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Brad Pitt was seriously depressed because he was estranged from his children and accused Angelina Jolie of "pulling strings" to play bad things

European and American stars

14:27:37 14/06/2024
Sources close to Brad Pitt revealed that although it was not obvious on the outside, the actor born in 1963 was internally devastated by the choice of his first daughter, Shiloh. The actor acts tough, but behind the scenes he finds it extremely difficult to accept the truth

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Su Minh Tue's image was used to print shirts that were sold to the world, charging prices up to millions of dong

H.ot trend

15:36:38 12/06/2024
Not only T-shirts with color combinations similar to Mr. Thich Minh Tue's clothes but also shirts with his image are widely sold on Amazon, eBay... The price of these shirts ranges from 300,000 - 1,200. 000 VND/piece.

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Pham Nhu Phuong "reached the milestone" of 100k anti-fans because of posting offensive photos, her boyfriend was punished

H.ot KOLs

07:54:48 12/06/2024
According to records, although it was only established on May 30, by June 11 the anti-Pham Nhu Phuong group had nearly 100k members. Currently, the number is continuing to increase and negative keywords related to her are also entering popular searches.

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Thai beauty used to be the female lead of the disaster, now it is sought after the top 1 movie at the box office

Showbiz 24h

16:09:20 11/06/2024
Appearing briefly in a few scenes, both Mui's character and actress Tu Tontawan made a strong impression on the audience. Previously, many Vietnamese fans knew her through her role as the disaster heroine in the remake movie Meteor Garden.

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The film with Thuy Ngan, Jun Pham was criticized: acting, emotionless dialogue, disappointing supporting actors

7 years of unmarried will break up to receive attention from the audience because this is the Vietnamese version of the Korean movie Secret Love played by Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung. In addition to expectations and expectations, many viewers questioned the quality of the film as well as the performance...

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Taylor Swift was accused of being a "poisonous snake" again, taking advantage of fans to bring down Billie Eilish

European and American stars

13:24:33 11/06/2024
Rumors of behind-the-scenes friction between Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish are of interest to fans all over the world. The Love Story singer was accused of taking advantage of fans to bring down Billie Eilish.

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Doyoung (NCT): The multi-talented male god of SM, entangled in dating rumors with senior Taeyeon

Famous stars

10:12:42 11/06/2024
With active activities with NCT, Doyoung has made great strides with the SM b.oy group. At the same time, the male singer also contributes to dedicating his own identity to the art of Kim Chi.

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Miss Italy Nhi spent more than 100 million from part-time jobs in Australia for charity


15:27:44 10/06/2024
Miss Y Nhi attracted attention when giving gifts and cash to help difficult lives. She said that this m.oney came from saving when working part-time and was supported by her close sister in this expense.

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Beomgyu (TXT): the heir of V (BTS), rumored to be dating a cult female star

Famous stars

11:05:16 10/06/2024
From the first step on the flow of art, Choi Beomgyu has shown a strong passion for music. With excellent performances, he proved himself to be an all-powerful idol through his warm and soft voice.

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MC Cat Tuong has no one to invite the show, it is difficult to livestream sales because of the outrageous advertising

Vietnamese showbiz

07:12:02 10/06/2024
MC Cat Tuong revealed that the sales livestream work was also affected because there were few buyers, and many people flocked to talk heavily after the outrageous advertising scandal. Previously, the female artist also confided that she had been missing the show for half a year.

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The case of the teacher being crushed by a concrete slab at a café: The daughter choked up crying "no more mother"

H.ot news

17:28:24 08/06/2024
The case of teacher N.T.T. (39 years old, Hoa Thang commune, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak) did not survive because she was hit by a large concrete slab at the café, causing the family to be shocked and sad.

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Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a "strange boy", not Anh Kiet's boyfriend?


15:03:11 08/06/2024
The photo Y Nhi took with a guy is not Anh Kiet's boyfriend who is attracting public attention. It is known that the strange male character who appears next to Miss Italy Nhi is a famous designer.

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