.oney?

Keng15:49:03 15/12/2023
Recently, the final episode of Squid Game: The Challenge - a reality show that borrows its appeal from the Korean blockbuster Squid Game, officially aired. After a series of missions, the program finally found the w.inning player.

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The Korean film industry released a ranking of the hottest movies of the year, "final boss" shocked fans with 1 point.

Mộc Trà14:05:23 08/12/2023
Recently, Korean media officially announced the TOP 11 Korean dramas with the highest ratings to be released in 2023. Immediately after appearing, the rankings quickly attracted the attention of a large audience. fake.

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Although Fan Bingbing was sealed off, he still felt lucky to be "lost" due to the tax evasion scandal

Phi Đức20:30:39 02/12/2023
Actress Pham Bingbing said that her absence from the screen for 4 years due to a tax evasion scandal is both a pity but also a blessing. She wanted to use the time she had left to make up for what had passed.

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Han So Hee 'revealed' a strange look on her face, admitting to having a 'cutlery' touch?

Vân Anh08:01:14 02/12/2023
Constantly being subjected to a series of plastic surgery questions to improve her beauty, Han So Hee did not hesitate to admit it. The actress revealed the reason for the rhinoplasty that took the audience by surprise.

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Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday?

Khánh Huyền14:48:44 29/11/2023
On the 1st birthday of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin's first son, fans continuously sent their best wishes to the b.oy. Besides, the b.aby photo on Son Ye Jin's personal page is also causing chaos on social networks.

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