Park Min Young denies running a "ghost" company with her scandalous boyfriend

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Not long after having achieved great success with the movie "Marry My Husband", Park Min Young was immediately entangled in a private scandal. The famous actress's scandal still revolves around the relationship between her and her scandalous tycoon boyfriend.

In recent days, the drama "You Go Marry My Husband" starring Park Min Young as the female lead is becoming a feverish phenomenon. The film has held the number one position in the best-selling television series in Korea for 6 consecutive weeks. The last episode of the film even achieved the highest viewership ratings, receiving many compliments from domestic and international audiences.

Park Min Young denies running a ghost company with her scandalous boyfriend - Photo 1

Park Min Young herself, thanks to the success of "You Go Marry My Husband", easily regained the love and support of the audience after a long period of hiding due to a private scandal. However, the joy was not yet there. In time, Park Min Young immediately accepted the new scandal. Accordingly, on February 21, Chosun Biz reported that Park Min Young was suspected of being an internal director at One Stone construction company, causing a stir on Asian social networks.

Also according to Korean media, One Stone has many signs of shady business and the company's office is located in the same building as a phone store linked to the Bithumb virtual currency exchange run by Kang Jong Hyun (Park's ex-lover). Min Young) is the owner. Therefore, the "aesthetic queen" quickly became suspected of participating in running a business related to her scandalous ex-boyfriend.

Park Min Young denies running a ghost company with her scandalous boyfriend - Photo 2

Immediately after the news about the relationship between Park Min Young and One Stone was announced, Korean public opinion was constantly stirred. A series of comments expressed disappointment about the choice of boyfriend of the "pearl lady" of the Korean screen. Meanwhile, another stream of opinions expressed patience in waiting for official information from the investigation agency.

To avoid pushing the noise too far, Park Min Young's side quickly denied that One Stone was related to CEO Kang Jong Hyun: "One Stone has nothing to do with Kang Jong Hyun. The phone store has affiliated with Bithumb has also withdrawn from the building where One Stone has its office. One Stone is run by Park Min Young's family. We cannot disclose any other information."

Park Min Young denies running a ghost company with her scandalous boyfriend - Photo 3

Also according to Cosun Biz's report, Park Min Young is said to have started working as CEO for One Stone in June 2018. At the same time, she provided her house in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul (South Korea) as collateral for One Stone to receive a loan of 2.16 billion won (over 39 billion VND).

Park Min Young's term as CEO is said to end in June 2021 and in April 2023, she will take office again. Explaining this, Hook entertainment company said: "One Stone is not involved in the real estate rental business. Because the building was bought by the family, it was named a family corporation. It Completely unrelated to small and medium-sized construction companies or real estate rental businesses."

Park Min Young denies running a ghost company with her scandalous boyfriend - Photo 4

Park Min Young - Kang Jong Hyun had their relationship "revealed" by Dispatch in September 2022. But after only 1 day, the "cosmetic queen" hastily announced her separation from her boyfriend.

According to research, Kang Jong Hyun has an unclean background. In 2016, this CEO was given a 3-year suspended prison sentence for his involvement in a 3.5 billion won (64 billion VND) f.raud from A Capital fund. Not stopping there, 2 years ago, Kang continued to make noise about embezzling more than 60 billion won (1,103 billion VND) from the company to buy stocks and personal expenses.

Park Min Young denies running a ghost company with her scandalous boyfriend - Photo 5

Immediately after being exposed to the media about her love affair with the infamous CEO, Park Min Young immediately encountered a lot of criticism and gossip. The actress was continuously suspected of being provided with 250 million won (4.6 billion won), assisting in the illegal trading activities of the tycoon's ex-lover. Faced with a series of negative information, the "plastic surgery queen" tried to deny it and chose to stay hidden for a long time.

Park Min Young denies running a ghost company with her scandalous boyfriend - Photo 6

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