Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about "little tam" rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing

Thiên DiMay 30, 2024 at 10:31

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A website posted a story about a female comedian working as a "little tam" that received great attention. Immediately after that, Ngoc Phuoc was called by name, making people stir. Quickly, the actress also responded.

On the evening of May 28, the entire social network was abuzz when there was a rumor that a female comedian was suspected of being a minor and had trouble speaking after breaking up. This person did not hesitate to r.eveal the identity of the person in question, Ngoc Phuoc. The information immediately received a lot of attention from the audience. Some people thought that these were just baseless rumors on social networks that were not trustworthy but were also discussed by many people.

Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about little tam rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing - Photo 1

While people were still speculating, on the afternoon of May 29, actor Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about the above information. She posted a photo of the test results with the status line: "Okay, the transgender station, the breast augmentation station is fine, don't spread rumors about s.ex, okay? If I'm single, I'll still see you." Besides, Ngoc Phuoc also responded frankly when his appearance was mocked: "The green tea station is not sad. It's sad to say it's ugly."

Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about little tam rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing - Photo 2

Below the article, many viewers and friends commented to comfort Ngoc Phuoc. It can be seen that bad information is often spread on social networks, seriously affecting the image and life of the people involved. We need to select and consider stories from many different aspects.

In mid-May, Ngoc Phuoc suddenly announced her hospitalization. The actress revealed that after 4-5 days of hospitalization, she was transferred home to rest. However, Ngoc Phuoc did not clearly r.eveal the illness she was experiencing.

Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about little tam rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing - Photo 3

Sharing about the health situation at that time, Ngoc Phuoc said: "Everyone, this is Ngoc Phuoc. Currently, due to some health reasons and needing a lot of time to recover, I missed the appointment. along with the film crew of Meet My Sister Bau Again through an exchange trip with audiences in Australia this May, as well as scheduled ticketed performances at Thanh Nien Theater and their upcoming projects. , sister, you cannot attend.

After about 4-5 days of being hospitalized and doing activities related to dissecting, sewing, knitting, renting, sawing, welding... I officially returned home to have time for the ministries. department goes into daily operations.

I didn't change gender, didn't give birth, didn't have any further modifications, etc. I only had 1-2 inappropriate parts removed. I haven't been discharged from the hospital yet but I received so many dilators, I'm nervous. I hope to see you all again soon. I'm sorry and thank you all very much."

Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about little tam rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing - Photo 4

Ngoc Phuoc was born in 1995, known for being the champion of Laughing Through Vietnam 2020. She impressed the audience with her humorous and natural acting style. After that, the actress participated in projects such as: Family of Animals, Sisters of the Silk Shell ... In addition to stage acting, Ngoc Phuoc also participated in a number of films such as Super Don Meets Super Muddy, Meet My Pregnant Sister Again . ..

Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about little tam rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing - Photo 5

Before entering the art field, Ngoc Phuoc worked in many jobs, such as office worker, English teacher... After a period of artistic activities, Ngoc Phuoc was considered more mature and attentive. Just learn and gain experience to improve yourself. Her beauty has also changed significantly. Ngoc Phuoc knows how to dress and take care of her appearance more every time she appears in public.

Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about little tam rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing - Photo 6

Ngoc Phuoc said that after the success of Laughing Through Vietnam, she quit her administrative job to devote all her time to acting. Her income is therefore more stable.

"I'm no longer under pressure or worried about rent or food like before. Shows also come to me more. On stage, from being a substitute for my brothers and sisters, I now have big roles. , fate. The Laughing Through Vietnam championship a.ward is a great gift in my life. However, I still have no big dreams. My goal is to learn and improve my knowledge and skills more confident when standing on stage," she said in an interview.

Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about little tam rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing - Photo 7

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