Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponent's attitude was appreciative

Thảo MaiApr 08, 2024 at 16:04

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The concert at the "smoothie resort" of Bao Lam Legion on the evening of April 7 is a h.ot topic of discussion of the audience. In addition to the moment Ho Ngoc Ha appeared, the audience also mentioned Kha Nhu a lot because the drama no one expected.

Specifically, when he and Kha Nhu went on stage to perform a skit that poked fun at the audience, Bao Lam Legion posed a question for everyone to answer. When asked by Legion Bao Lin: "What did Kha Nhu lose", Hu Yuhe's assistant quickly replied: "Kha Nhu lost Puka".

Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponents attitude was appreciative - Photo 1

This answer caused the surrounding audience to burst into a frenzy, while on stage the expression was quite f.orced. Realizing the sensitivity of this situation, Baolin Legion immediately dodged in a hurry, walked away on stage and talked about something else.

Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponents attitude was appreciative - Photo 2

The situation was quickly shared on social media with much discussion.

The fact that the two are "sprayed with glue" when it comes to their relationship with Puka also partly shows that the two are not as close as before. Recently, Kha Nhu and Puka have been entangled in speculation when they no longer interact together.

Before that, Kha Nhu - Puka were close sisters, acting together at the Youth World theater. In many gamesshows and webdramas, Kha Nhu - Puka often appeared together and talked about each other as people who trust and respect each other.

Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponents attitude was appreciative - Photo 3

However, for some reason, the once-close sisters suddenly went cold. She didn't go to Puka's wedding and there were no public congratulations on social media. Many viewers claim that the 2 beauties have now retired from playing.

When they met at actor Fang Lan's wedding, Kha Nhu and Puka met but greeted very wryly. However, the 2 actresses did not share specifically about the rumors of having a "dissatisfied" relationship.

Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponents attitude was appreciative - Photo 4

In another development, in the midst of being named, Puka has a strange attitude that causes people to stir. Specifically, husband and wife Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet are on a honeymoon trip in Singapore. In the series of photos that have just been shared, Puka shows off her neat figure in a striking blue swimsuit. This is also considered a move for the actress to implicitly deny the pregnancy rumors that have appeared recently.

According to Gin Tuan Kiet, this is their honeymoon after the wedding. Although they have been in the same house for a long time, until now, the couple has just gone on an important honeymoon together. Specifically, he shared: "So far I have arranged a time to call taking my wife to honeymoon PuKa. Surprise with lovely gift." Over the past time, the two have often updated images of traveling to many places and attracted a lot of attention from the online community.

Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponents attitude was appreciative - Photo 5

Earlier, social media shared an image of Puka posting a close-up photo of her face and being scrutinized by netizens for a series of suspicious details such as her pregnant face and blooming nose. The motherhood recognizes these as bodily changes as they move into a new vocation. However, not long after, the actress personally denied it, saying, "Why do so many people say I'm so pregnant. You look like you're pregnant, huh? I don't have good news yet, when will I announce that my whole family is happy with me."

Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponents attitude was appreciative - Photo 6

Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet will officially return to the same house in November 2023. The couple had a quiet dating period, not confirming their romance until the wedding announcement. Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet's wedding took place in many locations: Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa), Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Thap... At the same time lasted until more than half of November last year.

Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponents attitude was appreciative - Photo 7

The couple held their wedding ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC on 1/11, then invited guests to Khanh Hoa to hold a romantic beachside party. Next is the wedding party in Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC, then the Catholic wedding ceremony at the church and finally the wedding ceremony in Dong Thap, the bride's hometown.

Assistant Ha Ho opened the story of being rejected by Puka, the opponents attitude was appreciative - Photo 8

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