The survival film with Tuan Tran and Thao Tam is not good, the content is criticized for being old and boring

Bút MựcJun 12, 2024 at 17:58

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According to reference data on the Box Office Vietnam site, the weekend revenue of the movie Claws was just over 1.6 billion VND. Le Thanh Son's work does not attract audiences, and is even absent from the top 5 weekend revenue rankings of films being released in theaters at the present time.

According to records, the Thai movie - Grandma's fortune is leading in weekend revenue with more than 17 billion VND. The remaining rankings in the top 5 include Doraemon: Nobita and the Earth Symphony (more than 10 billion VND), Bad Boys: Play or be eaten (more than 4.3 billion VND), Garfield: Super naughty fat cat ( more than 3.96 billion VND)...

The survival film with Tuan Tran and Thao Tam is not good, the content is criticized for being old and boring - Photo 1

Claw's current revenue (statistics by Box Office Vietnam) is more than 2.47 billion VND. This is not a very positive number, because before sharing his expectations, director Le Thanh Son aimed for 300 billion VND for this brainchild. He said: "If the film reaches that number, we will be very happy. Because it is recognition from the audience rather than having to break even."

Claws is Le Thanh Son's passionate survival film, which he spent 7 years working on. Director Le Thanh Son shows the risk of investing in survival films, with both familiar and strange faces of recent Vietnamese screens such as Tuan Tran, Thao Tam, Rocker Nguyen, Quoc Khanh, Ceri...

The survival film with Tuan Tran and Thao Tam is not good, the content is criticized for being old and boring - Photo 2

The content of Claws revolves around a trip to the suburban forest of a group of 6 young people, celebrating the milestone of 10 years together. Thinking this was a "healing" trip, the group had to face a horrifying nightmare. Not only facing dangerous creatures lurking in the dark, the group also experienced unexpected dangers.

In fact, Claws has quite good technical effects compared to the average level of current Vietnamese films. The bear moves smoothly, but is limited in close-up shots. The film is mixed with horror and comedy elements, succeeding in creating excitement and laughter for the audience. However, the film still has many inherent "flaws" of Vietnamese films.

The survival film with Tuan Tran and Thao Tam is not good, the content is criticized for being old and boring - Photo 3

The character's growth and change in thinking and personality through each challenge are not clearly visible. Viewers are not convinced, so they cannot believe and sympathize with what they have experienced.

As the film progresses, it reveals more obvious flaws, expressed through the character's absurd, logic-defying decisions. From weaving ropes to climb down cliffs, jumping out of the car to look for a way out like a hero even though they couldn't keep calm before, or sharing a passionate kiss in front of an animal...

The survival film with Tuan Tran and Thao Tam is not good, the content is criticized for being old and boring - Photo 4

The villain has plenty of opportunities to finish, but always "wait" for the character to have enough time to narrowly escape. The bear attacked despite being sprayed with fire, but stopped when the fire spray tank was empty. The car was originally a safe haven, but the group still decided to find a way out because they were afraid their injured friend wouldn't last until morning. But until this person is dead, they continue to be reckless even though they can choose a safe option.

The survival film with Tuan Tran and Thao Tam is not good, the content is criticized for being old and boring - Photo 5

A series of illogical details continuously appear, causing boredom. Many scenes in the movie make viewers laugh, such as the bear's inability to detect the victim even when standing far from a tree or tent fabric. Perhaps the screenwriter lacked research when forgetting the information that bears are the species with the most sensitive sense of smell in the animal world.

The acting of the young cast is unconvincing, often exaggerated or exaggerated. Movie dialogue is difficult to hear, sometimes drowned out by sound effects. In particular, the character Mee (Ceri Thu Ha) speaks like she's answering a lesson. Nguyen Lam Thao Tam tried to improve compared to previous films, but was not impressive enough. The remaining names like Rocker Nguyen, Quoc Khanh, Naomi or even Tuan Tran are all very faint.

To be fair, the visual effects of Claws have improved compared to the average level of Vietnamese movies. The image of the bear is reproduced quite realistically, but in reality, when moving or attacking, it is still less smooth. Some scenes try to o.ff special effects but are not very impressive. Even in a rainy scene, the character's outfit doesn't get wet.

The survival film with Tuan Tran and Thao Tam is not good, the content is criticized for being old and boring - Photo 6

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