The movie with Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu silently reached the hundred billion mark despite being severely criticized

Bút MáyJun 17, 2024 at 15:49

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After achieving a revenue of 92.7 billion VND in the domestic market, Meet Me Bau Bau again by director Nhat Trung was recently released in a number of international markets from mid-May, starting with Australia.

As of June 17, new markets brought in more than 13 billion VND for the team, bringing total revenue to 105.3 billion VND. This achievement helps Meet Again Sister Bau join the "hundred billion club" of the Vietnamese film industry.

The movie with Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu silently reached the hundred billion mark despite being severely criticized - Photo 1

The filmmaker shared about this new milestone: "It is now very common for a Vietnamese film to be shown internationally after being shown domestically to overseas Vietnamese and some foreign audiences, but the welcome of viewers in Australia makes The whole group felt happy and proud.

The idea of the movie Meeting My Pregnant Sister Again came to me as a sacred call of motherly love. The script was inspired by my mother's life story, who had to temporarily put aside her youthful dreams to sacrifice everything for her children. I think this is an emotional touching point where every audience watching the movie will feel close to the image of their mother or themselves in it."

Released during the Lunar New Year, Meet My Sister Bau Again is Mai's only competitor at the box office. Although the script was criticized for lacking emotion and having many flaws, director Nhat Trung's film still earned quite good revenue. The script tells the story of Phuc (played by Anh Tu), a gentle guy but with an unfortunate fate, he soon had to fend for himself in society.

The movie with Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu silently reached the hundred billion mark despite being severely criticized - Photo 2

One day, while running away from creditors, he jumped into a river and suddenly drifted back to the past, returning to Saigon in the late 1990s. Here, the male lead met the young version of his biological mother. played by Dieu Nhi and gradually discovered her tragic story.

Although exploiting a time-travel story is quite new to Vietnamese films, Meeting My Sister Bau Again has many inherent weaknesses. The cross-section details do not cause many problems during the process. The cast uses very modern lines, even typical of Gen Z.

Even though many parts are just meant to be funny, they are extremely out of place. In addition, Dan Truong's MV Going to a Far Place, originally released in 1999, appeared in the context of a 1997 movie, causing many viewers to ask questions.

The movie with Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu silently reached the hundred billion mark despite being severely criticized - Photo 3

Director Nhat Trung once explained that MVs are usually recorded 1-2 years before release. However, Meeting Sister Bau Again does not clearly show the timeline of how long Phuc has stayed in the past. Or the image of DVDs appearing everywhere despite being extremely expensive and not popular until the mid-2000s is also quite confusing.

Not only that, Phuc only tried to return to the future in a few short scenes and then seemed to "forget" about it. He stayed in the past for too long and caused many big impacts such as helping Huyen become a famous actor or Tuan being the director of the MV Going Back to a Far Place, leaving a lot of logical problems.

Regarding the cast, the quartet Dieu Nhi, Ngoc Phuoc, Quoc Khanh and Le Giang are the biggest surprise of Meet Me Bau. They are often known for their comedic roles that are somewhat muddy, talkative and noisy. However, all of them are clearly restrained and show a completely different face in the film.

Le Giang's Mrs. Le is a thoughtful woman. She could not have children and was abandoned by her husband, so she considered the wandering young men as family. Mrs. Le is always the one who advises, confides and shares sadness with her "children".

The movie with Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu silently reached the hundred billion mark despite being severely criticized - Photo 4

Ngoc's passion for handsome men is not ridiculous, but is expressed in a gentle and cute way through humorous lines and situations. She is always optimistic but not afraid to tell the harsh truth. Tuan is like an older brother, always careful and takes care of his two younger sisters. Dieu Nhi is the weakest and most gentle person in the group. But when it comes to her passion for acting or family love, she is extremely strong.

Looking at Huyen, it's hard to believe that Dieu Nhi is a comedian who also plays tragedy very well. The trio's interactions are very smooth, making viewers feel that they are a family that loves each other very much even though they are not related by b.lood. Kieu Minh Tuan's cameo is a bit outrageous but it's suitable to stir up the atmosphere.

The movie with Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu silently reached the hundred billion mark despite being severely criticized - Photo 5

The big weakness in acting is Anh Tu. His expression is quite stiff and does not change much despite experiencing joy, anger, love, and hate. Phuc is the central character of the film, with psychological changes and costly conflicts and tragedies. However, the actor born in 1993 was disappointed when he could not convey any emotions to viewers. Because of that, the film also lost its weight.

The movie with Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu silently reached the hundred billion mark despite being severely criticized - Photo 6

The audience believes that if the director knows how to build new details and approaches, it will still completely bring an emotional story that touches the hearts of the audience. Unfortunately, this does not happen with Meet Me Pregnant Again. After many years, perhaps the script is still a fatal weakness that director Nhat Trung must continue to improve.

The movie with Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu silently reached the hundred billion mark despite being severely criticized - Photo 7

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