Queen Of Tears "kicked away" Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history

Diệu AnhApr 15, 2024 at 11:08

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Episode 12 of Queen of Tears recorded the highest rating ever, reaching 20.9%, officially becoming the movie with the highest rating in tvN history.

Queen Of Tears kicked away Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history - Photo 1

On the evening of April 14, Queen of Tears officially broke through the ratings with emotional episode 12, marking a new milestone in the film's journey to conquer the audience.

Unlike previous episodes, episode 12 brings viewers a "feast" of diverse emotions, from sweet, romantic moments to tragic, tear-jerking scenes. The explosive acting of the main cast, especially Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won, contributed to creating an irresistible charm for the episode.

Queen Of Tears kicked away Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history - Photo 2

Specifically, Queen of Tears episode 12 recorded an average national rating of 20.9%, according to Nielsen Korea data. This number not only helps Queen of Tears become the film with the highest rating during the Sunday night broadcast time frame, but also maintains the throne on the viewership rating chart of all Korean films currently airing.

Currently, Queen of Tears has officially surpassed the blockbuster Goblin to reach the top 2 on the tvN rating chart. Unfortunately, the film still lacks exactly 1% before it can officially usurp the throne of Crash Landing on You with 21.7%. With this stable growth situation, perhaps by episode 14, Queen of Tears will officially reach the top 1 rating in the station's history.

Queen Of Tears kicked away Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history - Photo 3

Unlike the previous tearful episodes, Queen of Tears episode 12 brings a tense and thrilling atmosphere when focusing on the battle to regain the Queens corporation of the Hong family and Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun). . They constantly confront Eun Sung (Park Sung Hoon), who is plotting to take over the corporation. After many efforts, in the end, Chairman Hong sacrificed himself to end the authorization, and at the same time pushed Mrs. Seul Hee (Kim Mi Sook) out of the house.

Queen Of Tears kicked away Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history - Photo 4

The Hong family quickly returned to the mansion and Hyun Woo found a way to activate the door leading to the secret room. This is most likely where Chairman Hong's 900 billion won is kept, enough m.oney for their family to take back Queens Group.

The episode ends with many unfinished details, opening up new mysteries and challenges for Hyun Woo and his family in their journey to regain justice.

Queen of Tears episode 12 successfully attracted the audience with its dramatic developments, along with Chairman Hong's noble sacrifice to protect his family. The audience is curiously waiting for the next developments of the film, especially the secret hidden in the secret room and the fate of the Queens corporation.

Queen Of Tears kicked away Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history - Photo 5

Besides the dramatic developments in the battle to regain the corporation, Queen of Tears also made its mark with the rare sweet and romantic moments of the main couple Hae In (Kim Ji Won) and Hyun Woo (Kim Soo). Hyun).

Even though their screen time is quite limited, their emotional scenes still make the audience "heartbroken" with their warmth, gentleness and full of emotion. In particular, the scene where two people hug each other and sleep on the sofa after a stormy day received warm love from viewers.

Through many difficulties and challenges, Hae In and Hyun Woo still have strong love and trust for each other. The audience hopes that after the turmoil, they will be able to enjoy a simple but happy life together, instead of having to face dangers and losses like during the past 12 episodes.

The sweet moments of Hae In and Hyun Woo contributed to calming viewers' minds after stressful developments, while also bringing hope for a brighter future for this couple.

Queen Of Tears kicked away Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history - Photo 6

The resounding success of Queen of Tears is proof of this film's strong attraction to the audience. With attractive content, top acting and unexpected twists, Queen of Tears promises to continue to create a fever on the small screen and reap more success in the next episodes.

Queen Of Tears kicked away Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history - Photo 7

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