Grandmother's inheritance: Affection, not a big hammer but a psychological hit

Đình NhưJun 09, 2024 at 20:16

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These days, on Vietnamese social networks, a series of reviews have appeared about the movie Gia Tai Cuai. The number of compliments is innumerable, but there are also people who feel depressed with the gentle atmosphere that Grandma's fortune brings.

Family movies will never go out of style, and Grandma's Fortune is a clear proof of this. It is quite a coincidence that the content of the film is a bit very similar to F.lip F.ace 7, when the grandmother and mother in the film are also accidentally pushed out of the margins of their children's lives, becoming something that is not a top priority in the eyes of their children.

Grandmothers inheritance: Affection, not a big hammer but a psychological hit - Photo 1

My grandmother's fortune (titled How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies) is not dramatic or has unexpected "flips", but instead is an experience that everyone must have experienced in their life.

The film directed by Pat Boonnitipat follows the b.oy M (played by singer Billkin) taking care of his grandmother in the early days of his illness to enjoy the fortune but later not for that goal... ​

Grandmothers inheritance: Affection, not a big hammer but a psychological hit - Photo 2

Making the soul of the film is the grandmother played by actor Usha Seamkhum (78 years old). It is worth mentioning that Ms. Usha is a horizontal actor, only working as a housewife, suddenly trusted by director Boonnitipat to play the main role. She had difficulty memorizing the dialogue in the film, but with her sober acting "as if she didn't act", Ms. Usha made the audience swoon.

The dialogues between my grandmother and grandson M who are more playful than working, love games make the audience laugh, but then we have to ponder: have we ever responded "fairly" like that to our grandmother?

Grandmothers inheritance: Affection, not a big hammer but a psychological hit - Photo 3

Not choosing a script that is too dramatic, Boonnitipat aims at the sincerity and friendship between grandmothers and grandchildren, between mothers and children - the close relationships of an ordinary family in Thailand with enough: joy - anger - love - shame.

Director Pat Boonitipat takes both M and the audience on the path of memory, reliving the moments with his grandmother with new emotions, different from what M once felt, thereby bringing a completely opposite result from his original intention. M and his grandmother live in real movies as what is happening in real life, making the audience wonder: have you ever met someone like that or have you experienced this feeling yourself?

Grandmothers inheritance: Affection, not a big hammer but a psychological hit - Photo 4

In her grandmother's fortune, the grandmother appears to be full of "human" qualities: also sulky, annoying, detailed, convenient, sacrificing everything for her children and grandchildren. Grandma is not a gentle fairy, speaks softly, but on the contrary, is equally "slashed".

Grandma is a woman who has gone through almost the whole journey of life, experiencing the greatest pain from losing her father, mother, husband, and raising 3 children. In her, there is both austerity and grace when she has almost let go of everything. Every day, she made a mistake with the job of selling porridge for breakfast to enjoy old age, then watched TV until she fell asleep and hoarded food in the refrigerator for a month and refused to give up because... regret!

Grandmothers inheritance: Affection, not a big hammer but a psychological hit - Photo 5

Gentlemen are benevolent but also tough and resolute; Sometimes "tolerate" children's mistakes, but it is difficult for anyone to blame, because the woman hidden under that small figure has spent her whole life trying to share the most love for her children and grandchildren.

In the end, the audience suddenly realized, after all, what is the wealth left behind by foreign countries if it is not love, sacrifice, all for children and grandchildren?

In addition to Usha Seamkhum and Billkin, the film also gathers a cast: Tontawan Tantivejakul, Sarinrat Thomas, Sanya Kunakorn...

Grandmothers inheritance: Affection, not a big hammer but a psychological hit - Photo 6

The foreign fortune grossed $9.1 million in Thailand as of May 27 (after 13 days of release), cementing its position as the country's highest-grossing film of the year so far. The film has now surpassed 2 million views in Indonesia, becoming the second-highest-grossing Asian title at the Indonesian box office ever. The film was released in theaters in Vietnam from June 7, currently grossing 8.5 billion VND after only 1 day of premiere!

Grandmothers inheritance: Affection, not a big hammer but a psychological hit - Photo 7

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